HEVC Codec- All You Need to Know

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Nowadays, with the popularity of a variety of media players, everyone likes to enjoy a variety of videos from the comfort of their home. However, their experience becomes dull when they find that a particular format is not supported on their device. One such popular format is the HEVC codec which may require some special software to be downloaded on the device to function smoothly. We are here to provide you with some basic information related to the HEVC codec and some software to support it on Windows 10.

What is the HEVC codec?

what is hevc codec

Codecs are required as an essential feature for seamless streaming of media because they provide facilities like recording through a webcam or playing of media which is received or downloaded on your device. Similarly, if you have been thinking about what is HEVC Codec then it stands for high-efficiency video coding which is also known as H.265 5. it is a standard for video compression which was designed to be a part of the MPEG-H project and it is also a successor of Advanced video calling (AVC) format. Comparatively, HEVC provides around 50% better compression of data with a generous level of quality in the video. It lends its support to many resolutions which also include 8K UHD.

If we see through the perspective of computational power then, HEVC Codec for Windows 10 is quite demanding and takes a great intelligent approach towards encoding any kind of video. it also so do spatial repetition within the given frames and does not pass the same information even over a series of given frames. It does not send sequential information for every single image however it does send first full-frame and in case of any kind of repetitions that are located within spaces in the given frame then they are not needed to be sent again and again. this also helps in lowering the size of the given file and makes its sharing quite easy.

Mention HEVC codec pack

There are many HEVC codec packs available online, however, the VLC HEVC codec is the most popular one. Although VLC is capable of supporting the HEVC codec for Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS however sometimes it may not work efficiently and this calls in for an extra codec pack or HEVC codec for better handling of the media. Herein, you can download the VLC HEVC/H.265 codec pack which is available as a set for the application. Along with this it also supports many other formats for videos as OGG, WebM, MKV, and many more. Moreover, it is also compatible with almost all versions of Windows.

There are many other packs as Windows 10 Codec Pack, K-Lite codec pack, Media player codec pack plus, etc. which are available for use to handle HEVC media seamlessly.

Why HEVC is much more efficient

HEVC 265 codec is efficient and can be used for the following industries:


Under this the technology is used for creating backhaul, interviews including live remote facility, return feeds, and production in remote conditions.


It includes an internet streaming facility for any kind of meetings or remote contribution which includes digital signage and IPTV as well.

House of worship:

It can be used for creating online streaming and also for multisite delivery purposes.


It includes use in creating mission of critical intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance applications.

How to play H.265 video

Nowadays, generally of the Players are capable of supporting H.265 video format. There is a decoding facility available on a variety of devices which makes it easy to play such kinds of videos. However, this facility may not be available as a default item for Hardware decoding in many mainstream media players. Along with this, there are separate HEVC Codec converters that are available for free that enable the users to convert the videos in HEVC codec format pretty easily. If you are looking to play any HEVC codec video then VLC can help you in doing this. Along with this many other software such as PotPlayer, 5K player is also available as HEVC Codec for Windows 10 for free to enable you to play H.265 videos smoothly.

How to download HEVC codec extensions on windows 10

For downloading HEVC Codec for Windows 10 you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly you need to click on the start menu.

Step 2: Then you will be able to find an application list. By scrolling down you will be able to see the Microsoft store which you need to select. Alternatively, you can also make use of the search bar for finding the application.

Step 3: In the top right portion of the window you can use the search bar for looking for ‘ HEIF image extensions.’ as soon as it is visible you can click on the same from the available search results and navigate to the page of the store.

Step 4: Once reached you can click on the available ‘GET’ button and you will be redirected automatically to install the codec where you need to allow it to start playing any kind of HEVC videos on your device.

How to choose the correct HEVC video encoder?

Well, this truly depends on the target of your use which helps you in choosing the correct HEVC codec. Depending on a variety of factors that must be kept in mind while considering the selection of the right Codec for HEVC following are some points that must be noted. A good HEVC codec for Windows 10 or MAC must be; secured, reliable, flexible, scalable, extensible, portable, with great picture quality and latency. We are here to equip you with five fabulous options for the HEVC codec for Mac and Windows.

Top 5 HEVC Codec players for Windows 10 and MAC

Following are the top 5 HEVC Codec players for Windows 10 and MAC include:

PlayerFab all in one

playerfab playing hevc codec

PlayerFab all in one is a perfect HEVC Codec for Windows 10 That helps in the proper management of any local Media Library that includes TV shows along with music videos and provides an optimal solution for their storage. it supports many formats that include Codec HEVC, MP4, MOV, MKV, etc. There is an auto-update feature for your library which you can use in a variety of languages that are available for the software.


  • Provides output support for high-resolution audio which extends up to Dolby Atmos surround sound.
  • Provides playback facility for all-around 3D contents be it on your TV or for playing ISO files and Blu-ray discs.
  • Supports high-quality 4K UHD video in the effect of HDR10.
  • Supports all kinds of formats including Codec HEVC, MP4, MOV, VOB, FLV, and many others.
  • Provides auto-download facility of metadata that includes all the media files from the source of internet and also helps in dividing them into perfect groups.

Price: $689.95 also available at up to 50% discount


  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Has the capability of playing all kinds of videos along with streaming.
  • Provide Great picture and audio quality to the users.


  • No cons are available.

