How To Loop a Video On iPhone?

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Are you familiar with "how to loop a video on iPhone"? Not? Ok, let's jump to this blog post.

A process to repeat photos or videos in an unspecified loop to show that they are continuously playing is known as looping. Video loops have become popular since Instagram introduced Boomerang. This function supports you in creating short-form GIF-based videos that repeatedly play for more fun.

Soon in the future, this functionality will encourage other sites such as Facebook (called Boomerang itself), Snapchat (as Multi-Snap), and TickTock (as reverse or redirect options) to host similar videos. If you are an iPhone user and wish to loop videos, go through this article. We will introduce you to what can be looped, restrictions, and how to loop a video on iPhone without an app or to use an app.

How To Loop a Video On iPhone?

How to make loops of Live Photos on an iPhone?

iPhone comes with an excellent option to create video loops through the Live Photos within the photo's application. "Live photos" is an intuitive IOS function to record an ongoing series of frames 1.5 seconds before and after your, iPhone clicks on a photo. This Live Photos will let you manually modify a shot while choosing a frame. Besides this, it will also help you create unlimited looping videos that move back and forth.

But before you proceed to create looping videos using "Live Photos," you must ensure that your iPhone has saved live photos. Open the camera of your iPhone and click on the 'Live Photos' button to take an image. loop video iphone

If you want to view all the live photos saved on your iPhone, click on the album, tap on media and then live photos.

how to make a video loop on iphone

You will see all images taken using the Live photos option on the next screen. Now select the images you want to create loops.

how to loop a video on iphone without an app

The image will appear on the screen with the "Live" label on the left side, showing that this image was captured using the "Live Photos" function. Click on the 'Live' label to forward to the next image you want to loop.

loop a video on iphone

It will also show you extra options to convert them into a video loop. Choose the 'Bounce' option from the overflow menu to create a back-and-forth clip of live photos, giving it a lifetime effect.

The users can also select the 'Loop' option. Even though this option is labeled "Loop," we recommend that you proceed with 'Bounce' to make your live image more enjoyable. However, it will only look like a series of frames in a one-sided order, so the video may not look as smooth as you thought.

Choosing the 'Bounce' effect will start the live photos in a GIF-like loop, but you haven't finished everything. You should save this video. To do this, click on the share icon in the left corner.

how to make a loop video on iphone

From the share, the sheet chooses the 'Save to Files' option. The users can also choose the required application to share the loop video on iPhone.

How to Loop a Youtube Video on iPhone?

Do you want to watch the same video in the loop on YouTube?

It is easily possible using the YouTube inbuilt functions on IOS. Follow these simple steps to finalize the process;

  • Open the YouTube app, and choose the desired video you want to watch on repeat.
  • Now click on the 3-dots icon from the top right side.
  • Click on the "Loop video" option in the popup menu.
  • After enabling the option on YouTube, you will see the message "Video Loop On" at the bottom.
  • Your current video will now play again and again.

How To Loop a Video On iPhone Without an App?

  • Go to your computer, and click on iTunes.
  • Now click on the file, add it to the library, choose file and then open.
  • Scroll down and click on Movies.
  • Select "Home videos."
  • Right-click on your video, then Get info and options.
  • Select the new media type and then the music video option.
  • After it, go back to the music category; your video will show here.
  • Right-click on the video, select "Add to the device," and click on the device linked to your computer.
  • Wait until the video is uploaded.
  • From your device, select "Apple music."
  • Your video will be under the recently added section; open it.
  • Besides "up next," click on arrows that create a circle until the user sees number one looks.
  • Finally, your video has been looped.
  • The users can also create a playlist and add another video to it and loop them.

How to Make a Loop Video on iPhone? Best Apps to Loop iPhone Video


loop a video on iphone - boomerang

Boomerang is the by default function of Instagram for iPhone loop video. However, you can also install the boomerang app and follow the given steps to loop a video;

  • Go to the app store and install Boomerang on your iPhone.
  • Permit it to access your camera, location, and images.
  • Click and hold the shutter button to create a boomerang video.
  • You can preview the looping video. Click on Done and save the video. You can also click on the X symbol to record a new video.
  • If you want to make a selfie video, click on the curved arrows symbol.

Here are a few steps if you want to use the Instagram Boomerang feature:

  • Go to the Instagram app, and swipe left.
  • Tap on the boomerang icon.
  • Click and hold the shutter to record the video.
  • A preview will be available.
  • Hit the arrow-down symbol to save your video. You can also add texts, music, markups, and stickers to the video.
  • It will also allow you to share the video with your friends or add it as your story.


how to make a loop video on iphone - Looper

Looper is a funny and easy-to-use application. You just have to select the video from your iPhone gallery, local videos, or iCloud Drive. Choose the time needed to repeat and play the video. The app will also permit you to export your video in reverse or GIF format.


loop iphone video - Loopideo

Do you want to know "how to make a video loop on an iPhone"? This application will answer you best. You can import any video from your play that you need to play in a loop. This application is the best pickup for individual and organizational presentations.

Loop Video

iphone loop video - Loop Video

Here comes a Loop Video GIF Maker with an easy-to-navigate user interface. You can use it to create the video loop by changing them into GIFs. The application will also help you import any video from your gallery into your application. Users can change their videos into a looping GIF. They can also select the playback speed of the GIF after they can export it to the gallery.

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