How to Screenshot on Hp Laptop

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How to take screenshot on Hp laptop? Using the Hp built-in software or other screenshot programs? A screenshot is a capture of what's on your computer's monitor. It can be something you see on the screen right now, or it could be a picture of what was on the screen at any point in time. You can take a screenshot without interrupting an ongoing task. It might also be possible to take screenshots with some programs by pressing a designated key combination. Still, most programs use certain hotkeys for this process.

While browsing on the internet or watching favorite shows, you may want to save a specific moment. And maybe sometimes you want to capture the screenshot of a game. Of course, all of these situations match your intent because everyone knows about screenshots. Still, the main question is, how do you screenshot on a Hp laptop.

Specifically, suppose you have a Hp Laptop. In that case, this guide for a screenshot of the laptop screen can provide you with information that will enable you to save your favorite part in a movie, tv-show and game stream. So let's surf the article on How to take a screenshot on a Hp laptop.

Screenshots On Hp laptop

Hp laptops have a screenshot function that allows you to take a quick screenshot of the desktop. To capture a screenshot on a Hp laptop, you need to hold down the Shift key and press your Prt scn button simultaneously. It will then capture a two-second timed shot and download it into your "Screenshots'' folder.

It can be quite frustrating for laptops that do not have the option to take a screenshot. Therefore, we will go through step-by-step to provide you with an alternative screenshot method on your Hp laptop.

First One The Default Full Screenshot on Hp Laptops

Hp laptops operate on the windows operating system, making it relatively easy to take a screenshot of a Hp laptop with simple hotkeys. However, sometimes, it gets tricky when you don't know which keys need to be used to get a screenshot.

So to help you out in this situation, we are up with complete default processes and answer your most-asked question, how to screenshot on Hp laptop. The process does not require any extension or app to take a screenshot. It is a fully inbuilt operating software that enables you to capture the perfect moment in the form of a Screenshot.

Follow These Steps:

  • Hold your moment and press the window key along with the print screen button of your keyboard.
  • It will take a blink of an eye and take a screenshot on Hp laptop.
  • Open the pictures folder on your laptop.
  • All of your Hp laptop screenshots will be saved there by default.
  • You can quickly move them to a more easily accessible folder.

How Do You Take A Screenshot on a Hp Laptop (Partial Screen):

Sometimes you may not want to take the full-width screenshot on a Hp laptop. Rather than capturing full screen, you can also get a partial screenshot of your HP laptop. But here the question arises, how to screenshot on laptop Hp, let alone the partial screen?

To do so, you need to have a Windows 10 operating system. In addition, it introduced the partial screenshot default function in 2018, allowing users to select the partial optional part of the screen to capture.

Follow These Steps to take a partial screenshot on Hp laptop:

  • Press Windows key + Shift + S. Your laptop screen will fade slightly, and the cursor will change into a point crosshair.

how to screenshot on hp laptop

  • Select the partial part you want to take a screenshot of, and the snippet will disappear along with copying it to the clipboard.

how to take a screenshot on hp laptop

  • Open any image editing program/software.
  • Open a new image and tab ctrl+V to paste your screenshot.
  • Save accordingly to your need like jpg or png etc.

Screenshot Extension HP Laptops

Screenshot extension is a free app that allows you to take screenshots with your HP laptop without connecting any additional hardware. Using this app, you can capture anything on your computer screen and save it as an image file right on your machine. Screenshot extension is primarily used for software testing, providing feedback on features or bugs in any given software application. However, you can also use these screenshots in creating tutorials, presentations, or other content for sharing online.

A few types of extensions can help you take screenshots and edit the image on the screen. With some extensions, you can even take screenshots of an entire webpage and change them to .gif files. So, let's explore how to take screenshots on Hp laptop using these extensions?

