Best and Free YouTube Downloader You Must Know 2023

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StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
Have videos downloaded from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other 1000+ websites possible.

YouTube is a famous video streaming platform, consisting variety of categories, including TV shows, movie clips, funny content, Tutorials, educational content, and many more. Many content creators or influencers are using this platform to showcase their talent and make it their source of income. In addition, streaming videos on YouTube is super fun until the internet connection ruins the vibe.

A slow internet connection can create issues while streaming long videos. Then, a free YouTube video downloader comes into action. Many YouTube video downloaders are available to get your hands on your favorite YouTube videos for later streaming, and of course, offline. Using these best YouTube video downloaders, you can save videos on your PC, smartphones, iPads on other digital devices. However, you do not have to opt for a YouTube downloader for every video because many channels allow you quick downloading within the app.

Download YouTube Videos Within the App

Here's how you can save or download YouTube videos from the app.

  • Open YouTube on your smart device.
  • Go to the video you like to download/save on your device.

youtube downloader

  • When you open any video, you can see a tab of information right below the play button. The tab includes like, dislike, live chat, share, download, and save buttons.
  • If you want to save the video, it will be saved within the app and might be available to stream for the next 24 hours. But, the downloading button allows you to keep the video on your device.
  • Hit the download button, and it will pop up a new menu containing download quality.
  • Choose the quality and hit the download button again.
  • It would hardly take a few seconds until the download is complete.

Unfortunately, many playlists or channels do not provide the download button that drives us to opt for YouTube downloaders. Well, no worries! The downloading process is also pretty easy. You only need to go to YouTube, copy the video link, and paste it to the YouTube downloader. So, join me to explore the best YouTube downloader and enjoy unlimited smooth offline streaming.

Top 4 Youtube Downloader to Download Youtube Videos

1. StreamFab YouTube Downloader [Recommend]

StreamFab YouTube Downloader is the best YouTube video downloader for PC, featuring many advanced features for downloading videos from multiple sites. The best thing about the StreamFab downloader is it doesn't ruin the video quality and download video to MP3 for a better viewing experience.

youtube video downloader streamfab youtube downloader

Moreover, it is not only a YouTube downloader video, but it can entertain video links from Facebook, Instagram, or Vimeo and save them on your respective device. It gives you extreme and smooth access to hundreds of videos for offline playback without worrying about buffering or lag issues. However, it is not free to use. Still, the subscription fee is reasonable and worth paying to enjoy unlimited free videos.


  • It will download the videos irrespective of their formats
  • The final video will be downloaded in MP3 format to access on different devices easily
  • You get to choose a video quality format while downloading.
  • Pleasing background playback support


  • Compatible with PC, smartphones, and all other digital devices
  • The free version let you download videos in 720p resolution
  • It allows downloading metadata
  • Background downloading support
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not free to use

2. VideoProc

Quickly download that juicy YouTube video via VideoProc on your smartphone and share it with your friends and family for fun. It allows you to download numerous videos at once without compromising the quality. Apart from batch downloading, the YouTube downloader free offers other exciting features that keep you hooked. You can also edit the downloaded videos by trimming the part you need or merging multiple videos to explore creativity.

youtube video downloader videoproc

In addition, the built-in downloader engine supports 100+ Audio and Video sites, which makes it a flexible video downloader to date. Also, considering the annoying format resistance by different devices, the final video will be saved in the MP3 format to access on other devices effortlessly. Surprisingly, you can also convert file formats within the software to make the video compatible with your smartphones, making sharing and gossiping about a particular video super convenient. At last, the best YouTube video downloader 1080p keeps the video quality on point irrespective of the device you are using. So, you will get to see the original content whenever you play that video.


  • It downloads video from 100+ sites
  • The YouTube downloader does not compromise the video quality
  • It allows downloading videos on MP4, FLV, MP3, and other formats.
  • Advanced Editing features
  • The software is compatible with Windows and Apple devices.


