Crunchyroll Adblocker: Keep You Away from Annoying Ads

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When you are having fun with your loved anime show, such as Crunchyroll dubbed anime, Crunchyroll ads keep popping up which can really ruin your mood. To overcome this annoyance, many users opt to use Crunchyroll adblocker, a technique applied to keep users away from ads.

This article has wrapped up some ways to block ads on Crunchyroll, including using adblocker on Crunchyroll, updating your Crunchyroll account to Premium version, and downloading Crunchyroll videos to watch without ads. Hoping there is one that can help you out.

How to get Adblock on Crunchyroll?

Some of you might ask what is AdBlock and does AdBlock work on Crunchyroll? AdBlock is a great browser extension to block ads, of course including Crunchyroll endless ads, which means on Crunchyroll AdBlock works well. It is available on most browsers we use nowadays, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. With AdBlock, you can always watch your loved animes without Crunchyroll repeating ads. Here are the steps to use AdBlock(using Chrome as an example):

Step 1: Please visit the Chrome web store

crunchyroll adblocker

Step 2: Search Adblock in the store and then you can get a page like this

how to block ads on crunchyroll

Step 3: Choose the first one and click on it

block ads on crunchyroll

Then you can see AdBlock - the best adblocker. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. Click Add Extension button and just wait for the installation. There might be a website popping up and letting you choose a plan, please just close that and don’t let it disturb you. Everything is ready now.

Just open your Crunchyroll and watch anime shows. Use this browser extension to block ads on Crunchyroll and level up your watching experience.

What to do if Adblock not working on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll with Adblock does not work every time. What to do if the Adblock extension not working well on Crunchyroll? Don't worry. Here It does happen sometimes and I have heard many of you meet the situation. That’s why I am here for you.

Update your AdBlock on Crunchyroll

It does not work mostly because you haven’t updated your extension. Please follow the steps below and see if your adblocker works again.

First, please open your Chrome and click on the three dots button. Then you can see more tools here. Just move you mouse pointer there and click on ‘extension’

Then you will see all the extensions you installed, of course including AdBlock. Please open the Developer mode on the page and then we can update your all of your extensions, including your adblocker.

adblock not working on crunchyroll

After enabling the develop mode, click on the update button. Reopen Crunchyroll on Chrome and see if the ad blocker is available.

Remove AdBlock and install it again on your browser

If you have tried to update your ad blocker and it still does not work. Please try this method and follow the steps below:

First, please open your chrome and click on the 3 dots button on the top of the page.

adblock for crunchyroll

Then please move your mouse pointer to ‘more tools’, and you will see ‘extensions’ here.

Click the ‘extension’ button and you will all of your extensions on chrome.

Find AdBlocker and click on the ‘remove’ button. You will get questions from Chrome asking you if you are sure to remove them. Don’t be hesitated and just do it.

crunchyroll adblock not working

The next step you need to do is to install it again and I know most of you know how to do it, so I will not teach you to do this again. But if you have forgotten it, please check the second way here and you will find your answer.

Use AdBlock Plus or other adblockers to block ads

If you have tried to update AdBlocker and reinstall it, it still does not work. Don’t be upset. The good news is AdBlock is not the only Crunchyroll adblocker in your use on your browser. Then I highly recommend you to switch to another Crunchyroll adblocker. AdBlock Plus is similar to AdBlock, and it is also a browser extension available on the Chrome web store. If you wanna use this, please follow the steps that I just mentioned to install AdBlock. There are actually several browser extensions available and they are free to use. Some of them might be available in other browsers. If you would love to have a try, please see the list as below:

  • Ad Guard
  • StopAll Ads
  • Poper Blocker
  • AdLock extension
  • Ghostery
  • Ublock Origin
  • Fair AdBlocker
  • Adblock
  • Wipro
  • AdAway
  • Firefox Focus

You can try to install them one by one and I am sure you will find one that works for your browser.

Get a guest pass to enjoy Crunchyroll premium services, including ad-free videos

The Guest Pass entitles you to two days of membership, which of course also includes the ad-free feature. All premium members will receive a password once a month. This invitation ticket allows users who have not subscribed to membership services to enjoy membership services for 48 hours for free. However, this game rule also has some limitations. For example, each user can only use this function up to 10 times in half a year. If it exceeds, it is not allowed. Of course, you might have a hard time getting one guest pass, let alone ten. Here are some ways to help you get a guest pass. Read on to see if it helps you:

First, of course, ask your friends or family for it. They are the people closest to you and I am sure they will be happy to help you. Of course, if, for some other reason, they can't give you a guest pass, don't be discouraged, there are other ways.

