Top 10 Ember Media Manager Alternatives to Manage Your Media Files!

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Your collection of media files is bound to grow consistently, and it may not be strange to witness a vast collection of media files in your collection. The media collection can include a massive range of genres that include movies, TV shows, music, images, and whatnot. If you do not plan to arrange and organise them accurately, you are soon likely to find your collection getting messy. Most of us download Ember Media Manager for the best possible experience in handling your media files.

What is Ember Media Manager?

Ember Media Manager is one of the most popular Windows based media server cum manager application ever and a great option to manage your media libraries. It can help you cycle through your library. It can help you build the database of all your content.

Some of the features offered by Ember Media Manager download would include:

  • It lets you scroll through the available covers and backgrounds of your media.
  • You can use it as the perfect tool for organising TV shows and other content.
  • It does import the data and images into a format that can be imported into a media centre application
  • It would double up as an excellent standalone movie catalogue.

The media server software will initially ask for the location to store the files based on the media file type, and then it will begin building the catalogue on its own.

Top 10 Best Ember Media Manager Alternatives

Ember Media Manager is an open-source media management solution and offers you an enhanced and improved efficiency. It should ideally support a wide range of media centre or movie server applications in most cases.

However, in cases where the Ember Media Manager may not meet your needs, or you have any issues using it, you would need Ember Media Manager alternatives.

1. DVDFab Player 6 – The best choice for Ember Media Manager alternatives

One of the prime media player cum media manager software, DVDFab Player 6 has been known to be the world’s best 4K UHD Media Player. It can definitely be considered to be one of the excellent options for all your needs in a brand new-gen 4K movie player requirements.

dvdfab player 6

Some of the prime features that would make it an excellent solution for almost every one of your requirements among the Ember Media manager alternatives can be summed up as

  • It doubles up as an all-in-one media centre: It can play every multimedia file on your local hard drive. It can also act as a perfect option for managing your media library. Effective media management through the Poster Wall can be yet another thoughtful inclusion
  • Navigation Menu Support: If you are looking for a perfect media playback control, the navigation menu can be what would make it a great experience. The DVDFab 4K Player 6 provides you access to all-round support for navigation menu support on DVDs, Blu-rays, and the new-generation 4K Ultra Blu-rays. That would make it the most significant option for 4K movie player options.
  • Advanced technology: It can work with practically every kind of discs and other media sources. It will work with a vast number of sources such as genuine discs, ripped ISO image files or folders. The TrueTheater technology provides a cinema-like home theatre experience.
  • High-resolution audio output: DVDFab Player 6 provides you complete lossless high-resolution audio output. You can expect support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X and even a better degree of support for output of up to up to 7.1 channel surround sound output.
  • All-inclusive support: The Player 6 offers an all-inclusive support for a wide range of media playback. The media player provides support for different file formats such as 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, HEVC and Other Media Files. You can get access to a wide range of media formats that include MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, M2TS…regardless of the codecs, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), WMV, etc., and resolutions, 720p, 1080p, and way up to 4K UHD. You get to stand a chance to use the best 4K video player software.
  • An all-round 3D Playback: If you have a 3D TV, you would indeed love the 3D playback compatibility. It supports multiple 3D output modes that include Anaglyph Red/Cyan, 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard), Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (Row-interleaved) and HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV.

The features enlisted here should provide your best options in the best Ember Media Manager alternatives.

How to play your videos on DVDFab Player 6?

Having understood in detail about the killer features of DVDFab Player 6, how about checking out how to play videos on DVDFab Player 6? The steps are rather easy and simple to follow, and even the newbies should find it comfortable enough and let you know why it is one of the best Ember Media Manager download options.

Here are the steps for playing a video on DVDFab Player 6:

Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Player 6

The DVDFab Player 6 is available as a separate download and forms part of the vast set of applications available from DVDFab. Download the player from the official site and install it. You can pick an option among TV Mode and PC Mode. For the sake of this tutorial, we will choose the PC Mode

dvdfab player 6

Step 2: Add your files to play

You can add the files as per your preferences. You can load a disc containing the media files. You can even find the files saved on your computer hard drive. You can use the Discs option to load the disc or use the File Explorer option to browse through the file from your computer.

dvdfab player 6

Step 3: Play your video

Just browse for your file and select it to begin playing it on the Player 6 interface. You can have a complete control over playback and other options. You can even toggle between Fullscreen and standard playback options. The preview option available on the player provides you access to multiple sections of the video.

dvdfab player 6

Besides, here we picked out top 13 4k Blu-ray players for your choice!

