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Since this new advanced era is going digital rapidly, everyone loves expressing their thoughts and feelings through pictures and videos. Therefore, video makers and editors love going the extra mile to make their content presentable and attractive. So, it delivers the subject with next-level beauty. We will thoroughly discuss the Wondershare Filmora, Filmora x, Filmora 10, and other versions while highlighting their unique qualities.

Also, we will end the article by discussing the downloading process and some common facts that may come into your mind and confuse you about the tool. So, stay tuned.


We accept the fact that perfection is overrated. No one should go after perfecting things until they satisfy their needs. But, creators can't stop polishing when it comes to digital content, so their audience would feel engaged and get obsessed.

Many online software and tools are available that help influencers and video editors enhance their raw videos, sprinkle some love via effects, and much more. Wondershare Filmora is another one-in-the million winning hearts with an incredible interface and lots of exciting features.

Wondershare Filmora


It is the best video editing tool for beginners to kick start this dramatic field. It has a soothing interface with the extensive support of different formats. It also offers many attractive features like applying layers, overlays, adding effects to add a funky style to videos.

Moreover, 100+ video tracks give you enough content transitions and standard trimming suggestions to eliminate extra or unnecessary content. However, this fantastic video editor does have its dark side, like not offering complete control to your videos that competitors are offering. But, it can be a great tool for standard editing.

Wondershare Filmora can not stop evolving; thus, it provides 24/7 technical support to the users and surprises with new effects collection.


  • There are many built-in editing tools like edit, crop, speed, undo, redo, and Motion Track.
  • Drag, Drop, and Edit the videos easily.
  • It offers 100+ transitions
  • PiP affects addition and resizing


  • Speedy video editing software
  • Color presets
  • Video adjustments with saturation, exposure, contrast, and vibrance
  • 200+ text and titles templates
  • Background Audio tracks


  • Lack of 3D editing
  • Lack of Multicam editing

Wondershare Filmora Compatibility

Wondershare Filmora Compatibility

Filmora is old software that offers compatibility with antique OS versions like Windows 7, 8 and now it supports 10. iOS users can also enjoy using this fantastic software by operating it on macOS 10.7 to 11.

Moreover, the system requirements for downloading and using Wondershare Filmora are not hectic to meet. Intel i5 or CPU would run the software with neck-breaking speed. Besides, 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphic 5000, or advanced would also go well with the software and provide smooth processing. Also, to save and run the software smoothly, ensure you have the 10GB free space in your system.

Format Support

Thankfully, all the versions of Filmora provide broad format support. No one has to go through the long yet annoying process of converting formats to create, edit, and upload their valuable videos.

You can play with videos of TS, 3GP, MKV, MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI, WEBM, GIF, and lots of other formats within the umbrella of Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora Download

Download this exceptional solution to all your video editing tools and transform your digital career with your Windows and Mac devices.

The downloading process wouldn't consume more than 5 minutes. You only have to ensure the software's system requirements (check above), so you don't experience any hassle in between. However, remember the downloading size of the software is 1MB on Windows devices and 2.5MB on Mac.

Windows Download

To Download Wondershare Filmora on Windows 7 or later versions, click on the following link.


Mac Download

To Download Wondershare Filmora on macOS 10.14 or later, click on the following link.


Wondareshare Filmora Versions

All the Wondershare Filmora versions almost do the job in the same way with little upgrades. You can edit videos, add different images to create a single video, add effects, and play more with the Filmora 9, Filmora 10, Filmora x, etc.

Let's see how all these versions differentiate themselves and offer features in detail.

Filmora 9

Filmora 9

Wondershare Filmora 9 offers much for beginners and professional video editors. With easy and quick media import and export at higher speed, Filmora 9 lets you edit everything with high resolution and preview the content before finalization.

Also, the green screen tool provides wide editing control with enhanced stabilization. Besides, more than 100 audio tracks let you add playback audio to your YouTube, Instagram, and other videos to make them more engaging and worth sharing with friends.

Filmora 9 further has some versions with little to no difference at all. You may not experience any huge difference in the interface and features, just the text clarity, smooth feature usage, and speed enhancements.

Filmora 9.0 version was released in 2018 for beginners, while 9.2 that came in 2019 allows setting multiple photos in a single frame to produce time-lapse videos. By the end of December, version 9.3 was released with new and updated features to save time and offer professional video editing. The last update of Filmora 9 was 9.5 that has its own benefits for the users to produce eye-catching content.

Furthermore, Filmora 9 download is not time-consuming and can be installed via its official website.

Filmora X

Released on Oct 10, 2020, Wondershare Filmora X is the updated version of Filmora 9.5 with noticeable updates. The X version introduced flexibility of features like adding keyboard shortcuts, most-used editing tools at the front of the interface, lots of audio tracks, effects, layer capabilities, and much more.

Filmora 9

Other highlighting features of the Filmora X are dark and light modes that help you create and edit videos according to your themes. Advanced text and Title editing, rotation, scaling, and other relatable functions attract professionals to use this software for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other videos.

Pictures, animation, effects, and filters customization help you stand out your videos on social media platforms to get more views and engagements. Moreover, catching attention to the dialogues while fading the background music is another critical feature that video editors crave. All can happen using a single platform.

Filmora 10

Filmora 9

Filmora 10.5.5 is the latest version of Wondershare Filmora to date, released on July 30, 2021. With more background effects, AI portrait potential, automatic video creation for detailed smooth editing, this particular version makes the software worth sharing despite its high price.

Surprisingly, Filmora 10 helps you synchronize multiple media files to share them on various applications. The integration of the Effect library that updates continuously with new, advanced, and stimulating effects leaves you in shock while editing videos.

Version 10.4, 10.2, 10.1.6, and 10.1 offers gradually exciting functions to enhance the overall editing experience. Auto framing, keyframing for next-level customization, bug fixes, excellent customer support, and GPU switching are some noticeable gifts of these versions.

Pricing Plans of Wondwershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora has different pricing categories divided into Individual, Business, and Educational.

If you are a student, you must try the Filmora X plan that starts from $19.99, letting you unlock all the built-in features to experience next-level editing.

However, the individual pricing plan is further divided into two categories: Monthly and Annual.

The monthly plan would cost around $19.99 that can cancel anytime, but it let you enjoy all the built-in features. In comparison, the Annual Plan costs around $61.99 with some additional add-ons.


Filmora became a go-to software for video editing for naïve or professional content creators. The flexible interface makes the software versatile for everyone. The built-in functions keep the users engaged throughout the whole process.

So, whether you are editing professional videos to upload on high-end platforms or creating a birthday video while adding multiple photos, try Wondershare Filmora or its different versions to enjoy smooth editing.


Which Filmora Version is best to use?

Filmora X is the user-friendly version with updated features of trimming, effects, filters, keyframing, and a lot more.

Is Filmora demands one-time payment?

Yes, the annual plan that costs about $69.99 is needed to pay once at the start, and it will issue you a yearly license so that no one will disturb you the entire year. However, unlike a monthly plan, you can not cancel the yearly plan whenever you want.

Is there a difference between Wondershare Filomora and Filmora 9?

Control is the only difference you can feel in both versions. Also, you will get a few functional updates like built-in filters, customized effects, color correction, and some noticeable updates in the Filmora 9.

What is the Format Compatibility Status of Filmora?

Filmora offers broad format compatibility that allows you to import and export whatever file you want absolutely hassle-free. Common format supports are MOV, MKV, MPEG-3, AVI, etc.

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