Vlc media player

vlc media player playing hevc codec

VLC media player provides HEVC Codec for Windows 10 in a free format. Moreover, it is a great cross-platform that can be used in a variety of ways because of its secret hidden features. It is also known by the name of Videolan Client Media Player and provides great support to Chromecast and videos that can go up to 360 degrees. Its easy-to-use feature is the reason behind its popularity.


  • Help in the conversion of videos to any format including the HEVC codec.
  • Provides a graphic Equaliser for all your music needs.
  • Helps in playing any kind of Internet radio or podcast in the software itself.
  • Create a loop of a specific section of your favorite audio or video file.
  • Provides video downloader facility for YouTube videos.

Price: Free


  • Provides great add-ons along with cool extensions for use including HEVC codec for VLC.
  • Provide loop facility for a particular section of an audio or video file.
  • Provides facility of audio normalization to create protection for your ears.


  • Professional users may feel the need for extra features to complete advanced tasks.

Cyberlink PowerDVD

Cyberlink PowerDVD playing hevc codec

Cyberlink Powerdvd provides an immersive experience to its users where they can watch movies and put themselves into action with the facility of 360-degree video, playback of VR video, and creation of spatial audio. It also supports formats for Windows 10 including HEVC codec and also provides a properly organized media library for your entertainment which supports customizable thumbnails to keep the content searchable.


  • It provides the perfect solution for the HEVC Video codec and can be used for any other media format as well.
  • With its HDR 10 support, it can play 4K and 8k videos in brilliant quality.
  • It also provides extended support for all your YouTube channels to create an amazing viewing experience for the users.
  • There are a variety of formats that are supported in this software along with the facility of offline viewing for your videos.
  • It has a Dolby Digital surround sound along with high-resolution audio and DTS that supports up to 7.1 channels.

Price: $99.99


  • Provides a great organization for all your personalized media library.
  • Provides great photo management with the use of automatic tagging and AI facial recognition.
  • There is an extensive and exclusive content database for the users.


  • It may be a costly HEVC Codec that is not available for free.


Potplayer hevc codec windows 10

Potplayer is a great HEVC codec for Windows 10 Which can handle a lot of files from your local storage, FTP servers, and URLs along with digital and analog TV. There is a facility for downloading and sinking the subtitles for adding them manually and with customization, you can also decide their appearance. it also allows the user to adjust the image by making it sharper or blur, and also provides many tools for rotating, mirroring, warping, and reduction of noise to ensure perfect clips for you to watch.


  • Compatible for HEVC codec and many other formats with an easy click on the features.
  • Provides amazing effects and filters to make the clips look much better along with the availability of customizable skins to give a fabulous look to your software.
  • It also comes with a screen recording facility that provides live streaming, video editing, and TV receiver facility as well.
  • It helps in handling files from URLs, DVD, digital TV, and blu rays along with many options to provide an optimized playback experience of the output device.
  • It helps in the adjustment of images and also provides support for 3D video along with a 360-degree facility.

Price: Free


  • Provides support for 3D video and 360-degree video as well.
  • Helps in the handling of files from a variety of storage devices that include Blu-ray and DVD as well.
  • Provides adjustment to sharpen and blur the image as per your requirement.


  • Advanced settings may make it difficult for beginners to use.


5kplayer hevc 265 codec

5KPlayer provides a great experience with special videos available on a bigger screen via its airplay mode. The built-in hardware speed and the amazing capability of translating 8k and 4K video formats without any stopping make set an ultimate software for HEVC Codec as well. If you are looking for a better alternative for VLC and HEVC/H.265 Codec pack, then this software can be used flawlessly.


  • There is a built-in radio player which allows you to tune into channels like capital, BBC, gold, absolute radio, LBC, Classic FM, and a lot more.
  • There is a great media collection that is not limited only to music, UHD videos, airplay mirroring, and downloading various kinds of online stuff.
  • You can create an HEVC Codec download along with using a variety of tools like a rotate tool which helps in tossing the videos quickly in a vertical or horizontal format both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  • Provides extensive support for DL n a wireless stream along with airplay which allows for video music and screen mirroring as well.
  • the hardware is quite speedy and provides a free video and music player which can be used in the form of HEVC Codec for Windows Media Player.

Price: Free


  • Very easy and quick to install with a smooth interface and available with HEVC codec format for video for free.
  • Has compatibility with all kinds of major formats in video and audio including HEVC codec.
  • Perfect support for playback.


  • It contains many complex features which might need extensive research by beginners.


Does VLC provide a HEVC/H.265 codec pack?

Yes, VLC provides a HEVC/H.265 codec pack facility along with its free-to-use software.

Can I download the VLC HEVC/H.265 codec pack for free?

Yes, you can search for it and download the VLC HEVC/H.265 codec pack for free by following a few simple steps that guide you for the download.

Is there any HEVC codec software that is available for free?

Yes, VLC and 5Kplayer are a few options of many HEVC codec software that are available for free. In addition to these players, you can read the post Best media player for Windows 10 to try more.


Windows 10 is capable of playing a variety of formats in a video on your device however sometimes in the absence of the right codecs you may feel the need for extra software to support this facility. One such format is the HEVC codec which is not included as a native format to be played with Windows 10. In the absence of this format, you are unable to see crisp images and better quality videos including 4K videos efficiently. Thus, we provided you with the right information on the topic along with efficient and precise software for use. We hope you were able to find the right HEVC codec for Windows 10 from the above list of software.

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