Check out the Crunchyroll Forum. On Crunchyroll, there is a forum for everyone to exchange their ideas, or share their own interesting stories, and make friends. Occasionally, people will also share guest passes here. And here is the place where you can get access to the most senior members and guest passes, so please pay attention. I believe that it is important that you be careful and you will be able to get a guest pass. Good luck.

block crunchyroll ads

Go to the Reddit weekly guest thread. Like most groups, people who love anime will meet online to discuss and share their favorite foods. The same goes for people who love watching anime on Crunchyroll. Each week, they gather on Reddit forums to share their guest passes to help those who are temporarily unable to subscribe to memberships. So, don't give up, be sure to check it out on Reddit, maybe you can get a guest pass!

how to block ads on crunchyroll

Of course, please don't give up other social media communities, such as Facebook community. As far as I know, there are also frequent premium members who share guest passes to help others.

Block Crunchyroll Ads: Get a premium account

In fact, the most direct way to enjoy ad-free anime shows is to purchase a membership on Crunchyroll. Of course, in fact, their free plan can already provide many services, such as free high-definition anime videos, but subscribing to their membership can bring more benefits. There will be an instruction to subscribe to a membership. Here's how to subscribe to a membership on Crunchyroll and the reason why you should do it.

First, open the website, and click the ‘Premium button on the top of this page.

how to block ads on crunchyroll

Then, you can see these choices down below:

adblock crunchyroll

Their membership is divided into 3 types, including FAN at $7.99/mo, MEGA FAN at $9.99/mo, and ULTIMATE FAN at $14.99/mo.

Among them, you can choose $7.99/mo to avoid the interruption of advertisements, and at the same time, you can use the Crunchyroll library unlimitedly and enjoy the story after an hour of updating the anime in Japan. Of course, 9.99 per month and 14.99per month will provide more good features, such as the 9.99per month, MAGE FAN can allows you to enjoy stream on 4 devices at a time, which means you can share your premium account with your family and friends. For more premium information, please read the website in a more detailed way and choose what you need. I know it’s hard to make the decision. They do have a 14-day free trial for your testing. So please just click the ‘START 14-DAY FREE TRIAL’ to create your account.

block crunchyroll ads

Then fill the blanks with your card information and you can start to watch ad-free anime shows. There is one thing you need to pay attention to, the deduction will automatically be applied to your account for renewal after 14 days.

Download Crunchyroll videos to get rid of ads

If you have tried several of them and are still unable to get an ideal way to block Crunchyroll ads. You could download the anime shows and watch them offline. In this case, you will avoid annoying ads permanently. But you will need a downloader. Here I highly recommend you to use StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader. It is free to use and you can get other benefits from it. I will include these good features down below. You will not be hesitated to use the downloader when you get to know it to the fullest.

download videos to block crunchyroll ads

i Free Download i Free Download

Download subtitled videos

A lot of anime actually comes from Japan, and that's when we encounter language barriers when we watch anime. In other words, even if the animation is in English, sometimes we want to be able to see the English subtitles so that we can slowly appreciate the charm of the lines in the animation.

Using the StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader, you can download animated shows with subtitles. In fact, not only English subtitles, subtitles in other languages ​​can be downloaded. Also, you can choose whether to download the video with subtitles or just download the video without subtitles with a separate SRT. Subtitle file. You can choose what suits you better and then make a final decision.

Download Crunchyroll videos in batch and fast speed

They say time is money, and it's certainly true. Downloading anime can be time-consuming, especially if you're in a hurry to get out the door and realize you forgot to download the anime videos, which means you'll be bored waiting for the long-distance train to arrive at your destination. Use Crunchyroll to tell downloads of many episodes at the same time, letting you end up downloading a full season of anime before you go out.

Build your local media library effortlessly

Anime fans know that many times an anime contains more than just a few episodes. When you're downloading anime, organizing those videos becomes a headache. So, that's why I recommend you to use Crunchyroll. Using Crunchyroll to download anime, you can also save the data meta of the anime, such as its title, actors, seasons, etc. This allows you to build your own media library effortlessly.

Output friendly video format

Videos downloaded through Crunchyroll are in MP4 format. MP4 format is currently the most widely used video format and is compatible with many devices. So you can share your downloaded videos with your friends who use different devices. It's definitely a great way to get closer to your friends.


I hope the above methods can help you solve the problem of Adblock for Crunchyroll and improve your viewing experience. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.

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