Top MP4 to MP3 Converters - Best 11 Listed out

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top 11 mp4 to mp3 converters

During the initial days of web indulgence, the prime means of consuming media was through MP3 files. It still has retained that flavour it stood for. A high end compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux should be what would make it one of the prime options to choose. In contrast, the multimedia sphere has been revolutionised by MP4 format, which, in fact, is a media container than just being a media or video format.

You would want to check the best MP4 to MP3 converter options for your needs. And if you'd like to convert other video formats such like MOV to MP4, check out this link to know more.

What is MP4 vs MP3 and How Do They Differ?

MP3 stands for MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3. It was developed as a means to save audio information in a digital form so that it can be saved in a smaller form factor. The MP3 files are much smaller and can be an excellent option for saving on the CD players that were used back in time.

The MP3 format was released in 1994. The file extension MP3 was introduced in 1995. It was a format designed for considerably reducing the data required for saving a file after a complete compression without affecting the final quality.

MP4 is a MPEG 4 Part 14 is a multimedia container format that has formulated as part of MPEG 4. The advantage offered by MP4 lies in the fact that it can efficiently handle the digital videos, text images, and digital audio files. It can even stream the media over the internet. Based somewhat on the MOV media container developed by Apple, it offers excellent support for MPEG and other related formats.

The comparison chart for the effective MP3 vs MP4 format can include

Features MP3 MP4
File extension .mp3 .mp4
Portability Almost all music players support the format You would find select devices support the format
Format Audio format Multimedia container
What can it handle Audio only Image, text, audio and video
MIME-type audio/mpeg video/mp4, audio/mp4, application/mp4
Extended from MP2 Apple's Quicktime .mov
Developed by group of engineers from Europe ISO
Release date 1994 2003
Actual name MPEG – 1 Audio Layer 3 MPEG-4 Part 14
Standards supported ISO/IEC 11172-3, ISO/IEC 13818-3 ISO/IEC 14496-14

Why Do You Need to Convert MP4 to MP3?

MP4 is an excellent option for playing your videos and movies in enhanced quality. However, there are instances; you would want to extract the background music from the video files. It can be one of the excellent options for playing your music on portable music players.

Of course, the audio clarity may not be an excellent option for your needs in listening to high-end devices where you would want to use formats such as AIFF and WAV. However, it would be worthwhile to use the MP3 format if you are looking to save space on your devices.

DVDFab Video Converter – A Top MP4 to MP3 converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the excellent options to the most full-featured and efficient video converter and offers you access to an improved MP4 to MP3 converter. It can help convert your videos from one format to another. One of the excellent options you would find on the tool lies in the fact that it can be helpful to convert MP4 to MP3 files as well.

Some of the features offered by the DVDFab Video Converter can include:

  • Support for multiple audio and video formats: The Video Converter comes with support for a vast number of audio and video formats. It does support a wide range of formats that include formats downloaded from the internet, or the ones recorded on camcorders and capture cards. It can help you perform conversions between video formats or even video to audio.

  • Extraction of metadata: The software can extract the metadata details from the source videos and then can reapply them to the output audio or video. This can prove to help let your media players and movie servers organise your files in an easy to understand and follow way.

  • Perfect customisation of your output videos: DVDFab Video Converter assists you in having complete control over the output video. You can copy or convert the entire video or decide to work with a part of it. Option to customise subtitle stream and output audio should be yet another plus point.

  • Multiple Technologies supported: A simple interface coupled with a vast number of features is what makes it the right one to go with. Batch conversion support is yet another thoughtful inclusion. The support for the latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync can be what makes it a faster video conversion.

How to convert MP4 to MP3 with DVDFab Video Converter?

Here are the steps that can help convert MP4 to MP3:

Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of DVDFab Suite which offers you the option to handle your media files in a very effective manner. Launch DVDFab Suite and click on the Converter tab.

dvdfab converter

Step 2: Add your files

You can add your files in many ways. You can drag and drop your files or use the Add from Local or Add from mobile option. You can even load a disc containing the MP4 file and let the software detect it.

dvdfab video converter

Step 3: Choose your format

Next, you need to configure your conversion options. Click on MP4 or AVI visible beside the file uploaded. Click on Format option and then pick Audio option. Pick MP3 format from this section.

DVDFab video converter

Step 4: Start your conversion

Pick your output folder and click on Start to begin your conversion process. The software showcases the progress indicator to let you know the conversion progress.

DVDfab video converter

Best MP4 to MP3 Converters – Online and Software solutions

While DVDFab Video Converter has been an influential player that improves your MP4 to Mp3 conversion, you can also use a host of other options for your needs in an enhanced experience.

Best online MP4 to MP3 Converter Options

Online tools do not need you to install them on your computer and can work from within your browser.

1. Zamzar - Top mp4 to mp3 converter online

Zamzar is one of the best and popular tools among the MP4 to MP3 converter alternatives. Launched in 2006, the tool can be your best bet for the efficient video to audio conversion. It offers you a simple and easy to use interface to convert your videos right away. In addition to video and audio files, it can also convert a host of other file formats such as documents and images.