  • Free to use
  • It allows batch video downloading
  • It will enable live stream recording to catch up later
  • A proxy server helps in smooth music and video downloading
  • It allows converting videos in multiple formats


  • The interface can be puzzling for beginners

3. SnapDownloader

Though we can access YouTube from our laptops, PCs, Tabs, or even smartphones over a single click, but the platform doesn't let us download videos to stream later. It can be due to privacy concerns, but sometimes for any reason, we can not catch up to the video we like, or we want to enjoy it with our friends.

For this, we have access to the YouTube downloader for PC that satisfies our video downloading need. Among the best YouTube downloader platforms available online, SnapDownloader is a famous and reliable way to hunt your favorite videos. Whether funny or educational content, it will download everything within seconds to save your precious time. In addition, this YouTube downloader video features downloading up to 8K resolution to enhance the video streaming charm, even after months of release.

video downloader youtube sanpdownloader

To enjoy a smooth downloading process, open your favorite video on YouTube, copy the link, and access this YouTube link downloader. Paste the respective URL and hit the download button to save the file for offline streaming, anywhere and anytime.


  • Download the entire playlists and channels via YouTube downloader HD
  • It also allows downloading YouTube chapters within seconds
  • Compatible with cross-platform devices
  • Download multiple YouTube videos at once to save time
  • You can also download VR videos from YouTube


  • Speedy downloads
  • Convert video file formats
  • Easy to use
  • Proxy gives access to blocked videos/channels


  • Only allows for a 48-hour free trial

4. 4K Video Downloader

Check this genuine YouTube URL downloader and enjoy watching YouTube videos without an internet connection. Though many videos come with a download icon, downloading the other is not a catch until such a best YouTube downloader restricts our access.

youtube video downloader 4k video downloader

4K Video Downloader is available to access on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. The free version allows unlimited video downloading irrespective of the category in the best condition. You can also save the complete playlist or YouTube channels via a 4K Video Downloader to enjoy in your free time. Besides, this free YouTube downloader lets you save the final video in 4K, 1080p, and 720p resolution quality means the offline streaming doesn't indicate you have to compromise on the watching experience.


  • Extract audio clips from YouTube in MP3, MP4 formats
  • Speedy and smooth downloading process
  • It is absolutely safe to use on your devices
  • It can auto-download videos of your subscribed channels
  • It extracts subtitles along with the videos


  • Download the entire playlist within seconds
  • Free and easy to use
  • Compatible with Mac devices
  • Built-in proxy removes restrictions from blocked channels
  • Transform preset and quality of the downloaded video within the platform


  • Lack of batch downloading feature


Suppose you are not willing to download any app or use any third-party software to download YouTube videos. In that case, we have another attractive option for you. It may consume less time, but this can be accessed on only PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Yes, you hint that right. Several browser extensions are working to serve as the best YouTube downloader over a single click. By adding the extension to your respective browser, you can quickly download every video within seconds without even compromising the video quality. You can opt for a Utorrent or download manager for this purpose and can find the downloaded video to your device ROM/Hard disk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Yes, downloading YouTube videos is legal as far as you are not harming the copyright owner. Downloading videos to stream later with fewer interruptions is not about breaking the law, but copying someone's content and misusing it can be a problem for you.

Is using a video downloader YouTube safe to use?

Yes, you can google YouTube downloader or refer to my article to find the best YouTube downloader that will satisfy your saving or downloading needs within seconds. All of the options are anti-virus and safe to use on your PC, laptops, Smartphones, etc.

What is a YouTube link downloader?

Almost all the YouTube downloader software works with copying the video link from YouTube and pasting it on the downloader site to get the final video. Therefore, we can also call those sites a YouTube link downloader or YouTube URL downloader.

Bottom Line

Finally, with the help of these YouTube downloaders, it is time to catch up on those funny, unique, and beneficial videos on YouTube that you had to miss for awful internet, lack of time, or any other issue. These best YouTube downloaders are here to help you save every available or blocked video on the site in the best possible quality. However, ensure to keep your intentions clear because misusing others' content is an illegal practice that you should avoid. Apart from the YouTube downloaders recommended above, you can turn to another post to learn how to download YouTube videos with a single click.

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