HowTO Take Screenshot on MAC 2023

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When you are working on your computer, and something interesting pops up, you are tempted to take a screenshot! However, being a mac user, you may wonder how to screenshot on mac? While you may think it's not a piece of cake, it's a lot easier than it sounds. Hang in there, as we will walk you through this article.


Now, if you are wondering how to screenshot on a mac, then stay with us as we brief you on some of the easy ways of taking a screenshot. There are a number of keys that can be used to take a screenshot on a Mac computer.

We'll be recommending four (4) ways to get this work done;

  1. Command+Shift+3
  2. Command Shift+ 4
  3. Command+Shift+5
  4. Command+Shift+6 (Bonus)

How to Take Screenshot on a Mac using shortcut keys

This is the easiest way to take a screenshot. When you press Shift + Command + 5, the Mac screenshot menu appears, allowing you to take both screenshots and videos.

You may snap a quick screenshot by pressing Shift + Command + 4, and Shift + Command + 3 will capture the whole screen.


When you press Shift + Command + 3, you can capture the whole screen at once.

By pressing Shift + Command + 4, you can capture specific and highlighted parts.

Pressing shift + command + 5 end up recording videos.

And you can also take a screenshot of the touch bar by pressing the Shift + command + 6

Command + Shift + 3:

Press and hold Shift + Command + 3 to capture your entire screen. You'll get a little thumbnail preview in the bottom-right corner of your screen when you capture the Screenshot, which you may click to alter the snapshot.


Command + Shift + 4:

This key combination will transform your cursor into a crosshair, which you may drag to pick a part of your screen to capture. To capture the picture, release the mouse button or trackpad.


After pressing Shift + Command + 4, you have a few more options:

Capture a specific window:

After pressing the key combination, press the spacebar and by doing so, when you move the crosshair over any open window, it transforms into a bit of camera symbol. To capture a screenshot of a window, click on it. This approach produces a screenshot with a white border around the window and a slight drop shadow.

Lock in the Shape and Size:

After pressing Command + Shift + 4, press and hold the spacebar; this retains the selected area's form and size but allows you to move it around on the screen.

If your original selection region is a few pixels off, use the spacebar to reposition it prior to letting go of the mouse button to take a screenshot.

Adjust the Height and Width:

Press and hold the Shift key; as a result, this freezes each side of the crosshairs-created selection area apart from the bottom edge, allowing you to move your mouse up and down to position the bottom edge.

Let go of the Shift key and press it again without releasing the mouse button to adjust the right border of your selection area. By using the Shift key while keeping the mouse button or touchpad pressed, you may switch between moving the bottom and right edges.

Command + Shift + 5:

This functions in the new version of macOS; it comes with a small option screenshot app. Pressing Command + Shift + 5 opens the screenshot app, which appears at the bottom of the screen.


Three icons will appear on the left. It will capture the entire screen and selected or highlighted portion while icons appearing on the right side will allow recording a video of the entire screen.


Saving Screenshots:

The icon appearing on the right side has an option button. Here you can choose to save your Screenshot on a desktop, document, or anywhere you want. One can also mail this Screenshot by selecting the option. A floating thumbnail will appear until the Screenshot or screen recording is not saved.

Command + Shift + 6:

This is a bonus function for those who have a mac computer that has a touch bar. By pressing Shift + Command + 6, you can screenshot the touch bar. It immediately captures anything you want to show to anyone.


Finding Saved Screenshots:

Typically, screenshots and recordings are saved and appear on the desktop by default. But you can control if you want to save your screenshots to another location. For this, you have to open the screenshot menu by pressing Shift + Command + 5. Then click "options" and select "save to". After this, you can save your Screenshot to a new location.


If you choose Floating Thumbnail, you'll be able to use Markup tools to annotate your snapshot quickly. You may wipe away the Floating Thumbnail or let it go on its own, and it will be stored at the location where you last saved a snapshot. When you click the Floating Thumbnail, it will open in a Markup View preview window (rather than Preview), with all the markup tools available in Preview.

You may do the following with a right-click on the Floating Thumbnail:

The snapshot can be saved to your desktop, Documents folder, or clipboard.

It may be accessed through Mail, Messages, Preview, or Photos.

Display in Finder


Open in in the Markup preview window described above

Close (and save)


As you can see from the examples above, learning how to take a screenshot on Mac isn't difficult - in fact, thanks to the advent of a dedicated MacBook screenshot and video capture menu in macOS, it's now easier than ever.

Apple recognizes the print screen Mac issue for Windows switchers, evidenced by this new functionality. You should expect to see more enhancements to the process in the future. Meanwhile, some good snipping tools for Mac on the market make the process easier and provide a variety of capabilities that you won't find in the built-in options for taking a screenshot on Mac.


Q. How to take a screenshot on a mac of the entire screen?

For taking a screenshot of the entire screen, press Shift+Command +3.

Q. What is a touch bar?

The Touch Bar was a unique addition that allows applications to offer touch access to their most essential functions.

Q. Where does the Screenshot save?

Screenshots are saved on the desktop, but you can change the location.

Q. How to change the location of saved screenshots?

The location of the saved Screenshot can be changed by pressing Shift + Command + 5. then selecting "option" and clicking on "saved to".

Q. Where can you save the screenshots?

You can save the screenshots and recordings anywhere you want, such as document, desktop, any folder or file etc.

Q. How to record videos?

Recording video on a Mac computer is easy. Just press Shift + Command + 5. Now, a toolbox will appear. Here, click the video option to record any video or audio of your choice.

Q. How to crop a screenshot on mac?

Once you have learned how to do Screenshot on mac, for cropping your target screenshot, use the Command-Shift-4 and Command-Shift-5 shortcuts to choose the area by dragging the crosshair cursor.

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