Top 5 Video Link to MP4 Converters of 2023

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StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
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Sometimes, no internet access can ruin your movie time. But why rely on the internet to watch your favorite videos, seasons, or movies? You can download the link to Mp4 and enjoy your favorite seasons whenever you want, even when not connected to the internet.

This article will discuss the easy steps involved in a video link to MP4 conversion by using a variety of professional software and potential online converter tools.

This article also provides you with a list of the 5 best and most popular software programs and tools used for the link to MP4 conversion. All the tools discussed in this article have a user-friendly interface and perform quick conversion without compromising the quality of the converted videos.


With time, the amount of available content on internet video sites has increased dramatically. You may watch series, shows, dramas, movies, and videos of different types and genres online on these sites. But, what if the internet is not accessible and you want to watch them offline?

The solution is to convert those videos to a format recognizable by your device. You may select a video from youtube that you wish to watch later offline and easily convert that youtube link to MP4 with the help of several link converters. And the best thing is that there is no shortage of potent tools that may be covert the link to MP4 format.

This article is about tools that help you download links to MP4 and the steps involved in this conversion. Let's move ahead and find out how to convert the link to MP4 and top 5 software designed to serve the purpose.

How to Convert link to MP4

Converting links to MP4 is the best way to make your web videos play on your preferred devices and media players. The process of converting links to MP4 is simple, fast, and quite similar, no matter whichever tool you are using. Let's dig in and have a look at the steps used by most link converters to MP4.

Step 1

  • Download and install your preferred link to the MP4 converter tool.
  • Run it on your device.

Step 2

  • Open the video that you want to convert on your PC browser.
  • Copy the link to that video.

Step 3

  • You will find the option 'Click URL' on the converter software window. Click on this option.
  • This will paste your link to the software.

Step 4

  • A settings window will pop up now that will contain the options of various formats to choose from.
  • Select MP4 and the desired resolution.

Step 5

  • Finally, click on the download button.
  • Your link will begin to be downloaded and converted to MP4 format in no time.
  • You can find all the converted videos in the 'Finished Tab.'

Ta-dah, you can easily download the link to MP4 within a matter of minutes. Now it's time to find out which software performs this task the best. Stay tuned!

5 Best Video Link to MP4 Converters

Are you thinking about converting the YouTube link to MP4? With many unique tools for this purpose out there, the link to MP4 conversion has become a piece of cake.

Let's discuss the 5 most liked tools to convert the link to MP4.

StreamFab YouTube DownloaderLink to MP4 Converters

StreamFab YouTube Downloader offers several advanced features for downloading videos into various formats from several video sites. It is one of the best tools for a YouTube link to MP4 conversion.

StreamFab YouTube Downloader is one of the most recommended tools for video format conversion. The main reason behind this is while conversion through this software, the quality of the video is not affected.

Furthermore, you can also use StreamFab Downloader to convert video links to MP4 from Facebook, Vimeo, or Instagram Videos. Now you don't have to worry about lagging or buffering problems because this tool gives you smooth and easy access to countless offline videos.


  • It has a User-friendly interface
  • It enables downloading of metadata.
  • It is compatible with almost all digital devices like PC, smartphones, etc.


  • To take full advantage of this tool and access its features, you have to buy a paid version.

AimerSoft Video Converter Ultimate

Link to MP4 Converters

AimerSoft Video Converter Ultimate is undoubtedly one of the best software programs to convert the link to MP4 format. Once you install this highly professional tool to your PC, you can easily download the link to MP4 within no time. The procedure is not only fast but also simple.

This tool is compatible with Mac as well as Windows Operating systems. It allows you to convert the link to MP4 from thousands of online streaming sites like Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. The best thing is that the quality of the video is not compromised during format conversion.


  • You can download the link to MP4 of numerous videos simultaneously and at a 90x faster speed.
  • This tool allows you to burn videos to Blu-ray or DVD.
  • It consists of an in-built video editor.
  • Compatible with Mac and windows.


  • Its premium features are not free.

WonderShare UniConverter

Link to MP4 Converters

Wondershare UniConverter is one of the most popular tools to download links to MP4. It's a highly professional software with many advanced features. This excellent video toolbox supports more than 1000 audio and video formats, so you can easily convert any video link to MP4 or any other format that you want.

This software possesses a user-friendly interface, and the conversion process is rapid. However, this quick conversion does not compromise the quality of the video. Wondershare UniConverter is compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

One of the best and most helpful features of Wondershare UniConverter is batch processing. This software can be used to convert the link to MP4 for multiple videos simultaneously. Moreover, it features APEXTRANS technology that can convert various links to MP4 at a 30X superfast speed.


  • It supports a wide range of conversion formats and is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • It features 30X super fast conversion speed.
  • The software is user-friendly and maintains the quality of the video after conversion.


  • It only offers a free trial, after which you have to buy its subscription.


Link to MP4 Converters

Convertio is one of the most popular online link converters to MP4. You can use this online tool to convert your video link to MP4 from hundreds of online streaming sites like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Vevo, Dailymotion. Convertio is easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

The converted files have maintained quality and can easily be saved to your Google Drive or downloaded on your PC.


  • This tool can convert the added files to any audio or video format or an array of images.
  • It is easy to use and pocket-friendly since it is a free online tool.


  • Compared to the professional tools discussed above, it only supports limited formats.
  • It lacks or has minimal advanced editing features.
  • Using this tool is entirely dependent on the availability of the internet.


Link to MP4 Converters

Zamzar is another popular online conversion software program. Zamzar is an outstanding tool widely used for the conversion of YouTube links to MP4. It supports up to 1200 audio and video formats.

This online tool is straightforward to use, and the conversion process through this program is very speedy. Moreover, the conversion doesn't affect the quality of your video.


  • It is one of the most recommended link converters to MP4 because it's free to use.
  • You do not have to download the software to convert your file format.
  • It quickly downloads links to MP4, and the converted files are sent directly to your email.


  • It is entirely dependent on internet access to run.
  • It has certain limitations to the number and file sizes.


This article had covered the potential use of both, Professional desktop or PC software programs and the online tools for converting links to MP4 formats. If we compare them, it's evident that the professional software is on a lead due to their advanced features and ability to run without the internet once installed. However, online tools are completely free to use.

So, it's all up to your requirements. If you want advanced editing features and quick conversion, you can get paid subscriptions for professional software like StreamFab Youtube Converter. Whereas, all you want to do is convert the format of the file, you can go for free online tools like Convertio.

However, investing in good software never goes down the drain. It not only saves your efforts and time but also helps you create new compressed videos in no time.


Can you convert MP4 to link?

Yes, you can convert MP4 to link. But a data file can directly be converted to a link. Instead, you can upload it to a location such as YouTube or Vimeo and link it to that location. This way, you can change your MP4 to link, which can easily be shared around the web.

Are the Professional Desktop Conversion Software Programs better than free online Conversion tools?

Although the professional Desktop software only offers a free trial and their premium versions are paid, they prove far better than free online tools. They support a wide range of formats and offer a variety of advanced features, lie video editing, etc. Moreover, these tools are straightforward to use and possess a super fast conversion speed compared to the free online tools, which have no additional features.

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