How to Go Live on Discord

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Most players use Discord to communicate with their fellow gamers, but did you know that you can also use the app for broadcasting? It is simple and free for anybody to use. Using Go Live on Discord is a great method to communicate with your viewers while playing games and chatting about topics. This article will tell you how to go live on Discord. But first, let us clear some basics.

What is the Discord App?

Discord is a free text and voice chat app. It offers servers where everybody can find users with similar interests. Each server has its own channels and rules for different topics. Whatever your interests are, users can find a group of people with the same taste that is all accessible easily from one platform.

There are tons of reasons you may wish to go live on Discord mobile. The platform offers a close and more direct environment as compared to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming. As an extra advantage for your channel viewers, many users use Discord as a method to give shoutouts, the host greets and meets, and interacts with other members on a more personal level.

The Discord server can be whatever you wish it to be. You get entire control over the functionality and content of your community, which is something you do not get on any other service. On Twitch you are restricted to just a chat room where your users can only type. Using Discord, users get the opportunity to host their own server that allows them to brand it with their logos, name, and create their own rules. As a creator seeking to develop a brand and grow a community, Discord is the right option to choose from.

How to Use Go Live on Discord?

I wish to know how to go live on Discord Mac and want to stream on the app, then this is the right place. Go Live is the simplest option to stream. This feature is only available for games, not for non-game apps and the entire screen. Hence, if you can't go live on Discord, then you the reason for that.

When you join a voice channel on Discord and you are playing a game, you will see the name of the game, a tiny badge that displays a logo associated with the game, and a logo that seems like a display with a video camera. When you hover on this logo, users can see text that reads Stream (Your Game). Tapping the logo lets you jump into the Go Live procedure. Follow the below steps to know how to Go Live on Discord:

  1. Launch Discord and go to the Discord channel you would wish to stream to.
  2. Add a voice channel. Here, users will stream exclusively to other viewers in this channel.

how to go live on discord

3. Below the list of text and voice channels, users can see a banner that displays the title of the game you are playing, a logo associated with the game you are playing, and a logo that seems like a display with a video camera. To begin the streaming procedure, tap that logo.

4. Check the resolution, game, and frames per second of your stream. Once checked, click Go Live.

go live on discord

5. Once this is done successfully, users will see the game stream in a tiny window within Discord. Users can get back the game and play it at this point.

go live on discord mobile

6. To end, get back to Discord and tap the Stop Streaming button that is situated below the list of chat and voice channels. It appears like a display with an x in the center.

how to go live on discord mac

How to Add a Game to Discord

If Discord does not identify your game, and it is something you would wish to stream on regularly, then you may want to add the game to the app. This will also let the app to display your friends when you are playing the game. Users only have to do this one time, and then they will be able to stream the game. Follow the below steps to add the game to discord.

  1. Tap the gear logo situated near the Discord window’s bottom-left section.
  2. Go to Game Activity >> Add it!
  3. Choose the game you wish to stream from the drop-down box, and tap Add Game.
  4. Check that you added the right game, and tap the X logo to close the settings menu.

How to Stream Any App on Discord

Discord is very good at knowing out when you are playing a game. But sometimes it gets buggy. If you do not see the name of your game below the list of text and voice channels, you have a few options to check out. The quickest is to use the generic streaming option of Discord that lets users to stream any app. If you want to do the same, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Discord voice channel you wish to stream in
  2. Click Screen situated below the list of voice and text channels.
  3. Choice the game you wish to stream.
  4. Check the resolution, voice channel, and frames per second, and tap Go Live.
  5. If you are successful, your stream will be displayed in a small window with the app. You can go back to playing your game.


What is Discord Go Live?

Since the Discord app was initially designed for gamers, the app has added a streaming feature dubbed as Go Live that lets gamers display their gaming session to the viewers in the same channel. Apart from players, users can also screen share and stream an application on the Discord server. Even though, unlike other game streaming services, there are only maximum of 50 users who can see the stream simultaneously.

What are Discord Permissions?

Permissions are developed in Discord to allocate server members various roles and offer access to specific things in the app. Discord permissions are categorized into 3 sections Text, General, and Voice permissions. In order to get permission to stream for a server member, you require to adjust the settings below the Voice permissions.

How to set up permissions in Discord to Go Live

In order to utilize Go Live in Discord and share the screen, users need to join a voice channel initially in their Discord server for this functionality to be usable. After joining successfully any voice channels, you can set up permissions in the app to start streaming. It is simpler to adjust the channel permissions and server settings if you are the server owner or a user who has admin permissions. There are two methods to set permissions to stream for a service member.


In a nutshell, we just had a look at how to Go Live on Discord in this article. In addition to this, we also saw how to add your game and how to stream any app on discord. Now that you know how to go live on Discord, enjoy your streaming.

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