Lightshot to take Screenshot On Hp laptops

Of course, since we're talking about Screenshot Extensions and HP Laptops, we need to include Light Shot (s). It's a lightweight and simple extension that will make it easier for you to take screenshots on any device. It is a perfect gateway to the convenience and answer to your most related question, how to screenshot on Hp laptop.

screenshot hp laptop

All the compatible extension can be downloaded from the official Light shot webpage and offers a convenient functionality to share screenshots across your Hp devices. The extension also gives you a range of different features enabled by default, including:

  • Auto Screenshot – take a screenshot automatically when a specific webpage is opened
  • Context Menu – take a screenshot directly from the context menu on objects on the screen. You can access it via right-clicking.
  • Menu – access your screenshot using your keyboard with the right-clicking menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Edit Hook – Edit Hook is a program that can be added to any webpage. It allows you to edit objects like text, links, and images on the web page simply by hovering over them.
  • Grid Grabber - Grid Grabber allows you to take screenshots by aligning with the grid in the software itself. It comes with various options.

How to screenshot on a Hp laptop With Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a free and open-source application for producing snips (screenshots) from within a computer. Snip can also capture screenshots of inactive windows or non-rectangular areas or generate animated gifs. By using the mouse, it is possible to select the screen area that you want to capture. In addition, it is sometimes possible to specify an entry point such as one particular button to start taking a screencast.

The user may then send the snip or save it for later use. Snip has a primary multi-image editing facility.

Snip is a command-line application, creates a screenshot of the active window or screen area using the built-in tool or an external GUI tool such as Window Snipper. It is possible to define where on the screen or inside a window to take the snapshot by enabling various screenshots. Such as those taken from within an application, with the active window behind another window, all windows behind another window, and so on.

Few Snipping Tools Features:

snip2 is a feature of the Snipping Tool that allows a user to create a new snip from a previously saved snip. You can save the most recent changes to the screenshot with a "snip" name or create an empty file. Because of this need, the Save File As option in the Snipping Tool menu is non-functional in Windows 7. Snips can be sent to other applications for further editing or saved as other files such as pictures, PDFs, and documents. Snips can also be stored locally or remotely on disks using DropBox and Google Drive services. So, it does not have to be stored only on the computer itself.


I can't find my Windows button on my HP laptop; what should I do?

It would help if you pressed Fn-F7 on the keyboard to take a screenshot of the entire screen. To take screenshots of individual windows, you need to use some other keys like fn-alt-del or fn-control-alt-. The software that comes with your computer will also work for taking screenshots. You can also download many free apps on the App Store for this purpose.

How to take a screenshot on Hp laptop?

The Process Is Defined Quite extensively in the article. Still, these are all necessary steps you need to follow up till the end.

  1. Select the entire screen and take a screenshot Hp laptop.
  2. Press Windows key + Print Screen button
  3. Open Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories).
  4. Paste (CTRL + V) your image there and save it as a PNG or JPG file type with a maximum size of 300kb to keep its quality high.
  5. Open Windows Explorer, select the image, and move to the clipboard with Delete (CTRL + X)
  6. Now go to Computer (Shortcut is "Computer") and Paste (CTRL + V) the image there.
  7. Close Paint with the X button.
  8. Goto run > type "screenshot"> check the screenshot you've created in step 6 is thereby pressing enter > press on your keyboard combination on your laptop
  9. The screenshot will be saved in the default location of your laptop, for example, C:\Users\User Name\Pictures
  10. That's it !!

Ways of taking screenshots on a Hp Laptop?

(The steps are the same for all laptops) you can download a free snipping tool from the app store for this purpose. Or you can use an extension like a light shot to take a screenshot on Hp Laptop.


To conclude, there are many ways to take screenshots for your laptop. We have mentioned all the possible ways to address your question, how to take screenshot in Hp laptop. Here are some ways you could expect from the article.

  1. Take a Screenshot using your keyboard.
  2. Take a Screenshot using your mouse
  3. Take a Screenshot using your toucHpad
  4. Take a Screenshot using the Fn+F11 key combination
  5. take a screenshot using an extension or software.

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