Everything You Need to Know About MOV Video Player : Windows and Mac

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MOV is a file container that houses audio, video, and text files of different formats for easy transformation and space-saving. Though the MOV format is not accessible on different devices, users have to interact with third-party software to access and play files stored in the format. Therefore, this article will introduce you to reliable and handy ways to play MOV files.

Also, this article will highlight the core features of the famous MOV video player and address some questions that might come to your mind while dealing with a MOV video player. So, let's explore MOV player online for windows and Mac.


MOV is a famous multimedia format MPEG-4, a video container developed and supported by Apple iTunes and QuickTime Player. MOV file has the potential to store Video, Audio, and Text data into a single file to save space in your systems. It is an adequate video container that saves the data and lets you access the files without messing with the quality.

MOV file format is the default system for iOS devices, but you can play MOV files with a MOV player online on windows and other devices. Here are the top 5 MOV file players, the safest 3rd party software to access your private data.

Play MOV File With Windows Media Player

mov player

Windows media player is the oldest, famous, and reliable media player compatible with a range of audio and video file formats. It is the safest media player that doesn't ruin the data quality and invites threats to your system. Also, the best thing about this windows MOV player is that it does not consume much disc space to save more and more files and save the cost of investing in other paid MOV players. In addition, the interface of this windows MOV player is also user-friendly and smooth, so no one experiences hassle while playing MOV files.

To access the windows media player MOV format, download the software in your system via the official site and install the 3ivx codec software. Then, you have to restart your system and open your MOV files by right-clicking them, choosing the windows media player option.


  • Excellent playback options
  • Compatible with large media libraries
  • Smooth and fast multimedia player
  • Shell integration potential


  • Free to use
  • It does not consume much disc space
  • Compatible with MP4, WMV, MPG, AVI, and other formats
  • Safe to use your personal data
  • Smooth interface


  • This media player is only restricted to Windows devices

Leawo Free Blue-ray – MOV Player for Mac

mov player

It is a go-to place for Mac users to play the video and audio files of different formats without size limitations. Unlike Android, Windows and iOS have always been careful with launching the software, apps, and online tools for editing, playing, or playing with digital files.

Leawo is the best MOV player for Mac and an all-rounder multimedia player that supports Blue-ray, DVD, and other video means in the best possible quality. Unlike other media players, it does not take more than a few seconds to load videos, so many Mac users prefer this sole media player to store and play their MOV files.

Besides, it supports almost all the available video formats for quick and easy access to the videos. However, HD videos would suffer a little upscaling, so you need to play with calibration settings before playing the videos. Moreover, it is primarily available for free to use. Still, the free version may disturb you with annoying ads, so you have to bear it while streaming the videos. Other than that, it is the best MOV player online for Mac users.


  • It allows play videos in high quality
  • Excellent playback control
  • It let you adjust subtitles and audio/video playbacks
  • Multi-language support is appealing


  • Huge file format compatibility
  • Fast video loading capacity
  • Available for Mac users
  • Unlimited video accessing in free version


  • Ads in free version
  • It does not support HD and 3D upscaling

VLC Media Player

mov player

VLC is an open-source multimedia player with a wide compatibility of file formats. There should be no need for additional codec installation that usually comes with data leakage threats, so your system and data will be protected within the software.

It is a smooth and easy-to-use platform available on Mac, Windows, mobile platforms, and other relatable devices. Surprisingly, the interface is customizable, letting you add the most-used features on the front screen. It is a free cross-platform multimedia player and converter that helps access zip files without extracting files individually to save time and space for the system. Hence, it is the best MOV player windows available to date.


  • Customizable media library
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Audio and Video file converter
  • Open-source, cross-platform multimedia player


  • Fast multimedia player
  • Free to use
  • It allows playing files from a zip folder without extraction
  • Built-in subtitles
  • Best customer service

DVDFab Player 6

mov player

DVDFab 6 is one of the best 4K UHD media players available that is a go-to software for playback DVDs, Blu-ray, and all digital content in high quality. It allows playing 1080p or 4K videos with HDR 10 support without ruining the quality. Also, the software has a built-in TruTheatre enhancement feature that boosts the audio, resolution, and image quality to offer a better viewing experience.

Furthermore, DVDFab 6 ensures diverse audio and video format support to simplify and allow playing different files under one roof. Also, all your favorite content will be saved in a customizable media library for quick finding and access. DVDFab 6 is an incredible tool for Windows and Mac users to play MOV files safely.


  • No third-party plugins required
  • Rich audio and video format support
  • Incredible media management
  • Full playback control


  • Best MOV video player
  • Flexible interface
  • Best customer service
  • Built-in converting tool


  • Unlocking advanced features required to update to the paid pro version

Stream MOV files on Windows 10 with EaseUs

Playing MOV videos on regular Windows would be a hassle, so EaseUs video editor is a flexible software compatible with Windows 10. It is a free editor packed with exciting features that allow playing, editing, and sharing files of different formats without any time constraints. This online Windows software makes it super convenient for users to play their files without any format and video sie limit.

Moreover, apart from a built-in media player, it also has a built-in converter that lets you convert plenty of files simultaneously in your desired format. The soundtrack is also rich with multi-language subtitles.


  • Play media files of different formats within the software
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Plenty of editing tools
  • Rich Soundtrack
  • Buil-in converting tools


  • The free version has no video size limit
  • Smooth interface
  • Adding or extracting subtitles to MOV files
  • Mass conversion properties


  • Limited unlocked features in the free version


Unfortunately, playing video files of different formats is a real hassle when certain devices do not offer compatibility. It restricts access to important files, whether text sensitive, audio, or video. Also, downloading third-party software or risking your data with online tools is not worth it due to the installation of additional codecs.

So, don't hesitate to try the MOV video player mentioned above and enjoy audio and video streaming without investing in paid software and apps.


How to play the MOV file?

Though the iOS users can play MOV files using the QuickTime player. Still, many other safe and reliable sources are available that are frequently used to play MOV files on your phones and PC systems.

Which media player supports the MOV format?

Apart from QuickTime, Windows media player, VLC, Leawo is a MOV player available for free.

How can I play MOV files on Windows?

Windows media player is the best MOV player windows 10 available. To play MOV files via this platform, you have to:

  • Download and install the platform.
  • Install an additional required codec for the platform.
  • Restart your PC
  • Play any MOV file by right-clicking and choosing the open-with option.
  • Select Windows media platform under the drop-down options
  • Stream and enjoy MOV files without any limitations.

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