HBO Max with Roku | A Complete Review

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Are you here to know how Roku HBO Max works and how to get the HBO Max on Roku? Well, everything will be explained in this article. Let’s first start you off with the basics.

When HBO Max launched in May 2020, millions and millions of Roku users criticized their streaming device's exclusion, which meant they couldn't watch a big proportion of classic and premium programming even if they had a subscription. However, given HBO's brand recognition, exclusive HBO Max rights to shows like The Big Bang Theory and Friends, and the announcement that all Warner Brothers films will be streamed on the platform as well as in theaters starting in 2021. It seemed mutually beneficial that the two companies reach an agreement. And now it's even simpler to watch HBO Max on Roku.

A deal was made and it was available to stream HBO Max on Roku starting December 17, 2020, much to the pleasure of binge-watchers worldwide. With the heavily hyped Wonder Woman 1984 making its VOD premiere on the service on Christmas Day, it couldn't have come at a better moment. HBO Max saw a huge increase in membership numbers because of its connection to the massive Roku user base, especially since blockbusters like Godzilla vs. Kong, The Matrix 4, and Dune streamed exclusively on the platform throughout 2021, day-and-date with their theatrical release.

There are so many shows that are available to be watched on HBO Max with Roku. Oh, just over 10,000 hours of high-quality entertainment from some of Hollywood's finest celebrities! The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, as well as more recent hits like Lovecraft Country, The Undoing, and Euphoria, are among HBO's most iconic and ground-breaking TV shows. Select titles from Warner Brothers' 100-year film archive, TCM's hand-curated classics, DC Entertainment blockbusters, documentaries, a plethora of animated entertainment, and acclaimed Studio Ghibli and Crunchyroll anime are all available. You can even view Earwig and the Witch, Studio Ghibli's first 3D computer-animated film. Then there's the exclusive content, which includes every season of Friends, Gossip Girl, and The Big Bang Theory, as well as intriguing Max Original programs like The Flight Attendant and Raised by Wolves.

How to Get HBO Max on Roku?

how to get hbo max on roku

Two methods have been well illustrated in this article on how to watch HBO Max on Roku.

Method one: Get HBO Max on Roku with the 'Streaming Channels' menu

Customers who have never installed either HBO or HBO Max on their Roku device need to follow the procedures below to add HBO Max:

Step 1: Go to Streaming Channels from the homepage.

Step 2: From the Channel Store, choose 'New and Notable' or 'Movies and TV.'

Step 3: To add HBO Max to your home page, go to the channel's page and click 'Add Channel.'

Step 4: You can sign in with your existing credentials.

Step 5: If you don't already have an HBO subscription, you can sign up for HBO Max on Roku and pay for it with Roku Pay.

Those who are subscribed to the old version of HBO should notice that their home page has been automatically switched to the new HBO Max. If that hasn't happened yet, you can do the following:

Step 1: Go to the HBO tile and click it.

Step 2: On your remote, press the star key.

Step 3: Select "Check for Updates" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: The HBO logo should now be changed to HBO Max.

Depending on whatever provider you signed up for HBO Now or HBO with – for example, AT&T TV – you may be entitled to HBO Max for free.

Method two: Get HBO Max on Roku using the website

Many people are unaware that you may add any app to your Roku device by visiting the Roku website. To do this, follow the below steps.

Step 1: If you haven't already, go to the Roku website and log into your account.

Step 2: Once you've logged in, select Channel store by hovering your cursor over your account icon in the top-right area, and then choose Channel store.

Step 3: Select +Add channel after finding HBO Max in the list of featured channels, or search for it and click Details, then +Add channel.

HBO Max will appear on your Roku's home page the next time you turn it on. Sign in to your HBO Max account after opening it. If you frequently use HBO Max, you can modify the order of your Roku channels to put them near the top of the list.

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What if HBO Max Not Working on Roku?

You download HBO Max, sign up for a Roku account, and begin streaming for 10-20 seconds before returning to the Roku TV homepage without crashing. Are you having trouble with something similar? Allow us to assist you in resolving this issue on Roku while utilizing HBO Max and a general workaround.

Here are some of the most effective techniques for resolving HBO Max not working on Roku. Look at each of the 10 ways and determine which one of them will help solve your problem.

Check HBO Max and Roku Servers

When you're having trouble with HBO Max or Roku, the first thing you should do is verify the status of its servers. You can accomplish this by employing third-party software such as Downdetector. It's a site that shows the information on the status of applications and websites.

If Roku or HBO Max is temporarily unavailable, your best bet is to wait for their team to fix the problem.

To verify the status of HBO Max and Roku, go to the following links:

You can, however, try the remaining ways listed below to see if anything works for you.

Check if Your Device is Compatible

Due to the limited number of Roku devices on the market, HBO Max does not support all of them. If HBO Max isn't working on your Roku device, check the Help Center to see if the platform supports your device's model. If so, consider using one of your other devices to access HBO Max or watching movies and TV shows on the platform using a web browser. If you have the funds, you can also purchase a Roku device that is supported.

