How to Reverse Video Search? A Complete Guide

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If you want to learn about the real source for any video on Google or other platforms or want to check who copies your video material, reverse video search can answer this. It is an effective tool that supports journalists, photographers, content creators, and others who want to use it. This blog post will talk about the method of reverse video search and reverse image search.

Reverse video search will help you when you watch a movie clip on Google and appreciate it but don't know from which movie this clip is. At this stage, the reverse video search engine works to provide you with complete information about the clip. On the other hand, a reverse video search will also let you know who copies your video.

However, reverse video search cannot be done directly by uploading videos in the search. There are different other ways to do this process. The users can take a screenshot of the video and use that image for reverse searching to get the output. Here we have mentioned four different but easy ways to do a reverse video search. However, first, we will explain the importance of reverse video search;

Why is video reverse search important?

  • Check video plagiarism and copyright: If you are worried that your created videos have been uploaded by someone else, and are violating the license agreement, then a video reverse search can help you know. Some of these services are powerful enough to match online video. This tool will help you find the exact location online of this video.
  • Recognize location: This is the most preferred option for videographers and editors. If you've made a video at a specific location but don't have a few minutes of clips, Reverse Image Search can support you in searching for similar clips or features from location to location. ۔
  • Similarities: Reverse video search can help you find similar footage with features such as light and temperature, specific video shot types like a long shot or full shot, and other relations.
  • Recognize object: This feature is helpful for those who want to find out what's special about your video. For instance, you want to know the name of a particular plant or the cataloging of an animal within your video. Reverse Video Search can analyze and locate objects within a video. It identifies different colors, shapes, and specific objects within your image and combines them with their data set of videos.

Prepare for Reverse Video Search

To reverse search a video, the users must have a perfect screenshot from that video. Ensure that the video is playing in high quality and full window. Then capture the screenshot of it, and enter the exact location of the video in the required steps.

Now let's comes to the different ways to do a reverse video search;

4 best ways to do a reverse video search

Reverse Video Search with Google

Reverse Video Search with Google

Google offers you every tool you require for anything. Reverse image searching with google is also very easy. It is possible to reverse video search on the computer with the help of Chrome or Firefox. On Android devices, you can use the Google search application, chrome, or safari on IOS. However, you can also perform reverse search images using the Google lens app.

How to reverse video search google?

Using Steps of Reverse Video Search on PC
  • First, open Chrome or Firefox on your computer.
  • Search and click on Google images.
  • Tap on the camera icon mentioning search by image.
  • Click on "upload an image option" and hit the choose a file.
  • Select the screenshot taken from the video you need to find and hit the "Open" button.
  • The users can also drag and drop a screenshot directly onto Google Images.
  • Finally, you will see the image and video results.

Using Steps of Reverse Video searching on Android

  • Download and launch the Google lens application.
  • Open the app and click on the image icon to select the desired image for reverse searching.
  • You will see the concerned images and video results.
Using Steps of Reverse searching on iOS

Here are the easiest steps for reverse video search iPhone;

  • Launch the Google app on iPhone or iPad devices.
  • Click on the Google Lens icon appearing in the search bar.
  • Take a snapshot or search for an image.
  • Scroll down and get the results.

Reverse Video Search with Berify

Reverse Video Search with Berify

Google specially launched the Image Search tool for reverse video searching. But people sometimes also prefer to use third-party methods for this purpose. According to Berify, they don't depend on the standard Google Image search. Contrary to this, they worked on their own algorithms that will be viewed by other image search engines such as Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc. In this way, it will provide you with excellent output. However, if you are not happy with Google image search, let's try other options like Berify reverse image search video. The tool offers you free as well as paid plans. And you can purchase their packages if you want to get more profound results. Besides this, their API will also work outstandingly.

How to reverse search a video with Berify?

Here are the easy steps to do reverse searching via Berify;

  • Visit the Berify official website and sign up for free.
  • Select the free plan and create an account.
  • Tap on the big search bar to search your image. It will let you browse the required image from your device.
  • Now, Berify will come with the results matching your video screenshot.
  • It will also reprocess the image and show you the results from different search engines to give you exact uploaded or shared results.
  • Moreover, the tool will respond to you with an email if you find any results.

Reverse Video Search with TinEye Image Search

Reverse Video Search with TinEye Image Search

TinEye is the best pick-up for expert reverse image searchers. Their different products are dedicated to searching images from WineEngine, MobileEngine, and even a MulticolorEngine.

It also has the same video search process as we mentioned for the others. The users need to upload a screenshot from their video and wait for the output. TinEye's MatchEngine supports you to recognize the actual and modified images, whether from a video, cropped, or recently edited.

Its API will help you check the results for plagiarized content. It will show you a separate list of edited images. The self-hosting characteristic of API clarifies that it will offer you fast and authentic results. Moreover, you can also upload images in .jpeg, .png, and gifs. Plus, you can make use of their API with paid subscriptions.

Like Berify, TinEye will also track and compare snapshots with snapshots that TinEye itself crawled. However, if you don't have time to wait and check the output, you can get help from the notifications that it sends you when you recognize a similar image that you uploaded.

How to reverse video search using TinEye?

  • Take a screenshot of the desired video.
  • Go to the page and upload that screenshot.
  • You can also add specific filters, domains, or collections. It will let you add a particular image containing desired video content.

Reverse Video Search with Shutterstock

Reverse Video Search with Shutterstock

As the most popular stock photo library, Shutterstock can also reverse search videos and images. However, it has different using procedures than the above described. It will support you to search video by images via just entering the image's detail or uploading it to reverse search. On the other hand, the users can also find an image in a specific style like their orientation, date first or last used, etc. It is the simplest method discussed above.

Using Steps of Reverse searching with Shutterstock

  • Take a screenshot of the video or a part of it.
  • Visit their official web page.
  • Upload the screenshot to the dashboard panel.
  • You can also use the keywords for good result searching.
  • Finally, get the output.

Reverse Video Search with Texcipio

Texcipio is the best choice for all videographers and video editors. It helps them perform reverse video searching while saving their time and money. The reverse search API creates digital fingerprints of videos and then compares these fingerprints to provide you descriptive matching results.

Using steps of reverse video search using Texcipio

  • Open Texcipio and upload your desired video.
  • Let the API create fingerprints.
  • Once the digital fingerprints of the video are compared, find the relevant results.


Reverse video search will help you verify the video's plagiarism and reality. It will also support you in getting rid of the fake news frequently found on several social media platforms and messengers. We have mentioned above the best, most competent, and advanced methods for video reverse searching. They come with different mainly dedicated searching engines and utilize image results. Finally, we make it possible to reverse video search using reverse image searching. It is not easy to search for a complete video, and it may also not provide you with authentic results. So, you should try all processes to get the desired output.

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