Top 7 Options of Video Quality Enhancer in 2023

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Summary: The resolution of a video is what we put a lot of focus on nowadays. Greater resolution means so many possibilities. You are allowed to change the brightness, saturation, and frames of the original videos. It’s also beneficial for watching old movies on large screens if you have one.

There are lots of old but classic movies being released after AI enhancement these years. But if we want to experience ourselves in the home theater? Or the videos downloaded from the internet are too low quality for our screen. What should we do? Can we just let the low-quality videos take over our screen and mood?

Fortunately, there are some fabulous tools that can solve the problems for you. A lot of video quality enhancers are available on the internet, which can enable you to improve the resolution of a video. The post aims to recommend some of our favorite functional enhancers and take a look at their pros and cons.

Why Do You Need A Video Enhancer?

As we mentioned above, video cameras are not the best at capturing the best results right out of the box – and smartphones are even worse.

A stock video will often give you bad contrast and brightness levels, high levels of noise (during the night or in dark environments), unsaturated and dull-looking colors, and things like that. Not to mention anything about sound.

Of course, that doesn’t apply to everyone. There’s lots of good equipment out there that you can use to get great results right out of the box.

But, these kinds of equipment are usually too expensive and/or complicated to use anyway. And even then, there’s always room for improvement.

In most cases, there’s actually a hell of a lot to improve – and that’s where video enhancers come in. You can use them to vastly improve any video easily and without having to pay.

Of course, there are always a few premium options out there with more features and a well-designed UI. But, for now, let’s just focus on the free ones.

And that’s not to say that the free options are bad. In fact, some of them are actually quite decent. Especially our top picks.

You just need to spend a tiny bit of time in order to learn how to get around their UI. After that, you’re all set to start editing.

Let’s check out some of the best enhancers!

Top 7 Options of Video Quality Enhancer

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is an AI-based tool for video quality enhancement and resolution enlargement. With powerful features and functional operation, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI has been praised highly by users.

Available on: Windows 10


  • Powerful and robust AI features that constantly improve.
  • Upscale HD videos to 4K without compromising quality.
  • Full choice from AI models (Movie, Web, Home, Anime, UltraFast, Sharpen & Denoise).
  • Sharpen frames and reduce noise automatically.
  • Compatible with popular GPUs and APUs.
  • User-friendly to most users both in price and UI.


• Only two output formats.

• Limited upscaling options.

• Available on Windows only.

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is one of the best video enhancer software available in the market. It comes with powerful features, and thanks to its AI models that are trained using a neural network and super-resolution technology, now you can enhance video quality with a single click.

There are several reasons why you should give this video enhancer a try. Firstly, unlike most video quality enhancers available, it can upscale videos from a very low resolution like 480p to a high resolution like 1080p. With the latest updates, now you can upscale your 1080p videos to 4K as well, close to the native 4K level.

DVDFab has developed its own AI engines and smart color correction algorithms based on the TensorFlow framework. This AI engine studies lots of videos and images present in the server and improves itself daily. You can use this video enhancer software to upscale videos from your storage or homemade video collection. The AI will study every frame and enrich it in every way possible. You will see clear differences between the older video and then upscaled one. In the latest update, you can even preview the upscaled video before starting the process.

The Sharpen AI is a new model that is used to fix blurry frames and sharpen the edges. It will make your videos more lifelike. The Denoise AI will remove any noise from your videos. It has very good support for NVIDIA, Radeon GPUs, Intel, and AMD APUs. The recommended specs are too demanding, so PCs with lower specs may take a lot of time to increase the resolution of large videos. If you want to try these enhancers, you can download YouTube videos and try to boost their quality.

Although this is the best available video enhancer right now, it has a few drawbacks. It can accept lots of video formats like 3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, etc., as input but only provides MP4 and MKV as output. The video codecs are H.264 and H.265. But these two are two of the best and most widely supported video formats, and you will face no problems viewing them. If you want the video to be in any other format, you have to use a video converter.

The next drawback is that you cannot choose the upscaling resolutions freely. As for now, you can only upscale 480p videos to 1080p and 1080p videos to 4K. No other options are available right now. But you can have much freedom to enlarge video by 200% and enhance video from different options including 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

Power Director

Available on: Android


  • Totally free
  • Friendly to Android device
  • Has many functions


  • Only available on Android

There might be times when you need a video quality enhancer while you're on-the-go.

If you have an Android device, one of the best apps available is PowerDirector. It has over 100 million downloads and an Editor's Choice award from the Google Play Store.

PowerDirector is almost a professional-grade app, yet it's free to download and use.

It has so many features, including multi-track timeline editing, an effects editor, support for blue screen and green screen with chroma key editing, voiceover tools, and abundant effects. So if you want to enhance video quality, this app is a good choice.

