VideoProc Review: A Video Editing Tool

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Do you have difficulty converting video files? Or are you looking for one useful product? This passage will provide comprehensive and objective VideoProc Reviews, if you are curious about this product, this post will give you some useful information.

Why We Need a Video Converter & Editing Tool?

The rapid march of the internet put information within the reach of everyone in the form of video. Compared with words, video is a relatively more efficient method of either spreading or acquiring information. Therefore, a growing number of people choose video as a priority. Along with the interesting video content, the dubious content becomes appalling and attractive. Hence the rising demands for video lead to the requirements of useful related products.

How to watch wanted videos on different devices? How to convert videos from one format to another? Armed with a good video converter, all of your problems will be solved with ease. Besides, apart from the content itself, the editing tool is an indispensable assistant for users to make wonderful video works. No matter you want to trim, merge, add subtitles, a useful editing tool can help you achieve all the goals.

VideoProc Review

With regard to the editing tools, VideoProc is definitely one of the best products in the market. If you are bothered by the complicated instructions of professional editing jobs, turning to VideoProc for help is certainly a good choice. Its powerful functions but simple interface will enable you to enjoy the best editing process.


  • The Only Full GPU Accelerated Video Processing Software

videoproc review

Armed with the full GPU accelerated software which peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, you won’t have to wait for the final work for a long time. Besides, although the process is shortened, the video still maintains the best quality.

  • Process HD/4K HDR Videos from iPhone, GoPro, DJI, Cameras

Are you still worried about the compatibility among different devices? Along with VideoProc, all these problems can be solved within just one product. No matter the popular GoPro which is famous for its stable, convenient characteristics, DJI, iPhone, Android, camcorder, or any other 4k cameras (DSLR or mirrorless), you can process with ease.

  • High-quality conversion

videoproc reviews

It can convert any feature-length DVD to MP4 in 5 minutes, to highly compressed HEVC, (multi-track) MKV or to a variety of formats playback on iPhone, iPad, Android, HDTV, Mac, PSP, Xbox, VLC, etc.; copy DVD by 1:1 ratio with original quality. Homemade and copy-protected commercial DVDs, ISO CDR disk images and DVD folders are supported. What’s more, it supports video and audio conversion, encompassing 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats, and the flawless 4K video converter allows you to handle all kinds of video files including complicated transcoding.

  • Simple editing makes your video more attractive

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  1. Cut: Cutting is one of the most common functions. No matter you want to shorten a video, chop useless segments or rearrange the clips, the cutting function lays at the touch of a button.
  2. Merge: It could assist you to join various video files while changing the lengths, aspect ratios, playback speeds, resolutions or file formats.
  3. Crop: You could crop the video to eliminate black bars, distracting parts and highlight the focal points.
  4. Subtitle: Subtitle plays a vital role in making a successful video. You are able to add or extract subtitles, choose the subtitle language and search subtitles online.
  • Advanced and comprehensive toolbox

videoproc for windows

  1. Stabilize video: Stabilize the shaky video is especially suitable for vloggers.
  2. Make watermark: Adding your own watermark with text, logo, image or timecode.
  3. Remove noise: Removing the background noise makes your video better.
  4. Create a playlist: Build an M3U8 playlist with single or multiple .ts files for HTTP streaming.
  5. Fix fisheye: Remove the bad fisheye distortion from your video using this lens correction feature.
  • Download your wanted videos from 1000+ video audio sites.

No matter Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, you could easily download online videos, music, playlists.

  • Powerful screen recorder

When you are having an important lecture, watching an exciting game, or other brilliant moments you want to record, VideoProc’s powerful screen recorder could help you to preserve the beautiful memory. Besides, this in-built recorder tool supports iOS/desktop screen record with a variety of recording modes, utility tools and green screen features.


  • Expert in processing large/4K/HD video shots from any device, and it supports batch transcoding which makes the process quicker.
  • A powerful toolbox makes the editing and conversion process smooth and fast, and the user-friendly interface allows novices to handle the videos with ease.
  • There is an interface showing the difference between the original and edited videos which enables users to deal with the videos easily.


  • The free trial only supports a 5-minute file with limited functions. If you want to use the full version, you have to pay at least $30 for a one-year license for one PC.
  • A lack of some functions such as collaboration, social sharing, media overlay, brand overlay, audio tools, etc.

Using Guidance of VideoProc

  1. Get the exe file and download to your computer. As for VideoProc download, it provides two versions: VideoProc for Windows, VideoProc for Mac.

videoproc free

  1. Install and launch the software, there will be a screen to buy the tool. If you have bought the full version, just enter the licensed email and get the registration code to activate the full licensed version. If you just want to have a try, you could click on “Remind me Later” and continue with the trial version.

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  1. There will be several pages of info for you to check, if you are OK with them, VideoProc is ready to provide services for you.

videoproc malware

  1. As for the video part, you could choose to edit, convert, and compress large/4k/HD videos at a perfect size-to-quality ratio. DVD toolbox is to offer DVD conversion and backup service involving a wide range of popular formats including MKV, MP3, MP4, etc.

videoproc free vs paid


Is VideoProc Free?

You could use the VideoProc free trial version with limited functions before purchase, and if you are satisfied with VideoProc, pay $30 for a one-year license for one PC.

How Good is VideoProc?

We found VideoProc as the lightest, fast, and easy-to-use video editing software at a very reasonable price. The unique selling point of this tool is its full GPU acceleration feature which gives it a lightning-fast speed of processing video, without compromising with quality.

Is VideoProc Safe?

VideoProc is safe to use. It's a reliable online service as all transmissions are encrypted by SSL. No one can access your files. And there is no VideoProc malware in the process of using it.


VideoProc is a powerful, fast and user-friendly video editing software whose interface is clean and simple for novices who are not good at advanced software such as Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Vegas. And its various functions are capable to meet the advanced demands of professionals. If you are searching for simple, quick and stable software to do some video editing jobs including processing, downloading, recording and converting, VideoProc is definitely your optimal choice.

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