How to share screen on iPhone 2023

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In the era of modern technology, you can attend your business meetings, your online school/college classes, and even watch photo albums and movies together with your distant friends while sitting on your cozy couch at home. All this is possible because of the advanced screen share iPhone feature. Most importantly, the iPhone screen share or screen sharing feature of other OS has been of great help during the current pandemic when everything went under a lockdown.

In this article, we will learn how to screen share on iPhone using FaceTime app and 3 Best apps, rather than Facetime that can be used to screen share iPhone to iPhone, Android phones, Mac or Windows OS.


iPhone screen share enables you to share your screen with friends, family, or colleagues so that you may help each other out, browse the web, or share photos. Screen share iPhone can be done in a group video call or one-on-one to enable the users to have remote access to your desktop and have information regarding your real-time activity.

What might be the use of the iPhone screen share feature? This feature is very beneficial when you have to attend online meetings, for online educational institutes, or when you have to give virtual presentations. So, through the feature of screen share iPhone, time can be saved as all the users can access the same document simultaneously, and you don't have to send one document to different people all the way.

This article is about how to screen share on iPhone and the 3 best apps that can help you screen share iPhone to iPhone or Android phones.

How to Share Screen on iPhone

On the App store of your iPhone, you can find the Facetime app that is designed for iPhone screen share. Using this app, you may connect with your friends and family worldwide through video or audio calls. Not only this, through the option called 'Share play,' you may enjoy music and watch movies together with your besties.

screen share iphone

This sounds fun! Let's dig in deeper and learn how to share screen iPhone using the Facetime app.

Steps to screen share iPhone to iPhone using Facetime app

Step 1

  • Download and install the Facetime app o your iPhone.
  • Run the Facetime app.

Step 2

  • Tap the option 'New Facetime.'
  • You will see a suggested list.

Step 3

  • Select a contact from this suggested list.
  • You may also add a new contact by tapping on the 'Add' icon.

Step 4

  • Once you have selected the contact, tap the option Facetime present in the contact card.
  • You can add several contacts in our facetime call.

Step 5

  • Tap the 'Facetime' option after adding all the contacts you want in our facetime call.
  • You will see a bar at the top of the screen once all the contacts have joined the FaceTime call.
  • Tap the Share screen icon now.

Step 6

  • Finally, Tap the Share My Screen icon.
  • After a countdown of 3 seconds, your screen will be shared with all your selected contacts.

The iPhone screen share is this simple. Once you have performed these steps, everyone will see your screen. Voila!

To minimize your Facetime screen, swipe up. Now everyone will be watching whatever you are doing on your iPhone.

On the top left corner of your screen, you will see a purple icon indicating screen share iPhone. Moreover, you can always return to the Facetime call screen and end the screen share by tapping the red screen share icon on the top right side of the Facetime call.

3 Best apps for iPhone screen share

Screen share iPhone to iPhone is not limited to Facetime app; various other apps can be used to share screen iPhone. Let's look at the 3 best apps for iPhone screen share with friends and family.



Microsoft created Skype. It is a video calling platform that has several handy communication tools. Through Skype, you can easily share your phone's screen in a video call. This screen-sharing app is compatible with the iPhone Operating system and the Android, Mac, and Windows OS. So, Skype can be used to stream the phone's contents to a desktop or vice versa.

In April 2020, Skype launched a new feature to join video meetings or conversations without signing up or downloading the app.


  • Skype has an inbuilt translator that displays subtitles in various languages during a skype call or conference in real-time.
  • Skype allows for call recording and receiving smart text message suggestions.
  • You can call anyone from all around the world without being charged at all.


  • Offers little access to emergency services.
  • Access to the internet or cellular data plan is necessary to use this app.


screen share iphone

If you are looking for an advanced way to share screen iPhone, TeamViewer is the right app for you. Its primary function is troubleshooting. It is different than Skype because it is not a video calling app. It has a straightforward way to scree share iPhone, TeamViewer QuickSupport App. You can instantly generate an ID for the device you use and share your screen through this app. Plus, you don't even need to create a TeamViewer account if you are using TeamViewer QuickSupport app.

All you have to do is install and run the app on your iPhone and tap 'Send your ID.' This will send the connection link through message or email. On the other phone, install and open the TeamViewer client. Click on the link and wait for the sender to confirm, after which screen sharing will begin.


  • The app gives remote access and control of your screen to the other person.
  • It is a useful app for troubleshooting.


  • This app doesn't allow video chatting with the recipient.
  • Multiple add-on apps are required to be downloaded.


screen share iphone

Zoom is one of the most widely used online video calling and conferencing apps globally. It is compatible with all Operating Systems, both on mobile phones and desktops, allowing all participants to use their web browsers and directly connect to the zoom meeting.

Zoom has various plans regarding the ability of users to share screens. For example, if you get the basic plan, only the host can share his screen with all participants. Whereas, if you subscribe to Zoom Pro, Business, or Enterprise accounts, every participant can share the screen with others.

So, no doubt multiple users can share screens simultaneously. However, this can only be done if the Zoom Desktop client's host allows for this multiple screen share.


  • Zoom allows you to compare documents and materials side by side.
  • Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously.
  • It contains several advanced features, including remote desktop control, options for raising hands, breakout rooms, lists of third-party integrations, and annotations.


  • Lacks the features to remove inappropriate comments.
  • The quality of the HD video is not the standard 1080p. Instead, it supports 720p video quality.


Through the iPhone screen share feature, you are no longer dependent on screenshots to get help from services or emergency centers or plan trips with remote friends. You can easily screen share iPhone to iPhone or any other OS by using the apps like Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Teamviewer, and several other screens sharing apps available at the Apple store and Playstore.

However, before deciding which screen-sharing app you should go for, you should look for specific features in that app. These features include Fast launching, which means the screen sharing process should quickly start. Secondly, screen share should be under control, but not only should the host be allowed to share screen, but instead, participants should also get to share their screens. Furthermore, the app should enable you to choose between multiple windows and screens.

Without a doubt, with an all-rounder, feature-packed, and speedy screen share iPhone app, screen sharing becomes an easy and a hundredfold better experience.


Can I share the iPhone screen with my TV?

If you have got a compatible smart TV or a wireless display adapter that can be plugged into the TV, you may easily share your iPhone's screen on a TV. This is because iPhones today contain inbuilt wireless display technology that sends wireless signals to the adapter.

Is screen sharing safe?

Remote screen sharing has got a few disadvantages regarding security. If You grant remote access to a random person, then it is likely that your system might be exposed to particular vulnerabilities. Most scammers use common tactics like pop-up windows or unexpected fake phone calls to hunt for new victims. Moreover, sometimes the personal details, lie email addresses, and passwords of the presenter may also be revealed.

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