2. Media Center Master

The Media Center Master is specially designed for Windows Media Centre. There are a host of advantages offered by the media manager software and can be an excellent choice for the Ember Media manager alternatives.

media center master


  • Media Center Master can be an excellent choice for full Kodi integration
  • It can be helpful in achieving the best possible organisation of movies
  • The manager continually updates the content on your device and updates your media library
  • It can even download trailers for your movies and TV shows added to the library
  • The tool can simply connect with torrents as well.

3. Media Companion

This is yet another exciting option for your needs in the best library manager tool. You just need to set it up by setting up naming conventions and the folder structures. It comes with a host of options and features, making it a powerful media manager option and perfect Ember Media Manager alternatives.

media companion


  • It can download box art, backgrounds, synopsis information and additional imagery for cast and crew
  • Offers you an excellent set of options for the advanced users
  • It is a powerful tool for almost all your needs in a media organisation, making it the best Ember Media Manager alternatives.
  • Can link with IMDB for exploring your movies and shows further

4. Kodi Media Server – Perfect alternatives for Ember Media Manager

The media manager software is referred to as the swiss army knife of the best possible organisation of TV shows and movies. The Kodi Media Server has been considered to be the best Ember Media Manager alternatives. The service is one of the excellent options for organising your TV shows and other media content when compared to the Ember Media Manager download options.


  • It works as one of the most significant home media server options
  • It can add additional episode titles to the end of your filename.
  • It can be a perfect option for downloading content.
  • A perfect media management tool and a great Ember Media Manager alternatives.

5. GCStar

It can be one of the excellent options to organise your DVDs, Blu-rays and games. It can be your best option for managing your personal collections. You can add up additional details for your media shows and titles. It can double up as an excellent tool for the home media server options.



  • You can search and filter your files by a series of different criteria.
  • It is both free and easy to use software for most of your requirements
  • The tool can manage movies, video games, books, music or numismatic collections
  • The clean interface is one of the enormous advantages
  • It can work on any GNU/Linux system, as well as on MS Windows.

6. TinyMediaManager – Excellent Ember Media Manager options

An excellent media manager software, it has been considered to be one of the perfect options for handling your media files just like Ember Media manager download. The tool provides you access to a vast support for managing your share of movies and TV shows.



  • TinyMediaManager needs Java to run. However, if you do not want to use Java on your computer, you can choose the portable Java version instead
  • It pulls the relevant information for your files from online databases such as TheMovieDB, IMDB or OFDb
  • You can get access to huge info in the form of existence of info files, trailers, images or subtitles on the movie overview

7. Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server software is one of the prime options for almost all your needs in full-fledged and secure media server software. Support for a wider range of file formats and a better compatibility for platforms makes it a great option.



  • Supports Linux, Windows, macOS and other platforms
  • It is an excellent choice for the best Linux media server software
  • Extremely beginner-friendly and easy to use
  • Works excellent with Plex media server hardware.

8. Shoko Server

Shoko Server was previously known as JMM or Japanese Media Manager. The program is specifically designd to provide you access to anime cataloguing. It can be an excellent option to organise and catalogue your collection of animes.

shoko server


  • Client server based architecture for an enhanced multiple client access
  • Can store you content on both external and internal media
  • Advanced file management

9. Numento

Numento is yet another alternative to Ember Media Manager and provides you access to a fully customisable option. A fully customisable solution should make it one of the perfect media server software in every respect.



  • It lets you publish your collection in a single click
  • Extremely customisable option to manage your files
  • It can manage several types of files that include Books,CD, DVD, comic books, and games

10. FileBot

FileBot is one of the excellent options for the best Ember Media Manager alternatives. It is one of the reliable and trustworthy tool for almost all your needs in an enhanced media management. It works seamlessly with any non-DRM content.



