PNG to PDF Conversion: What You Can Do?

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Do you know why convert PNG to PDF? And most importantly, do you know how to convert PNG to PDF? Well, in fact, this conversion is quite normal for most people. Now, let's explore this topic together and this article will explain everything to you.

What is PNG?

Portable Network Graphics, popularly known as PNG, is a portable and bitmapped configuration of graphics files that was validated by the Federation of World Wide Web. Its properties are likened to those of Graphics Interchange Format, GIF. PNG is usually pronounced as 'ping' and it was designed as a replacement for GIF. This file format has proven to be efficient in terms of the storage of data since it can be compressed without any significant loss of data. Most websites use it to add visual attraction since the quality of PNG images is astounding.

What is PDF?

PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format. It is a product of Adobe and it provides an avenue for users to share information and data seamlessly and efficiently, regardless of the physical distance between the sender and recipient. The documents can be opened and viewed from almost all devices. Over the years, PDF has become a standard for exchanging documents that can contain links, audio, videos, forms, and many others. It also provides an option for the digital signing of forms and documents thus greatly revolutionizing data and information technology.

Differences and similarities between PNG and PDF

The two formats discussed above have helped in accelerating technological advancement and data transfer over the years. They both serve different purposes to achieve the same goal of information storage and exchange.

First and foremost, PDF is a document format while PNG is an image format, therefore they operate differently. A PDF file format can only be viewed and is only editable with special tools. PNG offers images that don't lose quality when re-saved. Both PDF and PNG are file formats. PDF is copyrighted while PNG is open-sourced. They both don't require a lot of data to share. PDF has become one of the best ways of sharing office documents and PNG allows participants to share high-quality images without data loss.

Why convert PNG to PDF?

Sometimes a person might want to transform a file from PNG to PDF. This may be necessitated by the need to get a more official document from an image. Therefore, it is important to know the best instruments to make the conversion process a success. Therefore, a good PNG to PDF converter would come in handy. The decision to change a file from PNG to PDF can be influenced by the following reasons:

  • To ensure appropriate printing of files.
  • Access to PDF documents can be restricted by a password to ensure the security of the contents, therefore, making PDF documents more secure.
  • PDF supports many devices hence globally considered a standard format for documents.
  • The need to enhance the effective exchange and storage of images in PNG format without losing a considerable amount of quality.

Therefore, to cross this milestone you need a good piece of software that can convert png to pdf efficiently. I took my time and came up with a list of some of the best png to pdf converters in existence.

How to convert PNG to PDF using Various Convertors?

TalkHelper PDF Converter

This tool is one of the most utilized methods of changing PNG to PDF because of its wide array of features and utilities. The main advantage it has over the rest of its competitors is that it enables one to convert each PNG file to a single PDF document, together with an added option of merging many PNG images into a unique PDF file. Therefore, this level of pliability saves the user's time a great deal.

The procedure is precise and accurate, and the ability to process the files in batches boosts its convenience. The conversion process is swift without involving loss of quality and the number of files that can be processed is limitless.

Steps to convert PNG to PDF

  • Sign in to your account on the platform.
  • Select the PNG file you want to convert then navigate to the conversion tab.

png to pdf

  • You will find the PDF conversion tool. Add the PNG file to the conversion box and click to start.
  • Download the file for offline use.


  • Has a feature allowing bulk conversions.
  • Swift and guarantees quality.
  • The sequence and number of PNGs to be converted can be customized.
  • Multiple conversions.
  • Supported by all varieties of Windows.


  • Available only on Windows

Supported platforms: All versions of Windows.

Adobe Acrobat

PDF file format was developed by Adobe thus they are well-equipped with instruments for converting PNG files to PDF. It not only offers PGN file conversion but also for other file formats like GIFF, TIFF, JPG, and BMP, among others. The conversion process does not alter the file's quality.

The process is surprisingly fast indicating the processing power of the software. It offers a shorter drag-and-drop procedure and the converted file can be saved on Adobe Document Cloud.

Steps to convert PNG to PDF

  • Open the file option in Adobe and select "Create PDF online".
  • On the right side, click the option for "Add Files"
  • Choose the PNG file you want to be converted.
  • Convert the file.

  • Then save it by clicking the "Retrieve PDF file" option that comes after conversion.


  • Available both online and offline.
  • Fast in conversion.
  • Available on many platforms.
  • Doesn't change the original quality of the PNG file.
  • Has a cloud service for converted PDF documents.
  • Unlimited conversion.


  • Costly
  • Merging several PNGs is not possible in the online version.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS


This platform provides a seamless experience during the process of converting PNG images to PDF. It also allows the user to transfer files from various cloud services like Google Drive for conversion while working on local files simultaneously. It has highly sophisticated security features that ensure the full protection of data when downloading or uploading. You can effortlessly convert PNG files alongside other file formats like JPG to PDF. Being an online conversion tool, it allows the user to work from various devices.

Steps of converting PNG to PDF

  • Go to the homepage and select the PDF converter tool.
  • Pick and drag the PNG file into the colored toolbox.

convert png to pdf

  • Immediately the tool will start the process of conversion. For some other tools, customizations options will be provided.
  • Go ahead and download the converted PDF file into your local store.


