How to Use Hotspot on iPhone?

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There is great news for those who have ever wished that their iPhone could share its cellular connection with Wi-Fi devices. If you have an iPhone, it is possible to turn on the Hotspot and connect it with a Mac, iPad, or any other Wi-Fi-compatible device. You can set up your device in seconds to become a portable hotspot for any laptop or non-cellular iPad nearby. There are instructions below section for turning this ability into an effective hotspot.

But some people may have questions about the issues that may be born during the hotspot connections. So here, we will explore some of the information about how to use hotspot on iPhone?

Why Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot With an iPhone

It's a real pain when you're traveling with your iPhone, MacBook, and Wi-Fi-only iPad. There are two options to solve this problem. One is completing all of the work on bigger screens or connecting wirelessly online but being attached using just one small screen.

The best way is to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go access. This will help you work more efficiently by providing faster internet speeds.

There are many ways to use your iPhone as a hotspot. However, before you start doing this, make sure that it is okay with the carrier. Check whether or not they will charge extra for setting up an additional connection on top of what's already included in their plan terms & conditions. At the same time, some networks let users provide without any issues at all if there's space available within one existing contract period. Suppose you are on the "Pay As You Go" method, then you may need to pay some extra amount.

How to Use Your Own Hotspot on Your iPhone

Putting your iPhone into hotspot mode turns the device into a Wi-Fi router, as in your home. The 3G/4G cellular data connection broadcasts this to other devices that connect wirelessly or via USB cable for more stable connections with desktop computers and laptops comparatively.

You might think that once your iPhone is turned on, it will use 3G or 4G for data connection. However, this isn't true since the Hotspot has its internet connection and cannot be shared with laptops.

Use any one method out of the following to create a hotspot on the phone.

How to Use the Hotspot on my iPhone

  • The quick way to turn on an iPhone hotspot

If you are operating iOS 13 on your phone, the quickest method to turn a Hotspot on can be done by following steps.

how to use wifi hotspot on iphone

  • You will be able to open the Control Centre on an iPhone XS, XR, X, or 11 by dragging from top to bottom. For older models, swipe up at the bottom instead.
  • Hardly Press on the section of four icons symbolizing Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, and Bluetooth.
  • A larger section will open having Airdrop and personal Hotspot. When you open up the Personal Hotspot, it will be 'Discoverable.'
  • Turn on an iPhone hotspot via Settings.

With iOS 13, you can now turn your Hotspot on through settings, using little different methods. It is not possible to do this in older versions of the operating system! The only way to set one up before was through settings that have changed with this newest update.

How to Connect to an iPhone Hotspot from an iPhone or iPad

Connecting an iPhone to a hotspot by following these simple steps;

  • When you share your iPhone's Hotspot, open the second device and go to settings.
  • All available networks will appear, including any created by this phone. Hit on this.
  • The next step may demand to log on. If needed, find the password under the Personal Hotspot section, Settings > Mobile Data > Personal Hotspot.

How to Use Hotspot on iPhone 7

  • Go to your phone setting and click on personal Hotspot.

how to use a hotspot on iphone

  • Click on the indicator and open the function.

how to use a hotspot on iphone

  • Turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options.

how to use a hotspot on iphone

how to use hotspot on iphone 7

  • Enter your required password.

how to use hotspot on iphone 7

  • Finally, hit the "Done" button.

How to Use a Hotspot on iPhone

  • If you are an iPhone X, XS, XR, or 11 user, scroll down the top corner to reach the control center.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center on the older iPhone version.
  • There will appear a personal hotspot icon.
  • Click on it, and it will be discoverable.

How to Use a Wi-Fi Hotspot on an iPhone

If you want to share your internet connection with other devices on iOS, then go into Settings and find the Personal Hotspot option. If not visible after searching through your settings menus, tap on "Cellular" followed by "Personal Hotspot" and enter the password.

The easiest way to connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device is by using the Personal Hotspot on iOS. All you need to do is open up Settings on your iOS device. Look for a connection saying "Personal Hotspot." Enter the password, or connect through alternate methods if available include Bluetooth or direct USB connection.

Now that you have a secondary device turn on Maximize stability and surf the web. If your connection quality changes when using Personal Hotspot, toggle this feature off to secure optimal performance for yourself or others who may be relying upon it.

How to Use the Mobile Hotspot on an iPhone

  • Go to settings and follow this order Setting > General > about.
  • Change the name of the iPhone's Hotspot.
  • To return to settings, follow the order in reverse manner About > General > Settings.
  • If you cannot see the personal Hotspot, click on the carrier, and it will lead you to Personal Hotspot.
  • Turn on Personal Hotspot by clicking on the toggle switch.
  • For changing the password, click on the previous password in the password segment.
  • Things unavailable on mobile hotspots are;
  • Generating an "Allowed Devices list."
  • Altering the type of security.
  • Creating changes in the number of maximum connections available.

Turn on / off

  • Home screen>setting>personal Hotspot.
  • If you are unable to find a hotspot, click on the carrier, and the personal Hotspot will appear.
  • Click on the ON or OFF option of the personal Hotspot.

How to Use Hotspot on iPhone 6s

  • Quickly turn the Hotspot on or off.

how to use hotspot on iphone 7

The easiest way to turn your Hotspot on or off is by swiping it up from the bottom of the screen and entering the Control Center. Next, select and hold over the Connectivity tab to show available Wi-Fi networks. Click on the icon of the personal Hotspot.

  • Turn hotspot on or off through settings

Home screen> Setting > Personal Hotspot > Allow others

how to use hotspot on iphone

  • Update hotspot password

how to use hotspot on iphone

You can change your Personal Hotspot password from the Wi-Fi settings page by going into Settings and editing it as you want. Make sure to select "Done" after finishing the changes.

  • Change the network name.

how to use hotspot on iphone

Now you can update the name of your device. Scroll down in the settings screen and click on General > About > Name. Use the keyboard to change the name.

  • View connected devices

When you connect your device to Home Hotspot, a Personal Hotspot icon will appear in the Status bar. This allows other devices on that network access as well!

How to Use Hotspot on iPhone 11

11's Personal Hotspot connection

Click on Settings > Mobile Data, then turn on Personal Hotspot. Once enabled in the settings app on your iPhone 11, go into Wi-Fi. Find its connection under Networking preferences or Spotlight Search for the "Personal Hotspot" option if it isn't already selected at this point.

Enter the personal Hotspot password in your iPhone 11, and it will connect to the internet quickly. You can get this password inside the hotspot setting of your phone.

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