How To Hide Apps on iPhone Home Screen

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Hiding apps is simple for most devices, but it can be a bit hectic in case of the iPhone. iPhone itself offers various ways to hide apps efficiently. But some people might face problems due to a lack of knowledge about how to hide apps on an iPhone device. Here we have discussed various ways to hide iPhone apps.


It doesn’t matter if you are an android or iPhone user; you must have faced these moments quite often that your home screen is always filled with apps. Mostly, it happens if you are using your device for some professional purpose. Or it may also be due to too many social media apps. So much rush of apps may eventually lead you to take proper steps to avoid the inconvenience.

Although human beings are considered social animals, it is not always true. There are things in a person’s life that they just want to keep to themselves. Owing to these facts, you may have certain apps on your smartphone that you do not want anyone else to know about. It may be a dating app or other such apps.

Now, if these are the cases, the best option is to hide apps. The simplest way to hide apps is by creating folders on the main screen. This method can be highly effective if you want to hide unnecessary apps. But if you want to hide some app as a matter of privacy or keep it away from kids, the process can be extensive. Here we discuss how to hide apps on iPhone home screen.


How To Hide Apps On iPhone iOS 14

Let’s say the home screen of your iPhone is filled with a large number of apps. But on top of that, you rarely use some of these apps. You may also want to hide some addictive video games from kids. There might be a bunch of other reasons behind such a step, but it doesn’t matter. Here we will elaborate on how to hide apps on iPhone iOS 14.

1. How To Hide Apps On iPhone 11:

Creating a folder to hide apps is the most basic method of hiding apps in Android and iPhone. The apps are organized into a folder in this method, thus cannot be seen on the home screen. This method is even applicable on the early versions of iPhone. Here we have elaborated in detail on how to hide apps on iPhone 7.

  • You can start with creating a folder. To create a sample, you need to press on the app icon and hold it for a while till it is selected.
  • After selecting the app, drag it to the other app and drop it here. Both apps will form a folder.
  • Although the app is not visible now, it is still accessible. To avoid this, select the app and take it toward the right side of the folder. An extra page will be created containing the app you want to hide.
  • Add more apps to the folder and repeat the third step to make sure that the app is hidden.

The method does not actually hide the app, but it does make it challenging to find that particular app. Thus, it can be helpful in reducing apps on the home screen or keeping kids away from some games.

2. How To Hide Apps On iPhone Using Shortcuts:

iPhone allows its users to hide apps in a proper manner. With the arrival of iOS 14, iPhone is now providing an option of App Library to hide the app in a legitimate way. The app you are trying to hide is saved in the App library and can be retrieved from there. Discussed below is a step-by-step about how to hide apps on iPhone using shortcuts.

How To Hide Apps on iPhone Home Screen

  • Click the icon of the app and hold it for a while.
  • A menu bar can be seen, and you can choose from various options. Tap on the button “Remove App.”
  • Further, select “Remove from Home Screen,” and the app will be promoted to the app library.

Search for the hidden app. The hidden app can be retrieved from the app library if needed. You just need to keep scrolling towards the right until a search bar appears. As the app is discovered, you can use the drag and drop method to retrieve it.

3. How To Hide Apps On iPhone Home Screen:

Unlike the methods discussed above, the whole screen method hides all the apps on a single page. It can be an effective way to hide many apps at once. Also, the apps on that page will restore at once. Here we have mentioned the step-by-step process of how to hide apps on iPhone iOS 14.

How To Hide Apps on iPhone Home Screen

  • Place the apps you want to hide on a single page and hold the empty portion of that page.
  • All the pages will appear on a single screen with a round mark at the bottom of each.
  • Select all the marks except the one under the screen you want to hide.
  • Press “Done,” and the screen will be hidden along with the apps on it.
  • These apps can be retrieved at once by repeating the same process and selecting all the screens.

Apart from the ways discussed above, there is another method about how to hide apps on iPhone in settings. In this method, various changes are made in settings to hide an app.

How To Hide Apps On iPhone 11 By Third-Party Apps

iPhone leaves no stone unturned to facilitate its users, as in this case, the system itself offers several ways to hide apps efficiently. But still, for some reason, you might be looking for third-party software to facilitate you. Here, we will discuss a list of apps that can be used to hide apps on the iPhone.

1. Calculator Vault:

Calculator Vault is one of the well-known app hiders for iPhone users. The app is well known for hiding media files, but it also allows its users to hide apps. Another important thing is that it does not only hide apps but also allows you to get rid of unnecessary notifications. After hiding the app, you can choose if you want to continue receiving notifications.

How To Hide Apps on iPhone Home Screen

If you want to hide images, you need to select gallery mode and create a folder. It will let you hide photos in your storage. It may be a bit different to hide apps. Here we will elaborate on how to hide apps on iPhone 11.

  • Download the app from the apple play store and install it on your system.
  • Launch the app and choose the app you want to hide.
  • Also, you have to give a PIN before hiding a file. And you can access that app only you have the PIN.

2. App Hider:

App Hider is also an iOS app explicitly used to hide apps. Unlike most iPhone apps being used to hide apps, it is not primarily designed to hide media files. In most cases, the app hides social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But apart from that, App hider can also function as a Calculator vault to store media files, including images and videos.

App hider gives a practical example of how to hide apps on iPhone using shortcuts. First, download the program from the Apple store and install it on your smartphone. Launch the app and import the app you want to hide into the program. After the file is added to the app hider, you can delete it from the screen. The hidden version of the app will remain in the app.

App hider is not only used to hide apps, but you can also use it to clone the app. By using Apps hider, you can create a copy of the required app and then use them as separate apps. Social media apps like WhatsApp can be cloned and used at different places through different accounts. Also, cloning can be used to enjoy online games through different accounts.

Final Thoughts

There might be several reasons that may lead someone to hide apps on their iPhone. Let it be to keep something away from kids or just hide something private. Anyway, you must know how to hide apps on an iPhone. Here, the ways to hide apps on iPhones have been explained in detail.


How to hide apps on iPhone in settings?

The answer to “how to hide apps on iPhone in settings” is simple. First, you need to go to setting and open “Siri and search.” Select the apps you are wishing to hide from the screen, and the details will appear. Turn three out of five options off, including “show app in search, learn from the app, and show suggestions from apps.”

How to hide apps on iPhone 7?

Yes, we can hide apps in early versions of the iPhone. As for how to hide apps on iPhone 7, most of the functions discussed above can be used. But mostly, it is done by creating a folder, as discussed earlier.

Where do the hidden apps go in iPhone?

Hidden apps remain in the storage of the iPhone. It is transferred to the app library, from where you can quickly get it back.

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