DVDFab DVD Copy Review

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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

DVDFab DVD copy review is all about this fabulous software that allows for easy copy of a DVD to the hard drive. You will also get an answer on how to copy a DVD on Windows 10 or MAC. We will be covering many other important aspects in which you will be able to use this software in different situations for your needs.

DVDs are yet a medium of storage for storing movies in lossless quality for a variety of users. However, how to copy a DVD on Windows 10 and MAC devices in fabulous quality is still an unanswered question. So, we are here to introduce you to DVDFab DVD copy and its review for a better understanding and solution to the problem of creating a copy of a DVD.

If you are also looking for an answer to how to copy a DVD to a computer then this software will also help you to burn your DVDs and create a backup for the same. With the use of this software, you can make use of its amazing features to create a copy of your important DVD in top quality without wasting much time. Let us start with the DVDFab DVD copy review.


dvdfab dvd copy review

If you are looking for an answer to how to copy a DVD on Windows 10 or MAC devices then you can do a lot with this software. You can copy a DVD to the computer, create a blank disc or folder or ISO file and also make copies of DVDs that are friendly with .nfo files. It also lends support to the newest discs by using its decryption service with a cloud facility. It also offers a trial period of 30 days.


  • Supports all kinds of newly encrypted disks by using the decryption service of DVDFab cloud and allows the option of a copy of a DVD as well.
  • Allows for lossless backup for perfectly playing any kind of home media server through DVD-9.
  • Provides compression for DVD-5 format to Any DVD to make them available for playback on any kind of standalone player.
  • Copying Any DVD with the availability of fabulous 6 copy modes to provide customized options to the users.
  • Provides the facility of splitting DVD-9 into two DVDs of DVD-5 mode.

Price: $39.99


  • Provides a customization option to copy any DVD for Windows 10 for any content desired by the user.
  • Provides an option to copy DVD to DVD in a free format in batch at an amazing lightning speed.
  • Along with being a DVD copy software it also provides friendly meta info and allows for .nfo format for the generation of files.


  • No cons are available.

System Requirements For Windows

It has the following system requirements:

  • All versions of Windows including 32 and 64 bit.
  • RAM of 2GB.
  • Pentium 2 with 500 MHz.
  • A free space of hard disc of around 20 GB.
  • DVD+R (W)or a DVD -R (W)
  • Availability of live internet connection for registering DVDFab efficiently.

System Requirements For MAC OS

It has the following system requirements:

  • MAC OS from 10.10 to 10.14 or above.
  • Efficient Intel processor.
  • Availability of 2 GB RAM or more.
  • Free hard disc space of at least 20GB.
  • Availability of a DVD drive.
  • Availability of a live internet connection for registration of the latest version of DVDFab software.

How to copy a DVD on Windows 10 using DVDFab

Following are the steps for Windows 10 to copy a DVD in the software:

Step 1: Launch the software and start loading the DVD source.

dvdfab dvd copy review

You have to double-click on the latest version of the software, and then choose the option of a copy. As soon as it runs you have to insert your choice of DVD that you wish to create as a backup into the provided optical drive. Then you have to navigate to it by using the add button that is given on the main page of the software. In case your source is a folder or an iso, then you have to drag and drop your required file into the software's main page.

Step 2: Select the mode of copy and customization of the output DVD.

how to copy a dvd on windows 10 using dvdfab dvd copy

Now you need to navigate to the left pane of the screen and then click on the copy mode. After navigation, you can easily choose the size of the output DVD and it can be anything from DVD-9 to DVD-5. If the copy mode that you have chosen is not available as the lossless mode then you can also choose for cloning or burning the DVD. moreover, you can also go for the definition of volume label and also change other options for copy. Finally, you need to select your output directory which can either be a folder, ISO file for a blank disc, and this option is given at the bottom side of the window.

