Best iPad Apps and Games of 2023

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App Store works the same for iPhone and iPads. And since a number of people talk about the best iPhone apps, today we will talk about the best iPad apps. This article will tell you about the best apps for iPad and will details about the features along with pros and cons. In the end, it is up to you whether to use it or not. Read below to know more about the best apps for iPad Pro.


LumaFusion is one of the best free apps iPad and the first mobile video editor that is popular among users. The app is heavily loaded with features and it is a bit awkward to pay as little as $20 to use this app. The UI is pretty simple to use and the app is best in its field. It sets an example of how the best iPad apps for students or any other user must be. Have a look at the features.


  • The app supports direct external drive editing
  • The app supports lock & load stabilizer by CoreMelt
  • The app has a graphic equalizer (Graphic EQ)
  • The app supports 3rd party audio unit
  • The app has Resizable UI
  • Color correcting is very simple in the app
  • Users Can export directly to YouTube or Vimeo
  • The app supports hands-off audio with audio ducking
  • Users can import LUTs
  • Users can also change the layout and work in landscape or portrait mode
  • Creating unique effects with keyframes is very simple


  • The app offers desktop-class pro video editing on iOS
  • The app is portable and users can access all features
  • The app offers a simple interface and is simple to navigate
  • The app runs on the H.265, which is 2 times fast in comparison with H.264
  • The app allows to trim out unused media before export
  • The app offers built-in effects, titles, royalty-free music, and color correction
  • Users can import media from cloud storage services and SMB network drives
  • The latest update has enhanced performance and stability
  • The latest update has a quick response while looking for Storyblocks


  • Pro features like motion tracking are missing
  • Hard to handle huge projects as well as multitask
  • No iCloud sync between devices
  • Advantages such as touch control are restricted to Mac version
  • Users cannot export projects to desktop
  • Frequent crashes
  • Using an SSD still takes up internal storage

best ipad Apps

Toca Life World: Build Stories

Being one of the best apps for iPad Air, this gaming application brings together the Toca worlds in a compact version, making it simpler for children to make their own world full of dreams. The purchased version of the game can be imported into the app, thereby saving users from purchasing again. Speaking of the game, it contains 39 characters and 8 locations. The app has multiple in-app purchases, all based on its inhabitants and expanding the world. Prices start from $.99 and go all the way to $13.99

As per our suggestions, the app has the potential to be one of the best iPad apps in 2021 and is a great game for kids. Even though it is expressive, the app is engaging and creative in a private and safe environment. Parental control is a great benefit to have. However, if a parent is not aware of the option to adjust game settings kids will see a lot of ads for other apps.


  • The app has a good and simple UI
  • It helps users follow up with interest in a timely fashion
  • The search bar function allows users to search within the game


  • The app is enhancing with time.
  • The app is secure to use
  • The app is good for kids
  • Major bug fix with every update
  • The app also has an iPhone app version


  • Need to add more privacy
  • Sometimes slow support
  • Missing some features

best apps for ipad


If you are looking for the best note-taking apps for iPad, Notability is the option that you need to have a look at. The app provides an amazing writing experience and makes it simple to annotate PDFs, add images, and record voice memos. The app makes drawing and sketching easy and delightful. In addition to this, it is one of the best writing apps for iPad and allows users to do things that they cannot do on paper such as moving drawings and resizing.

Being one of the best apps for note-taking on iPad, it has a range of flexible layout options. Moreover, users can also organize their notes using digital “Dividers.” Notability also gives you tons of options for sharing and exporting notes, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and AirDrop, thereby making it one of the best options.


  • Keyboard toolbar customization
  • Finger or stylus writing
  • Synchronized audio recording
  • Media insertion
  • Page navigation


  • The app supports voice recording
  • Quick individual note creation is possible within the app
  • The app has support for hyperlinks in typed text
  • The app offers different formatted text in the same text box
  • Users can view two notes side by side
  • The app offers checklists


  • Users cannot delete multiple pages in a fast manner. Every single page has to be selected individually and deleted separately.
  • Importing of MS Office files is managed through Google Drive. This leads to results that are often poor.
  • A big margin was added around documents while importing PDFs
  • No landscape pages and auto shapes
  • Big size of exported PDF files

best apps for ipad pro


Which Note-taking app is best for the iPad?

Notability is one of the best options you have got when it comes to note-taking apps. Apart from this app, you can also use the below apps for taking notes:

  • Noteshelf
  • GoodNotes 5
  • Apple Notes
  • Penultimate
  • Microsoft OneNote

Do you have to buy apps on an iPad?

Not every app that you want needs to be purchased on App Store. Some of the apps are free to use and download. Other apps can be downloaded for free but have some in-app purchases. And some apps need to be paid for before downloading.

Are Microsoft Apps free on iPad?

As of February 2021, Microsoft's Office app with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is available for iPad users for free in the Apple App Store.


Having said that, you just had a look at the best iPad Pro apps and games that you can use in 2021. This includes LumaFusion, which is one of the best video editing apps that users can use on iPad in 2021. This app will make your video editing experience as smooth as possible. Next, we had a look at Toca Life World: Build Stories, which is one of the best games for kids on iPad. This game is the best option for your kids and has parental control features. Lastly, you had a look at Notability, which is one of the best apps for note-taking on iPad.

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