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StreamFab YouTube to MP3
StreamFab YouTube to MP3
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MP3 has been one of the prime audio formats thee days. However, there are a few other audio formats as well that have been equally popular. There may be situations where you have come across a good video, but want to extract the audio from file and do not want the video part. This is an area where you would find a good audio file converter comes quite handy. Let us check out a few good audio file converters that can prove to be handy enough. You can either use an online audio file converter or pick a standalone software for the purpose.

Convert Video File to Audio | 5 Video to Audio File Converter

You would want to convert video to audio file for several reasons. Maybe you do not like the video part but are mesmerised with the audio part. You may have liked audio on a video and want to use it as the background music for your files, or sometimes you need to compress the large-size video into audio files that you can listen to at anywhere. Whatever be your reason, here are a few great options for the best video to audio file converter options.

1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the excellent options for converting your video files into audio. The software can extract audio from your videos files and provide you access to multiple output formats such an AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, to name a few, here you could learn more about video file conversion between different formats like MOV to MP4.

A fully-featured and powerful video converter, it can handle a wide range of video formats and work as one of the best video to audio converter. It has also stood a great chance among the free audio file converter reviews.

A few features that should provide you access to wonderful support to convert video to audio file converter can include

  • Hardware Technologies Advanced - . At The Software Makes use of 'several' Hardware Acceleration Technologies at The Latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync, Performance Multicore and multithreading, and BATCH Conversion Factors that are the make IT A FEW A Perfect the Option.

  • Audio of the Parameters Customisation - DVDFab Video Converter lets you Customize the Parameters at The Audio to your Heart's Content Change at The CODEC, bit OTHER Rate and the Parameters to Meet your Exact Needs your AS per the Preferences..

  • A Huge Number The of for Support Formats - . All at The Tool at The Huge Number The CAN handle of Video and Audio Formats It CAN Work with at The Formats from at The Internet, Camcorders, Capture Cards and OTHER Rich Elements A Profile. library should be something you would find extensively perfect option ever.

How to convert video to audio using the video to audio converter?

Step 1 – Install and launch the software

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite. Assuming you have installed DVDFab Suite, launch it and tap on the Converter module.


Step 2 – Add your video file

You can add your files in several ways. You can add a file through Add from local or Add from mobile options. You can even use the drag and drop functionality to add your files.

video file

Step 3 – Customise your output file

Now that you want to convert video into audio file pick the option to choose other profiles. On the next screen, select the Audio tab and choose the audio format you want to convert the file into. You may also click on the wrench icon beside the file added and configure your output file.

output file

Step 4 – Convert your file

Pick your output folder and click on START to begin converting your file. You will be indicated of the process through a progress indicator.

convert your file

2. Online Audio Converter

The Online Audio Converter, as the name itself should indicate, is an online tool convert video file to audio file online. The browser-based solution can help you convert your files with ease. The output files on the server are deleted in 24 hours, making it a secure solution for your conversion needs.

audio converter


  • Support for more than 300 different video and audio formats.

  • It can extract audio from any video file

  • It can even remove the voice from an audio track

  • Can find files from the cloud storage making it a powerful video to audio converter

3. Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake has been one of the most popular video to audio converters. While it has been a free converter since long, the tool went pay a few years ago. The support for a rich library of different devices further makes it one of the exciting options.

freemake audio converter


  • Support for over 50 audio formats

  • Batch conversion support

  • Takes less than three to five minutes to convert your files

  • You can adjust the quality of your output file

4. Switch Audio Converter

If you are an advanced user, Switch Audio Converter has been a great option for converting a wide range of video formats into audio. It has been one of the excellent options for each of your needs in one of the top-end video to audio converters .

switch audio converter


  • Support for more than 40 formats

  • Pre-sets for different audio conversion requirements.

  • Faster audio conversion

  • Can even record audio from streaming services

5. ZamZar

ZamZar is yet another popular and powerful online audio file converter that has been able to convert video file to audio file online of your preference. An extremely easy to use tool, it may take a little longer to convert your files in comparison to other converters. The free Audio file converter reviews put it up the ladder due to its advanced features.



  • You can even get your files downloaded through email if you feel like

  • A simple and easy to follow interface

  • The file size is limited to 100 MB per file

  • Speed ​​of conversion is a little slower.

Convert Audio File to MP3, WAV.... etc. | 5 Audio to Audio File Converter

Do you have an audio file already and want to convert it into other formats? You have a good collection of files for the purpose as well. You can choose to convert any audio file to mp3 online or use a standalone software. If you are wondering how to convert an audio file to wav , the tools here should help you out.

1. Any Audio Converter

Any Audio Converter is a perfect audio extractor and coms with an advanced and user-friendly interface. An efficient audio converter, it can convert a wide range of audio formats between MP3, WMA, WAVE, AAC, M4A and OGG formats. It can even extract audio from even online sources.

audio converter


  • An easy to use interface.

  • Can convert and extract all the unprotected audio files

  • Can extract audio from discs and other medium

  • You can even edit your videos

2. MediaHuman Audio Converter

One of the simplest audio converters, it does provide you access to a straightforward interface. The drag and drop functionality is one of the thoughtful inclusions. Support for almost all Windows versions can make it a great option in every manner.



  • Support for 30 audio formats

  • Supports editing and splitting audio files

  • The tool retains the original folder structure as part of the conversion process

  • You can retain the metadata intact

3. VSDC Audio Converter

The free to use VSDC Audio Converter has been known for the best possible performance in converting your audio files. The audio file customisation can be one of the great options ever for practically each of your requirements in improved audio conversion requirements.

VSDC audio converter


  • The software does not come with support for Mac

  • You can customise the output file by changing codec, bitrate, channels, and frequency

  • You can even remove an audio fragment from the audio file

  • You can even download online audio and convert it.

4. Hamster Free Audio Converter

A minimalistic interface and an improved conversion pace are the two factors you would find extremely impressive. It can even convert the audio files in a faster batch conversion process. You can even use the tool to merge two audio files which is an added advantage, making it a great free audio file converter.

hamster free audio converter


  • Extremely easy and simple to use

  • Batch conversion compatibility

  • Completely free to use

  • Works even with the older versions of Windows

5. FileZigZag

FileZigZag is an online audio file converter and supports a wide range of audio formats. The tool does not need you to download any software onto your device but can work seamlessly across any of the devices through a browser. It may not be able to handle large files, but then not many music files come in a large size, right? That would make it a prime tool to convert any audio file to mp3 online.



  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality for adding files

  • A maximum file size limit of 150 MB should suit most of your audio files

  • Batch conversion functionality

  • Support for a huge range of files

How To Convert Audio File To Text?

That was all about how to convert an audio file to mp3. However, have you ever given a thought to convert audio file to text? This is where voice recognition tools can come to the fore.

Some of the use cases of converting audio files into text can include narrating your stories and audios or giving a dictation. The right type of software can easily convert the conversations at a meeting through a voice recognition tool or software. You can make use the dedicated tools like 360Converter and Bear File Converter or even opt for the built-in services from Google and Microsoft built within Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

The Concluding Thoughts

Converting your video and audio files into compatible audio formats need not be a tough task. If you have been looking to find how to convert an audio file to mp3 and even within different audio formats, DVDFab Video Converter can be something you would find offering you an outstanding efficiency. A wider range of features provided by the tool makes it a great choice ever.

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