Step 3: Start with a DVD copy procedure in a fast format.

how to copy a dvd on windows 10 using dvdfab dvd copy

After you are done with the above steps then you can click on the start button to start the copy of the DVD in the desirable mode. The software is responsible for completing the process of copying any DVD with great quality at a lightning speed. Additionally, you can also opt for cancellation of the process at any time, and you can also set for an automatic shutdown of the device. In case you wish to exit the program at any time then you can do that as well. There is also an option of Hibernate or you can simply do nothing and wait for the process to end.

How to copy a DVD on MAC using DVDFab

If you are thinking of how to copy a DVD on MAC using DVDFab software then the following are the steps:

Step 1: Installation and launching of the software.

First, you have to download the page of the latest version of DVDFab software. then you can continue by locating your Mac device and clicking on the option for free download. as soon as you do this a pkg file starts downloading. This is going to be the installation file for the software for your Mac device. When the download is completed you need to double click on the pkg file to start the installation of the software. When the installation process starts then you need to click on the recommended button to keep the installation process going on smoothly. As soon as the installation is finished you need to click on the launchpad to detect the software. Then you need to click on the icon of the software and start launching it.

An alternative way for the installation of DVDFab software for Mac

As soon as you open the page of the software for Mac you need to click on the ‘free download’ or the ‘try’ option. As soon as you do this a PKG file of 300 MB of size gets downloaded. This is the original file for the installation of the software for Mac.

Step 2: Choosing a copy mode for your file.

When the download of the software gets completed you will be able to see that the copy module is already selected. In case it is not selected then you need to click on the ‘copy mode’ tab which is given on the top left corner of the software. This is an error-free step. Here you can choose from the six modes which are available as a function in the software.

Step 3: Loading a DVD.

Now you need to insert the DVD of your choice into the optical drive and the software will be able to automatically load it. After this, you can click on the add button and this will load your source manually. In case your source is a DVD folder or an iso file then you can drag it directly to the main interface for loading.

Step 4: Customisation of your DVD.

As soon as your source gets loaded, You will be able to see the longest title available on the DVD. It can be the name of the main movie which will be selected by the default option. With this software, you can also change chapters, other titles, audio, or even subtitles and there are a variety of options available for the user to make any changes. Alternatively, you can also click on the preview icon to know about the information of the chapters that are selected, and then you need to click the start button. This will enable you to keep the parts that you desire. There is a wrench icon given in the advanced setting where the user can easily choose the disk for the output whether it is a DVD-9 or DVD-5.

Step 5: Select an output directory for your file.

Here you will get three choices for saving your output DVD. you can either save it as an iso image file, a DVD folder, or a DVD. Now you can navigate to the bottom of the main interface of the software for the proper selection of a directory. this will be available in the box format of the drop-down list and the output will be saved in the form of a DVD folder. When you click on the icon of the folder then you will be able to choose any folder in the form of a directory and your output will be saved in the format of an iso image file. When you click on the folder you will be able to choose a folder where you will be able to save the .iso file.

Step 6: Starting the process for a copy.

After this, you need to click on the start button and this will start the copying process for your file and this will enable you to see the preview of the DVD in the output format. You can also choose the option of continue later or continue,

How to convert DVD to Digital copy for free?

If you have been looking for something which is quite handy and saves all your movies as a DVD copy in original format then this can be done easily. Although the full suite for DVDFab does not come for free, yes, there is a piece of good news. The components required for ripping a DVD can be used freely after you download the DVDFab trial version. This component is called a DVDFab HD decrypter which can be used for free even if the trial period is over.

This limited free portion allows easy conversion of DVD to digital copy without involving any cost. You can easily rip your disc in the mode of full disk or you can also use the main movie mode only for completing your work. In case you need to extract any video file from the available disk and also need to maintain their original format while transferring them to your desirable hard drive then DVDFab DVD copy software can prove useful for you. Additionally, you can also import the important files into any other program format if you wish to work further on the same. You can also use this software for watching any kind of videos and you don't need a disc insert for the same.