  • Supports numerous platforms.
  • Swift and seamless conversion experience.
  • Secures files from malicious attacks.
  • Has the option of combining various PNGs into a single PDF document.
  • Requires no third-party software.


  • Limits a user to 2 documents after every 24 hours in the free version

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile devices, Web-based


This conversion tool has an online function for almost every existing platform, as well as allowing access to the offline variety when recommended. You get the chance to enjoy the benefits of Google and Dropbox cloud services like in Smallpdf. This converter is different from the rest since it enables you to fiddle with various features like page size, page orientation, margins, and rotation. Finally, you get the option of consolidating all PNG files into a single PDF file.


  • Straightforwardness.
  • High data security.
  • Available on many platforms.
  • Integration with known cloud services.
  • Additional options to work with.
  • Combination of several images into a single PDF document.


  • The free version provides a few features.

Supported platforms: Mac, Windows, Web-based.


This platform is developed with complex security features to prevent malicious attacks and unwarranted access to user data. Its operation is closely similar to that of Smallpdf since it allows the user to change the sizes, margins, and orientation of pages. It also comes along with the unique bulk conversion property, thus allowing you to save time by processing the conversions in batches. It not only allows you to transfer files from cloud services but also enables you to save the converted documents within those platforms directly. The user can also further edit the PDF files and secure them with passwords, among others.

Steps of converting PNG to PDF

  • Choose a PNG image of choice by using the “Add File" button to browse images on your computer.

png to pdf conversion

  • You can repeat the process to add images in bulk.
  • Click on the convert button to change the image(s) into one PDF document.
  • Then download the file.


  • Provision of both offline and online versions.
  • The user can encrypt and compress the resultant files.
  • Bulk processing.
  • High level of security.
  • Integrated with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • The free version is time-consuming since it places the users in queues.

Supported platforms: Windows, Web-based

Soda PDF

Soda PDF provides one of the easiest ways to convert PNG to PDF files. The user doesn't need to acquire complex third-party software to use the program. It allows you to convert PNG files to PDF, and then compresses and adds security features to the files before sharing them. It has a well-integrated editor that allows you to perform editing functions to the file,e.g, drawing and adding texts. The quality of the PDF files remains unaltered even after compression. The conversion process begins instantly and for bulky conversions, you get an email notification upon completion of the exercise.

Steps on how to convert PNG to PDF

  • First, choose a file. Select the PNG file you want to convert and drag it into the PDF converter box. Alternatively, you can upload it directly for conversion.
  • The PDF tool will instantly convert it to a PDF file.
  • Finally, download it and you are free to start using the document.

how to convert png to pdf


  • The editor is built-in and efficient.
  • Supported by many platforms.
  • Provides options to edit the converted files.
  • Has an email notification feature.
  • File quality remains unaltered.
  • Offers bulk conversions.


  • Requires subscription to access.

Supported platforms: Web-based, Windows, Mac


Here is another overly fast and efficient file conversion tool available today. It also supports the conversion of other image file formats like TIFF, JPEG, and BMP into PDF formats. The conversion process is swift and seamless. The overall security of documents is high, boosted by the integration of cloud services within the system.

The conversion can be done without the need for you to sign up unless it involves large files.

Finally, the original quality of files is not affected.

Steps of converting PNG to PDF

  • Upload the PNG file to be converted to PDF from the computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or via a link. Then drag it into the page.
  • Select "To PDF".
  • Wait for the conversion to be completed then download your result.

png to pdf conversion


  • The process is fast and effortless.
  • Integrate cloud services.
  • Security of files is enhanced.
  • Available on all devices.
  • The quality of files is maintained.
  • Conversion can be done in batches.


  • The file size is limited unless one opens an online account.

Image to PDF Converter (Android)

This is an Android application that is carefully designed to enable you to convert PNG files to PDF documents just within the comfort of your mobile device. The features are available offline therefore no need for an internet connection. This android app allows the user to edit and customize the PNG before going ahead and initiating the conversion process. For easier identification, the user can manually sort out the PNG images to the desired liking. Furthermore, an encryption feature is available for all PDF files.


  • Free of charge
  • Elaborate.
  • Files can be compressed.
  • Allows for sorting and arrangement of images.
  • Offers excellent security features for the files.
  • Images can be optimized before conversion.


  • Has ads and commercials.
  • Supports Android devices.

Additional information

In the same way, PNG files can be converted to PDF, likewise, PDF documents can be converted to PNG images. The are several tools online and offline that are specially designed to facilitate the conversion of PDF to PNG. It is essential to know how to convert PDF to PNG too. The skills will soon come in handy.

The following are some of the best PDF to PNG converters:

1. Hipdf

This free online tool is among the best ways to convert PDF to PNG. It also provides conversion capabilities to other file formats such as PDF to Excel, Word, PPT, and ePub, among others.


This tool displays a simple user interface and the process of converting PDF to PNG is fast, efficient, and easy.

3. Zamzar.

Zamzar has several useful features on its website that enables more convenient conversion processes. It allows you to convert PDF to numerous file formats, PNG included.


With the current technological advancements, better ways of solving problems have been formulated. The development of conversion tools has made it easy to convert PNG files to PDF documents, and vice versa. With the collection of the best conversion tools at your disposal, it will be easier for you to find one that best suits your needs.

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