The app also has a photo editor. If you're already using a photo editor for Android, you might be able to delete it and save some space on your device.

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Available on: iOS


  • Great improvement for iPad/ iPhone videos
  • Directly share enhanced videos on social media


  • Not free
  • IOS version doesn’t have all features as the desktop version

If you're an iOS user who needs to improve a video's quality, you should check out Pinnacle Studio Pro. The app works well for enhancing iPad videos as well as iPhone videos.

Pinnacle has been producing video editing apps for a long time. The iOS version isn't as packed full of features as the desktop version, but you'll still have access to speed and transition controls, individual frame editing, effects such as picture-in-picture and pan-and-zoom, and an audio editor.

It's also an excellent app for people who want to post enhanced videos on social media, with easy share buttons for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Unfortunately, unlike PowerDirector, Pinnacle Studio Pro is not free. You'll have to pay a one-time fee of $13 for a license.

Wondershare Filmore

Available on: Window and Mac


  • Stabilization of shaky video
  • Several video export formats


  • Video export takes time

In this reliable desktop video enhancing software, you will find several professional tools to improve the video quality and give it a fresh look. In addition to the slow-motion, reverse, and video rotation functions, you can automatically enhance video quality by correcting fisheye and camera shake effects.

Filmora applies 100+ media layers to your clips and lets you preview rendering and automatic ripples to speed up the video editing process. Video booster uploads videos in an optimized format to any social media platform. In addition, videos exported to Windows can be used on Mac as well.


Available on: Android and iOS


  • Converts videos to various formats
  • Adjust the speed, flip and rotate the video


  • Ads, watermarks in the free version
  • Limitations of the free version

The app is popular with social media enthusiasts who wish to improve video quality for free with simple and flexible video editing features. It's a seriously popular cross-platform mobile app. The Android version alone has more than 100 million downloads. It has a preset list of size ratios of the leading social platforms, so your video will be suitable for any audience.

Inshot offers a trimmer, speed controls, video format converter, and audio editor. Using it, you can effortlessly and quickly crop, split, merge videos or add filters and effects to a video file, convert videos between common formats, add stickers, music, and text to videos.

Also, the app is both a video editor and a video maker, meaning you have complete control over how to improve a video's quality.


imovie: video quality enhancer

Available on: Mac


  • Support for 4K, HD on a timeline
  • Compatible with iPhoto, iTunes, Photo Booth, GaraBand, iLife
  • Intuitive UI that requires no learning


  • Doesn’t include a vast array of pro-level video editing capabilities

Most video editing software is tailored to Windows users. However, that does not mean you do not have anything available to enhance videos on a Mac. A superb video quality enhancer is available called iMovie to help you edit and improve video files on your Mac computer.

If you wish to improve video quality on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, try iMovie. With its help, you can edit the footage immediately after capture. It lets you edit videos, crop them, adjust color levels and white balance, stabilizes shaky videos.

iMovie offers support for 4K videos with the ability to quickly upload them to YouTube and other platforms directly from the Export menu.

You need to arrange your clips on a timeline, pick the background music, create opening titles and end credits, add cool visuals and filters. Then you are ready to share your videos with the public. There are many editing functions available to add visual effects: use a variety of them, record audio, or crop video to improve quality.

It is a free video quality enhancer that lets you edit your videos to crop them, adjust color levels, change white balance, and stabilize your shaky videos. It is a user-friendly app that does not require much learning so that is especially suitable for beginners who don't know how to make a video of higher quality with advanced tools.


Available on: Mac


  • Video editing, slideshow support
  • Ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation


  • Ads in the free version
  • Limitations of the free version

This cross-platform smartphone app aims to simplify the video improvement process, making it an ideal tool for people who want to create content for social networks. You can enhance your video with a range of sound effects, including animal noises, explosions, and laughter.

This video quality enhancer app boasts such functions as cropping, slow motion, fast motion, voiceover and reverse playback. It will not only help you improve the video quality in an interesting way but also crop, apply slow/fast motion, reverse playback, and add voiceover to the video. In addition to the video quality enhancer, the app lets you publish edited videos on social media platforms.


Nowadays, people pursue video quality than ever. Suppose your videos have not been recorded in the quality you expected. In that case, you can try using the video enhancer mentioned above and improve your video quality. I believe you can get some satisfying videos. If you can’t choose, then I highly recommend you DVDFab Video Enhancer AI. Trust me! You’re likely to get what you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you enhance a video?

You can enhance your videos using the tools mentioned above, such as DVDFab Video Enhancer AI.

2. How can I increase video resolution?

You can upscale your video resolution using many free and paid apps available in the market.

3. How can I improve video quality for free?

You can improve your video quality by using one of the many video resolution enhancers available on the Internet.

4. Is there a tool to improve video quality?

Yes, there is a tool to improve video quality, and it is called DVDFab Video Enhancer AI.

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