What are DVD copy protection and its removal?

When you try to copy any DVD to your hard drive sometimes a DVD is locked by using the method of copy protection. Whenever the user tries to play them on a DVD player or a laptop, either the DRM or the region code of the DVD is locked, and they are not able to play the same. There are a variety of region codes that are used for the protection of DVD copy and to avoid its distribution. These are

Region code:

It means that the DVD will be made available in some specified areas which will be ruled under a code that will control them and their price. However, if the user wishes to break the limit of the same, then they have to opt for the removal of copyright protection from the given DVD.

Region Codes

Restricted Availability

Region Code 0

Available Worldwide

Region Code 1

Restricted in U.S., Canada, United States territories, and Bermuda.

Region Code 2

Limits in Central and Western Europe, United Kingdom, French, Turkey, Swaziland, South Africa, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, and French overseas territories.

Region Code 3

Limited in South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Region Code 4

Oceania, Australia, South America, Central America, The Caribbean, and Mexico.

Region Code 5

Belarus, Ukraine, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, North Korea, Mongolia, and Russia.

Region Code 6

Hong Kong and China.

Region Code 7

Is Reserved for any sort of future use.

Region Code 8

Used for a cruise, aircraft, ships, etc.

Region Code All

8 flags are set for this copy protection for DVD and are only available for playing a disc on a special locale on any kind of player.

Region Code Enhanced also known as RCE:

It is a retroactive scheme that is used for the prevention of playing DVDs from a certain region in some other region. It is also known by the name of REA. by using DVD fab you can easily convert any ISO file to MP4 and make use of this fabulous ripping program.

Content scramble system or CSS:

This system refers to a scheme by the name of digital rights management also known as DRM which is applied on each DVD that is commercially released. Any kind of DVD video from being copied illegally, distributed, and also viewed. Thus, in case you are looking for any kind of protection removal for DVDs and to copy a DVD to your computer, you must proceed with the removal of CSS. You can do this with DVDFab very easily. Another eye-catching product DVDFab Blu-ray ripper will bring you an exciting watching experience.

UOP or user operation prohibition:

It is a scheme by Digital Rights Management that is applied on discs related to DVD videos that prohibit the viewer from performing any kind of actions with the DVD. In case the user wishes to make any changes to them then it will issue an FBI warning and DVDFab can be a safe way to remove this protection.

Along with this High bandwidth digital content protection by Intel, CPRM/CPPM, FairPlay by Apple, Analog protection system by Macrovision, Sony ARccOS protection are other forms of DVD copy protection.

DVD copy protection Removal:

Are you thinking that is there any way with which we can remove any kind of region code from a DVD? Well yes, you can remove any kind of DVD copy protection and also rip your DVD to any hard disc or ISO by using a passkey for DVD. Additionally, you can also decrypt your DVD and copy it to your computer or hard drive with the perfect software, DVDFab DVD copy.


How to copy a DVD to my computer?

By using the DVDFab software you can easily copy a DVD to the hard drive and even to your computer as well.

How to copy a copy-protected DVD on Windows 10 and MAC by using a single software?

If you are looking for a complete solution for copying any DVD to both Windows 10 and Mac by using a single software then DVDFab DVD copy review will let you know that it works for both devices with equal efficiency.

Can I convert a Blu-ray copy of a movie to MP4?

Yes, you can surely convert a Blu-ray copy of a movie to MP4 format by downloading DVDFab DVD copy software.


DVDFab is a comprehensive tool that can be used not only for creating a copy for DVD but also provides a solution for all the issues related to blu-ray, video, or a DVD. If you want you can also create an output in a blank disc and you can do this by inserting compatible media to the available optical drive during the creation of the copy process. The DVDFab DVD copy review will provide you with all the extended features that you have been looking for. Moreover, if you are also looking for how to copy a DVD on Windows 10 or MAC then this software is just the thing for you.

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