  • Completely free and can be the beest option to give a try to.
  • Can draw information and other data from services such as OpenSubtitiles, TheMovieDB and IMDb
  • A fine degree of customisation options
  • Drag and drop interface

The DVDFab Movie Server – The Best Hardware for Media Manager Software

If you are looking for the best experience in managing your media, the tools above should offer you an excellent set of options and functionality. However, how about a capable hardware that can handle the task? A perfect 4K movie server hardware should help you get the best performance.

DVDFab Movie Server should be an excellent option for your hardware needs. In fact, the hardware can work in an exciting option for almost every one of your needs in an efficient and effective hardware option for media manager software options. While it works seamlessly with DVDFab Player 6 and other DVDFab tools, you should also get it to work with a host of other media manager software tools as well.

dvdfab media server

Some of the outstanding features offered by the software can include:

  • Native support for multiple platforms: DVDFab Movie Server can be an excellent option for ultimate management and playback of your multimedia content. Local navigation support for DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays is yet another advantage, making it the right 4K movie server you have been looking for.
  • Save ISO directly to Movie Server: DVDFab Suite and DVDFab Movie Server work seamlessly together. Just connect DVDFab Movie Server to the same WiFi network that your computer with DVDFab is connected to and choose the Movie Server as the output destination.
  • Watch your shows and other media on the large screen: Movie Server lets you watch your shows and other content on your large screen TV.
  • Organise and back up your files: DVDFab Movie Server comes with an option for almost all your requirements in organising and managing your ISO files. If your movie server has hundreds of titles flooding it literally, Picking the best titles that you want to watch may be a difficult task. Movie Server makes the task easy for you. The tool can help you organize and manage your ISO files in an easy to use manner.
  • Perfect navigation menu support: The navigation menu support is one of the essential factors when you look at the best possible media manager and movie server compatibility. In addition to the regular Blu-rays and DVDs, DVDFab Movie Server can be your best bet for a genuine navigation support even on the unprotected 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.
  • Multiple format support: DVDFab Movie Server provides you with an enhanced support for almost all video formats. The server does provide you access to an improved support for formats such as 3D, 4K UHD, H.265.
  • Automatic Media Manager option: The movie server will help you transform and manage your movie library to your heart’s content. It can sort your media files automatically and arrange them in the right categories. An intelligent mapping can be what would make it a great option to go with. It arranges all the details such as title, plot, reviews, and release date with the help of the movie poster.
  • Control your feedback with remote: With DVDFab Movie Server offers you access to a physical remote that lets you control the playback with actions such as increasing or decreasing the volume and changing the tracks. You would also get a Remote app that can work from your smartphone.
  • Multiple Audio formats: In addition to the high-end video performance, you can also get access to a perfect high definition audio quality. You can be assured of a powerful lossless audio output with support for Lossless Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X audios. In case you have a quality speaker, it can be your excellent choice for the best standard in the audio performance.

The DVDFab Movie Server is equipped with Quad-Core 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A53 Processor which should provide a competent performance without hiccups. The hardware is made of military-grade material that would further enhance the durability and build quality. Multiple port options will further enhance your experience of watching your movies to your heart’s content and make it an excellent choice for your needs in a perfect Ember Media Manager software.

Concluding Thoughts

Ember Media Manager is an excellent option for your media organisation requirements and works excellently and perfectly. However, DVDFab Movie Server can be one of the prime options with its advanced set of features and functionality. It can handle every playback option that includes all formats right from DVDs to 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.

DVDFab Movie Server has been a perfect replacement for almost all of your digital multimedia requirements. In case you want to improve your movie-watching experience, you can definitely get access to an excellent movie viewing experience, even better than the Ember Media Manager. If you do not want to download Ember Media Manager and to check out alternatives, this should be your best bet. DVDFab Movie Server along with the best 4K Video player software in the form of DVDFab Player 6 can be your best option.

Lastly, we picked out top 10 Chinese romantic movies for you to enjoy a cozy afternoon with a best media player from above!

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