Try Watching Another Show

If you're having trouble watching HBO Max on Roku, the title you've chosen may be currently unavailable. Return to the media library and view some random episodes to confirm this. If other HBO Max shows are running properly, the problem is limited to the movie or TV show you originally picked. To fix this, use the last step to contact HBO Max's team and report the problem.

Re-Login to Your Account

Your user data may have been corrupted due to temporary faults and difficulties in the HBO Max Roku app. If this happens, you'll need to restart your current session to avoid any future issues with the platform.

To sign out of your HBO Max account on Roku, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: To begin, open a web browser and log in to your HBO Max account.

Step 2: After that, go to your Profile and select Manage Devices from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Finally, select your Roku device from the drop-down menu and press the Sign Out button.

Restart your Roku device and log back into your HBO Max account to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Check and Reset Your Internet

To watch HD movies without interruption, HBO Max requires a minimum internet bandwidth of 5 Mbps. Your network connection may be unreliable or slow if the app does not operate on your Roku device. Perform a speed test using to determine your network's current upload and download bandwidth to validate this. If the result suggests that your internet is the cause of the slow connection, try restarting your router. Unplug your router from the power outlet and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in. After that, reconnect your router and wait for it to reboot. After that, run another test to see if your network is now hitting the speeds specified in your monthly subscription. If your network troubles persist, contact your internet service provider and request that they fix their service. On the other hand, if your current plan is less than 5 Mbps, you should consider upgrading to avoid future problems.

Restart Roku

A momentary problem may have occurred on your Roku device, causing programs to crash or fail when used. Restart your Roku to reload all of its resources to rule out this possibility.

To restart your Roku device, follow the steps below:

Step 1: To get to it, go to your home screen and select Settings.

Step 2: After that, go to System and click Restart System.

Step 3: Finally, click the Restart button to confirm your action.

Relaunch the HBO Max app after your Roku device has rebooted to see if the problem has been resolved.

Clear Roku’s Cache and Data

If restarting your Roku device does not resolve the issue, the device's cache and data may have become corrupted and require clearing.

You can do so by following the instructions below:

Step 1: To begin, make sure the home tab is selected in the main menu.

Step 2: After that, hit the Roku device's home button five times.

Step 3: After that, press the Up button twice, then the Rewind button.

Step 4: Finally, hit the Fast Forward button two times to erase the cache and data on your Roku device.

Return to HBO Max later to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Update Your Roku Device

Roku devices require regular upgrades to guarantee that all of their channels are up to date and that their operating system is free of bugs and mistakes. If HBO Max isn't working on your Roku, try updating it to the most recent version of HBO Max and RokuOS.

To upgrade your Roku device, follow the steps below:

  1. To begin, go to your Roku device's Settings and select System.
  2. Then select System Update.
  3. Finally, to install the update on your Roku device, select the Check Now button and follow the on-screen directions.

Return to HBO Max after updating your smartphone to see whether you're still having issues with the app.

Reinstall HBO Max

If you're still having trouble using the HBO Max app for Roku, it's possible that it wasn't installed successfully or that the program's files were corrupted. In any event, we recommend reinstalling HBO Max to confirm that you have a working copy on your device and that it is installed correctly.

To reinstall HBO Max on your system, follow the steps below:

  1. Highlight HBO Max on your home screen and push the Star/Asterisk button on your controller.
  2. Select the Remove Channel option and confirm your decision by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. After that, restart your Roku device and look for HBO Max in the Channel Store.
  4. Finally, sign in to your HBO Max account and click Add Channel.

After that, utilize the app for a few minutes to see if there are any issues with the platform.

Report the Problem to HBO Max

If none of the preceding methods worked, you could be dealing with a far more serious issue. In this scenario, we recommend that you seek professional assistance and contact HBO Max.

Visit the Help Center to get in touch with their customer service. To speed up the process, try to offer as much information as possible when reporting an issue. Your account information, the device you're using, and a screenshot of the error are all included.

How to Log out of HBO Max on Roku?

Follow the steps below to know how to sign out of HBO Max on Roku without going through troubles.

Step 1: Navigate to the main screen of the HBO Max channel.

Step 2: The left menu pane is accessed by dragging the arrow to the left.

Step 3: Select "Settings" from the menu, then hit "OK" on the remote.

Step 4: To sign out, move the arrow to the right.

Step 5: Arrow down to the "Sign Out" button, which will be highlighted. On the remote, press "OK."

Step 6: To confirm that you want to sign out of HBO Max, use the left arrow to select "Yes."

HBO Max has now completely logged you out of your account.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Roku?

Your Roku streaming device allows you to cancel or unsubscribe.

  1. Using your Roku remote, press the home button.
  2. Using the directional pad in the center of your Roku remote, highlight the channel you want to cancel.
  3. To access the settings menu, use the Star button on your Roku remote.
  4. To view the renewal date and access other choices, go to Manage subscription.
  5. To cancel your membership, go to Cancel subscription. A notice will display verifying the length of time that you will have access to the content and services.
  6. Select Cancel subscription when prompted. Roku will show you a notice confirming your cancellation and the date of your last access.
  7. Click Done.


This article covers almost everything about HBO Max with Roku, including how to cancel HBO Max on Roku, how to deal with the situation when HBO Max not working on Roku, and more. Hope this article helps you learn HBO Max and Roku better.

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