How to Extend WiFi Range Signal at Your Home

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Apart from food, clothing, and shelter, Internet has taken place in the list of basic needs that a man needs to survive. WiFi has reached every home in recent years and has become one of the basic needs of mankind. But most of the time, the WiFi signal does not reach the places that you want and you end up looking for how to extend the WiFi range. If you are one of such users that are looking to know how to extend the WiFi range outside the original limit, then this article is for you. Read below to know more.

Reasons for Poor WiFi Signals

Before getting to know how to extend the WiFi range at home, let us have a look at some of the reasons why users face poor WiFi signals.


WiFi signals are absorbed to some extent by different physical elements. They can be sometimes completely blocked by various objects and obstacles, such as ductwork, walls, home appliances, furniture, and even individuals. These blockers can hinder the WiFi networks. The reason behind this is pretty simple. Higher frequency signals do not pass through solid objects nearly as well as lower frequency signals.


If the distance between your router and the connected devices is more, it is obvious that you will get a poor WiFi signal. Routers initially do not have strong transmitting power. And if the distance between the router and devices is more, you will surely face poor signals.

Router Capacity

The capacity of the router can also be a factor for the poor signal that you are getting. If your router does not have the capacity to hold a high frequency, it is obvious that you will get a poor WiFi signal.


WiFi signals have the same radio frequency band as that of the electromagnetic signals emitted by cell phones, radios, baby monitors, walkie-talkies, microwave ovens, and many other appliances. These signals can interfere with WiFi signals, thereby leading to poor signals. In addition to this, WiFi networks can also interfere with each other, which is an issue that’s especially seen in densely populated regions and apartment buildings.

How to Extend WiFi Range Signal at Your Home

To answer your “how to extend my WiFi range?” question, please read the solutions below.

Change Your Router’s Position

Changing the position of your router might help you know how to extend your WiFi range. The logic behind this is very simple. Having a new spot for your router might do wonders. Maybe the initial position of the router might not be suitable and the network might get blocked due to physical elements such as roof and walls. While changing the router position, make sure that the router is placed in such as way that it is kept in the center of your house. In this way, every device will get the optimal network range and your devices will get a smooth Internet connection. Make sure that your router is not placed between obstructions such as doors and walls.

Do not keep your router in a desk drawer or a closet if you hope to know how to extend the WiFi range. Try to position the router as high as possible, thereby making sure that all your devices are connected to the network without any hindrance. If your router has multiple antennas, you can try adjusting the antenna direction to get the most coverage possible.

how to extend wifi range

Use a Repeater, Booster, or Extender

A number of users have asked how to extend the WiFi range with another router? Is that even possible? Well, simply put, yes! You can extend your WiFi signal with the help of another router that can act as a repeater, booster, or extender. These devices do nothing but extend or boost the WiFi signal so that the network reach is increased. WiFi repeaters or extenders are devices that use an existing signal from your WiFi router and broadcast it again as a new signal or network, thereby increasing the network reach. This does not affect your signal in a negative way but makes sure that the signal is reached in all possible directions, ensuring all your devices are connected.

Hence, to answer your “how to extend WiFi range with another router with cable” question, the solution is very simple. Use another router! Extenders also make sure to amplify the current signal before broadcasting it again to create a new network.

Using a booster or extender makes sense if your WiFi signal is poor since these devices normally have a greater range as compared to your router. Installing a repeater or booster is very easy and can be done in a couple of minutes. In addition to this, these devices come with a companion app, which makes it easy to operate them. The app can be used to analyze current WiFi coverage and decide the best way to know how to set up a second router to extend the WiFi range

how to extend wifi range outside

Update the Router’s Firmware

Keeping your router’s firmware updated can help you know how to extend the range of your WiFi. The latest firmware will help you get the best WiFi signal that the device can offer. Depending on the company of your device, there are different ways that can be used to update your router’s firmware. Some devices can be updated automatically with the latest firmware. If your device falls in such a category, it is highly recommended that you upgrade the firmware as soon as possible. Also, do not forget to set the firmware updates to “auto-updates.”

how to extend wifi range with another router

Some devices need to be updated manually and this can be done by visiting the official website of the manufacturer. If an update is present, you can download it and install it anytime.

how to extend my wifi range


How do I extend my WiFi range for free?

You can try the following methods:

  • Reposition your WiFi router
  • Adjust your WiFi router's settings
  • Change the antenna direction
  • Keep it away from electronics appliance

What is the easiest way to extend WiFi?

The easiest way to extend your WiFi signal is to use a WiFi extender, booster, or repeater.

What's the difference between a WiFi booster and a WiFi extender?

A WiFi booster is used to bridge the gap between two routers whereas a WiFi extender is used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi signal.


Having said that, you just had a look at the top ways that can be used to know how to extend WiFi range. You also saw the factor affecting your WiFi signals. Try out these solutions to get the best WiFi range in your house.

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