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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

If you are a user of Windows operating system, then having a virtual drive Windows 10 software is a must. Regardless of the fact that Windows 8 and above versions have the capability to mount virtual drive and ISO files on their own, users might feel the need for software for Windows 10 virtual drive installation and setup. Today, we will have a look at such virtual CD drive Windows 10 apps that will solve your issue. Have a look. Below is the list of best virtual floppy drive Windows 10 that can help you deal with the situation. Have a look.


ExplorerFab is one of the best virtual DVD drive Windows 10 software that can help you mount ISO files and virtual drive. The tool is developed to deal with problems that Windows File Explorer is not able to. The tool includes different features such as extracting ISO files, burning discs, as well as emulating virtual drives, among others.


  • The tool has the ability to emulate virtual drives for Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultra HD Blu-ray ISO files.
  • The tool is able to create ISO files.
  • In addition to this, it is also able to burn discs from files or folders without any brainstorming and free of cost.
  • ExplorerFab is able to burn folders, files, or ISO files to blank discs in various modes.
  • It can create image files from folders and files with wit just a few simple clicks.
  • The tool has a very simple user interface that provides an enhanced user experience
  • ExplorerFab can extract ISO files from discs and is compatible with other third-party apps.


  • Has Windows-based hotkeys
  • Has a drag&drop function
  • Can write image files to discs
  • Has clipboard with copy and paste feature
  • It supports various disc formats
  • Can write folders and files to discs
  • Can erase as well as verify discs
  • Free to Download


  • The price is a bit hefty but is worth paying for.

How to use ExplorerFab to unmount virtual drive Windows 10

These are the steps that you need to follow to use ExplorerFab to mount and unmount ISO virtual drive Windows 10. Read below to know more.

1. To begin with, download and install the tool on your PC from its official website.

virtual drive windows 10

2. As soon as you install and open the tool, it tells users about the different things that can be done. The tool can emulate up to 18 virtual drives as well as write image files to disc. In addition to this, it can extract image files from discs, write files/folders to disc, create .miniso files from files/folders, and create image files from files/folders.

virtual cd drive windows 10

3. On the main interface, under the Explorer tab, users can browse any attached drive and select all the files in order to create a free virtual drive Windows 10 or burn it directly to a blank disc.

4. Users get a space limit for the discs that they can choose.

5. Moving forward, under the Burn tab, users can burn the data or an ISO image to a blank disc. Users can also create ISO image files from local folders or physical discs from this tab.

windows 10 virtual drive

6. Under the Drive tab, users are able to view the windows 10 virtual CD drive that the tool has created on the system.

7. Users have the ability to mount and unmount almost mount virtual drive Windows 10 on their system. From this tab, users can Windows 10 create a virtual drive and manage them including unmounting and mounting the disc images. For the physical virtual disc drive Windows 10, the tool provides features such as open, eject, play, or extract to ISO image.

virtual floppy drive windows 10

DAEMON Tools Lite 10

DAEMON Tools Lite 10 is the next tool on our list. This virtual drive for Windows 10 software allows you to emulate up all well-known image types of DVD, CD, and Blu-ray Discs to your local system. Users can use it for free. But the drawback is that the free version bombards you with a huge load of ads. Speaking of features, this virtual clone drive Windows 10 software allows you to create four virtual drives at the same time while using the free version. If you shell out some money, users can purchase the license with lifelong updates, allowing you to create ISO images from optical disks and DVDs. In addition to this, users can emulate almost 32 virtual drives. To mount ISO disks, you just need to click on Quick Mount option and select ISO image file from your PC. Users can create a virtual drive for Windows 10 and find the virtual CD or DVD drive on their PC.


  • Emulate up to 32 virtual drives
  • Create ISO image file easily


  • Easy to use
  • Quick Mount options help you to easily mount and unmount windows 10 virtual disk drive


  • The free version allows to create only 4 virtual drives
  • The free version comes with lots of ads
  • The paid version is too costly

virtual dvd drive windows 10

Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel

Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel can be used to mount ISO image files as virtual disk drive Windows 10. This virtual disk mounting software supports different versions of Windows such as 7, XP, and Vista. The tool can read disc image for recovering backup files and installing g apps. The tool does not need any extra software to mount ISO image. However, the major drawback is that the process is too confusing as compared to other third-party options. Also, the tool is not supported by Microsoft. The Windows 8 or Windows 10 version does not need this tool as it does the job on its own.


  • Can read disc image for recovering backup files and installing software.


  • Supports Windows 7, XP, and Vista.
  • Does not need any extra software


  • Too confusing to use

unmount virtual drive windows 10


Does Windows 10 have a virtual drive?

Yes! In Windows 10, to mount a virtual DVD drive, users just need to double-click an ISO file. The virtual drive is displayed in File Explorer with its own drive letter and acts as a DVD. Users can copy data from the virtual drive to their local machine.

Is PowerISO safe to use?

Yes, PowerISO is safe to use and is a virus-free app. On the other hand, users must be careful about one thing, The app has an installer that tries to install different applications without the consent of the users.

What is virtual drive software?

A virtual drive is a component of an application that emulates an actual disk drive, such as a floppy disk drive, an optical disc drive, or a hard disk drive. To other applications, a virtual drive appears and acts like a normal physical device.


In a nutshell, you just had a look at the different virtual CD drive Windows 10 apps that can help you create, mount, and unmount virtual drives. Amongst them, ExplorerFab is the best option that you have got. The tool is free to download and can be used by users to burn ISO images to blank discs or emulate virtual drives. The tool is also helpful if users are trying to create a Windows 11 installation DVD from an ISO image.

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