The service has a file size limitation of 100 MB and does not support batch conversion. You can upload your files from your local drives or even from cloud storage such as Google Drive and can double up as the best online MP4 to MP3 converter.

2. MP3 Toolbox

MP3Toolbox provides you with an easy to use interface for a great MP4 to MP3 converter free online. Of course, it does come with an option to upload a physical MP4 file. If you find an MP4 file online and want to extract the MP3 file from the video, the tool will not be useful.

Mp3 tool box

No upload size limit on the online MP4 to MP3 converter can be an added advantage offered by the tool. The conversion process is simple and faster, and you can even upload the file onto SoundCloud if you need to.

3. ConvertFiles – Best MP4 to MP3 converter online free

ConvertFiles is one of the great options that can be useful to convert MP4 to MP3 with a few simple steps. In fact, the tool can easily convert a wide range of files and the compatibility is not limited to MP4 to MP3 conversion alone. It can be your best bet for the top MP4 to MP3 converter free.

convert files

The browser-based platform comes with a streamlined interface. While it does look quite simple, it does offer you a lot of options under the hood. You can either upload the file locally, or choose to do that using a URL.

4. is one of the great options for converting files from MP4 to MP3 with a few simple steps. The software is now handled and operated by Wondershare and simplifies the performance in converting your files.

The online tool lets you configure the output file as per your preferences. The options to configure the parameters such as quality and other parameters with ease. If you are constrained for space, you can opt for Extreme, High, Normal, or Lower quality.

5. – Simple free MP4 to MP3 converter

You have access to a simple and easy to use audio conversion options. The advanced and complex conversion option offered by the platform would make it one of the excellent options to go with. The tool provides a faster and quicker conversion.

online convert

The tool assures you of a lossless audio conversion option. In addition to audio conversion, the tool also lets you convert a host of other file formats as well.

The Best offline Software to convert MP4 to MP3

While online converters have been a great option for the on the go video conversion compatibility, a software solution offers you several advantages. While we would treat DVDFab Video Converter a perfect tool for the purpose, here are a few free software options that can be helpful in the venture.

1. Handbrake – High end Top mp4 to mp3 converter

Handbrake is a tool that does not any introduction. It is a free and open-source MP4 to MP3 converter and offers several features in terms of handling your videos. An easy to use video transcoder, it can also double up as a good MP4 to MP3 converter.


One of the perfect options for audio conversion, it can even rip your DVDs and convert the files into MP3. The additional features offered on the platform include the ability to configure the output requirements.

2. DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

The DVDVideoSoft Free Studio is one of the perfect solutions for almost all your needs among the MP4 to MP3 converters. In fact, the tool does offer you a host of other features and functionalities that include video downloads, DVD or media ripping and other video options.


Multiple device-specific pre-sets can be a few options you would find rather interesting. A huge output configuration is what would make it one of the excellent options ever. Take care when installing the software as you may be forced to install bundled software as well.

3. Format Factory

Format Factory is one of the great options for your needs, and it can prove to be quite efficient with a host of unlimited features and an enhanced quality. The multiple language support is what would further make it one of the great options.

Format factory

The tool offers you a host of advanced features such as ripping your DVD, repairing a damaged file and even other essential features that would convert your file within seconds.

4. Any Video Converter – popular and Top MP4 to MP3 converter

Any Video Converter is free to use tool and offers you access to an extensive functionality in converting MP4 to MP3. The high-speed MP4 to MP3 conversion would further make it one of the best options in comparison to the online tools.

Any video converter

Available on both Windows and Mac, the software has been effective in converting HD videos as well. However, the tool does take a while to convert your files.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has been one of the quite popular video tools that performs a wide range of tasks related to video handling. The free and open-source media player comes with an enhanced experience on all major platforms.

VLC media player

The versatility offered by the platform would further make it one of the enhanced performance characteristics ever. The support for a wide range of device-specific pre-sets should be one of the huge advantages offered by VLC Media Player.

What makes DVDFab Video Converter oustanding as a great option compared to other MP4 to MP3 converter online and free MP4 to MP3 converter?

Having checked out a host of online and software video converters to convert MP4 to MP3, we would consider DVDFab Converter one of the prime options in the long run.

One of the huge advantages offered by the platform includes the batch conversion compatibility. Unlike most other tools discussed here, you get access to an improved batch conversion option. No limit on the file size is yet another advantage offered by DVDFab Video Converter.

DVDFab Video Converter provides you with better privacy and secure performance when compared to online tools. It also comes with the possibility of guaranteed quality as opposed to online and other free software tools.

The Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for improved options for free MP4 to MP3 converter options, the options offered here should prove to be an efficient option. While almost all the tools outlined in this compilation prove to be quite effective in their own right, DVDFab Video Converter is indeed one of the excellent options with the advanced features that it offers you.

You can opt for the free MP4 to MP3 converter version of DVDFab Video Converter, and once you are comfortable, you can opt for the paid version of the software.

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