How to Download and Install Roku YouTube TV App

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If you have a YouTube TV subscription and are a Roku user, you surely are aware of how difficult it is to get the Roku YouTube TV app. The current battle between the two companies had made it almost impossible for the users to watch YouTube TV on the Roku streaming devices. If you are new to this YouTube TV Roku feud, we will enlighten you.

Roku vs. YouTube TV

Probably, you wonder what is Roku YouTube TV? To begin with, let us know about these two services. YouTube TV app is a subscription service created to offer a “cable TV” experience using streaming technology instead of the standard cable method. To enjoy YouTube TV, users need a smart TV or a streaming device that provides such a service. On the other hand, Roku is a streaming device that has more than 5,000 streaming channels, including the YouTube TV app.

Now that you know about both these services, let us have a look at the dispute about YouTube TV on Roku.

The Battle Between YouTube TV and Roku

The battle between YouTube TV and Roku began earlier this year. The YouTube TV app was removed from Roku devices to interfere with search results or requests to access user data. This was done earlier this year in April. Moving forward, after the standard YouTube app was removed, Google made a statement where it said that current YouTube TV users on Roku will still have access and requested them not to delete the channel. The battle between Google and Roku happened over the terms of the agreement. As per Google, Roku used those terms as a chance to renegotiate a different deal which included the YouTube standard app.

On the other hand, Google states that the company is neither requesting any access to user data nor manipulating search results, and the claims by Roku are baseless and false. After the removal of the YouTube TV app, Google came up with a shortcut that allowed users to experience the TV through the standard YouTube app. The latest news on this battle is that Google’s contract with Roku will expire on December 9, 2021, and the YouTube app would be eliminated from the streaming service.

So, the question remains: Is YouTube TV on Roku? Yes, for time being. As mentioned earlier, the contract will expire by end of this year. Hence, if you are a Roku user as well as a subscriber of the YouTube TV app, you are in great confusion.

How to Watch YouTube TV on Roku

Now the main question remains: Does Roku have YouTube TV? Technically speaking, no! But we know how to get YouTube TV on Roku. Users cannot install the YouTube TV app on their Roku right now due to the contract dispute, but there's a workaround. Read below to know more.

Stream YouTube TV via AirPlay on Roku

As per the information provided on Roku’s page, some devices are required for AirPlay. Make sure you have one of the following devices:

  • 4K Roku streamer or 4K Roku TV. This includes the Streaming Stick Plus, Ultra, Streambar, or Premiere, operating on Roku OS 9.4 or later. Users can check this by navigating to Settings >> System >> About.
  • Streamers such as the Roku Express and non-4K Roku TVs will also be getting AirPlay support. Devices operating on Roku OS 10.0 will get AirPlay support eventually in the coming period.
  • A Mac device (operating on macOS Mojave 10.14.5 or later)
  • An iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (operating on iOS 12.3 or later)

Seeing the above requirements, can you get YouTube TV on Roku? Well, it seems affirmative if you have one of the above devices.

Once your device fits in the above list, follow the below steps to know how to add YouTube TV to Roku.

  1. Launch the YouTube TV app on your Apple device.
  2. Click the casting logo present on the upper right.
  3. Select AirPlay and Bluetooth devices.
  4. Below the speakers and TVs section, tap your Roku.
  5. Users will see their iPhone mirrored on the Roku.
  6. On your YouTube TV app, click what you wish to watch, and it will play on Roku.

roku youtube tv

Common Problems While Watching YouTube TV on Roku

If you are facing YouTube TV not working on Roku issue, then there is nothing to worry about. People always face the following issues:

  • Users cannot log in to their YouTube app.
  • The YouTube TV app does not launch at all.
  • Users cannot launch any videos on YouTube.

If you are among those users, do not worry. We have got solutions for your such problems.

Solutions to Common Problems

Below are some solutions that will take care of your YouTube TV not working on Roku issue.

Check the Internet Speed

Poor Internet connectivity can also cause the app to not work. If your Internet connectivity is poor, you might have problems launching the YouTube app. At such times, make sure to check if the connection is strong by testing your Internet speed. If the connection is poor, then getting the Internet back to speed can lead to solving the problem and your YouTube TV will work on Roku smoothly.

In addition to this, if you are streaming the app on Roku via AirPlay, make sure to check if other devices are well connected to the Internet. If your internet connection is poor or not working, you will not be able to run the Roku YouTube TV app. If other devices are well connected to the Internet, then your Internet connection might be poor. One way to get back to the Internet is to restart your router.

Restart Your Roku

If the Roku stick is facing problems or system errors, restarting it will normally get rid of them. Users can either just unplug the Roku device, wait a few seconds, and plug it in again. Or they can use the Restart option in the main menu.

Check Your Roku's IP

If your Internet connectivity is operating properly, chances are high that your Roku device is still not connected to the network. This is normally the situation if your other devices are connected to the network, but the YouTube TV app is not working. Users can find the IP address of their Roku in the settings menu. If it does not show any IP address, they will need to reconnect their device to their Internet network. Once they have connected their Roku, the YouTube channel will work smoothly.

Check YouTube Credentials

Make sure to see if your YouTube account is still active and you have entered the correct credentials. If your YouTube account has been locked or deleted, it will clarify why the YouTube TV on Roku cannot connect to your account.

Check YouTube Server

Also, ensuring that YouTube is working or not. If YouTube servers are down, users will not be able to open the YouTube app on Roku and the app will not launch.

Update Roku

If your Roku is out of date, it can cause problems while playing YouTube. The Roku device updates itself automatically but making sure that you have the latest firmware will often resolve issues that pop up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Roku get rid of YouTube TV?

In April 2021, Roku deleted the YouTube TV app from its app library and is now not available to new Roku subscribers. However, Roku made sure that existing users are not affected and has allowed them to continue to use the service.

What channels are free on Roku?

The following channels are free on Roku to watch for users:

  • The Roku Channel
  • Pluto TV
  • Tubi
  • Crackle
  • Xumo
  • Fawesome
  • NewsON
  • Stirr

Is live TV free on Roku?

Yes! Users can enjoy instant access to over 200 free live TV channels on the go. With live sports, news and weather, reality TV, food & home, true crime, science fiction, Spanish language content, and kids' entertainment, users can fulfill their entertainment requirements.

Does Netflix come free with Roku?

The Netflix app has always been free to download on Roku or any other platform. However, users will need a subscription to enjoy the TV shows and movies on Netflix. Even though the app is free to download, you will need a plan to view the content.


Having said that, the battle between YouTube TV and Roku is on and we all know how it will end. As per the latest news, Google’s contract with Roku will expire on December 9, 2021, and the YouTube app would be eliminated from the streaming service. In the end, it is the users that will suffer the consequences of this battle. If you are one of those innocent users suffering from this dispute, you know how to watch YouTube TV on Roku. Use our method and enjoy watching videos on your Roku. Do you know the other ways to watch YouTube on TV? Click on the link to know different ways to watch YouTube TV.

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