How To Edit a YouTube Video Quickly 2023

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How to edit a video for youtube? Editing video on Youtube is so easy even a complete beginner can learn with our simple guide. Youtube has an inbuilt video editor that can edit videos in a few minutes. So many people don't know how to edit a Youtube video on Youtube?

Well, login to your Youtube account, choose the video you need to upload, and go for the options it provides. Many critics disapprove of the Youtube video Editor because you cannot do much with the audio section. Also, for the effects and rotating, there is not much liberty. Check out the article below to understand how to make edit a video.


Youtube is the best digital platform for growing a potential audience. You can find any video on Youtube; it could be a Tutorial base, daily vlogs, cooking, review videos, and many more. YouTube has become a sensation for the new generation where you can show the world whatever you want without a third-party channel. The rule of the thumb is to upload short and to-the-point videos. If you spend the first few minutes introducing yourself or your channel, you will lose viewers.

Always upload the video that quickly gets to the point. You can edit the video with a free and fun Youtube Editor to make the video enjoyable. So, How long does it take for Youtube to edit a video? There is no perfect answer, but you can edit your video in 5 minutes, or it could take 1 hour.

How To Edit A Youtube Video With DVDFab Video Cruise

How To Edit a YouTube Video

DVDFab Video Crusie is a fantastic tool to edit Videos for Youtube if it does not belong to you. It offers all basics to advanced features for video editing such as Trimming, Rotating, speed adjustment, etc. Also, you can add effects to make your videos glamorous. It supports Windows 7,8, 10. You can buy this tool for $59.9/year. Just customize your Youtube video with one click. The process is simple: download the software onto your PC, upload the video, explore the options, and save the final output it on your PC.

How To Edit A Video On Youtube

Youtube Editor is a powerful yet fun tool to edit your YouTube videos. Let’s explore its features and how to use them for editing videos.

Lets us dive in.

Sign in

Make sure before you start editing, you are signed in with your Gmail account. Otherwise, you won't be able to edit videos. Now click on "content."

Edit video in Youtube Studio

Once you sign in, choose the video you wish to edit. Now click on “ Editor " on the right side of the tool box. Here you will see a bunch of options that you can use to edit video, such as trimming, end screen option, adjusting audio, changing thumbnail, or even blurring parts of the video.


How To Edit a YouTube Video

Once you are in the trim section, choose the part you want to cut. Drag the mouse over that section and click on it. Now click on the video and see if you have to trim the right part; in case you want to trim more, click on editing again. Preview it once you are done.


Let's explore the split option. In case you want to remove a part that comes in the middle of the video, just click on split at the bottom of the screen. Now choose or drag the mouse on the part you wish to exclude. You can undo it if you have split a vital part. Once you are done, click the preview button at the bottom.

Adjust audio

How To Edit a YouTube Video

The second option that the Youtube editor offers is the adjusting the audio option. You can change the background sound and add copyright-free music or song for this part. You can add the music to the whole video or just to a specific part.

Also, it offers a list of copyright-free music you can choose from there. You can adjust the volume too. One drawback is that you can only use one song at a time.

Blur feature

How To Edit a YouTube Video

The blur feature is helpful if you don't want to show an object or someone's face. You can go for it. It's pretty simple. You can customize the blurring feature as well with advanced editing.

End screen

The most crucial part is ending the video with a lovely template. Youtube Editor offers multiple templates that you can choose. In the part where you have to add a video, you can add a specific video when it shows at the end of the screen. This is a critical feature if used rightly. You can add recent or previous videos to increase your views.

Preview and save

Once you are done, make sure to preview and then save it. You can upload it on your Youtube channel from there.

Some awesome Features

Undo and Redo feature

On the top left corner of the editing video, you will see the undo and redo options; click on undo if you make a mistake or are unhappy with the editing options.

Zoom in and out

You can zoom in and out to get a closer look at the video time period. For more accurate editing, try this option often. Also, when you select a video part to edit, you can check with the zoom in option to make sure you have selected the correct part.

Cancel and discard feature

In case you want to cancel the whole editing, just click on discard, and your video will appear in the original form.

How to Increase Views on Youtube Videos

You can try these tips to see an increase in your views.

Short length videos

Always upload short length videos from 5 min to 10 minutes as digital users have a high tendency of impatience. Most users watch Youtube videos for fun; therefore, people won't watch your 30 minutes or an hour video. Some experts suggest not to upload videos longer than minutes.

To the point video

The most crucial part that many video creators on Youtube miss is to make a video that is to the point and goes with the title of the video. You won't get far with clickbait videos; it may work temporarily but not for long.

Fine Editing

A nicely edited video will increase your views. Ensure your video quality is HD and the audio is not too loud or too low. For editing videos, there are many online free and premium tools. For a quick edit, you can try Youtube Video editor.


Youtube video editor has a lot of limitations, but it is a quick way to edit videos. Of course, you can try other video editing software and see the difference itself. But looking from an economic perspective, it is pretty good. With a variety of options to explore, uploading an original and relevant video is so simple now. You can consider it a free online video editor for basic editing. In case you are looking for some professional and high-level editing, try premium software such as Adobe Premium Pro. As premium software allow you to adjust high resolution, mix sounds or even sharpen your video giving it a natural look.

People Also Ask

How To Edit A Youtube Video On Your Phone?

There are plenty of apps online that are mobile-friendly can be used to edit videos. You can try Inshot, Kinemaster, Quik, etc. These tools are simple yet fun to explore.

Is Youtube Editor Free?

Yes, Youtube Editor is a free inbuilt tool to help you edit videos for Youtube. It offers several options such as trimming, blurring faces, adjusting volume, etc. It is not a perfect tool because many editing options are unavailable, but it is pretty okay for basic editing

Which tool is the best for editing Videos for Youtube?

Video cruise by DVDFab is premium software good for editing videos for Youtube. If you are looking for free options, you can try Openshot, Kinemaster, VSDC. Most video editing software offers online editing and is secure too. But for a professional editor, you must go for a premium version.

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