How to Compress Mp4 Video to Smaller Size Online Free

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Whether you're on a Mac or Windows computer, an iPhone, or an Android phone, DVDFab can mp4 compress your video files in a matter of seconds. Compressing important video files to a reduced file size without sacrificing visual quality is possible. MP4, MPEG, HD video files, and all other video and movie file formats are supported. Now you may compress the mp4 file online with DVDFab.


Videos shot with other cameras can easily exceed 1GB in size, mainly if they were shot in high resolution. Some social networks have video size restrictions, so if your video exceeds the platform's video size restrictions, you'll need to compress mp4 file to fit the social network's requirements.

Video compressors are programs that reduce the size of video clips. It's a tool for encoding digital data. Popular video file types such as MOV, MP4, FLV, and others are supported by this program. Many of these applications make it simple to distribute digital information on social media sites.

We have already covered some of the best free video compressor apps for iOS and Android, as well as video compression software for Windows 10. In this post, we'll go over the top ten free online video compressors that let you compress films wherever and whenever you want.

Best Software to Compress Mp4 Windows 10

If you only want to compress your videos quickly, there's no need to invest a lot of money on professional video editing tools. In reality, regardless of your operating system, you can complete this operation for free online. Let's look at the top five free video compressors available online.

Online Converter Video Compressor

Online Converter Video Compressor

You shouldn't search much further than Online Converter if you're seeking a video compressor that's both reliable and simple to use. Videos in MP4, MOV, WMV, and other file formats can be uploaded from a URL or directly from your computer.

You can determine the ultimate size of the video you're compressing, and you can choose from a variety of audio quality settings with Online Converter. Remember that compressing a file too much can cause the compression process to fail, so don't compress videos any more than necessary. You can also minimize the size of your videos online by using Online Converter's Resize Video feature.

DVDFab Video Compressor

DVDFab Video Compressor

In a matter of seconds, you may compress your films to a size small enough to share by email. Upload your file, adjust the slider to ensure that your video file is smaller than the maximum size allowed by your email client, and then click 'Save.' Your video is now ready to send and share through email. Attach it as an attachment or drag and drop it into your message.

You can make videos compatible with vlc, QuickTime, and other programmes whether you're compressing your videos on Windows 10 or any mobile device. DVDFab is the best software to compress mp4 video to smaller size online free because it is straightforward to use and supports all file types.



Zamzar is a file conversion software that converts videos, pictures, documents, and audio files into different formats. You can also select from several video presets to prepare your video files for use on Vimeo, YouTube, Smartphones, and other devices.

To compress a video file using Zamzar, paste the URL or drag and drop the movie from your computer onto the platform. To begin compressing a video, select the output video file format from the Convert To drop-down menu and click the Convert button. The amount of compression you apply to a video is determined by the video file type you choose.


YouCompress mp4 compressor

This simple video compressor allows you to compress audio, video, and image files to make them smaller. You can also use YouCompress to compress an unlimited amount of MP4, MP3, JPEG, or GIF files. You can't change the output video resolution, file format, or bitrate because the entire video file compression process is automated.

To compress a video, drag it from a folder on your computer into YouCompress and click the Upload File & Compress option. Because there is no video file size limit for this online video compressor, the duration of the file compression is determined by the size of the original video file.



Compress mp4 video with AConvert. It is a simple procedure that requires less time and effort. Keep in mind, though, that AConvert can only compress videos that are less than 200 MB in size.

To begin compressing a video using AConvert, go to the Video window and select a video from a file-sharing service. You can select from a range of output video file types using the Target Format drop-down menu. After that, go to the Options drop-down menu and modify the Video Size, Bitrate, Frame Rate, or Video Aspect settings, then select the new resolution from the Video Size option. AConvert has many preset resolutions and allows you to change the bitrate to lower the file size.


The size of a video taken with a digital camera or a Smartphone can sometimes restrict you from sharing it with others. Any of the free online video compressors listed in this post can help you overcome this problem. The DVDFab Video Compressor is our personal favorite on the list since it compresses your video files to the smallest size possible without sacrificing quality. To make a bespoke video compression, you can select your resolution, frame rate, CRF, Bitrate, and more - or move the slider between 'Higher Quality and 'Smaller File Size' to produce your desired output. With just a few clicks, you can transform the file size!


How do I mp4 compress a video so that it may be emailed?

Click Attach File when you've finished writing your email. Locate the video you wish to add. Right-click the video file and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder from the menu that appears. Attach the video to the email and send it on its way after Windows zips it.

How can I send a movie that is too large by email?

On Android, sharing a link to a large video clip from Google Photos, where the movie is usually instantly synchronized, is the quickest way to send it. The majority of video files are too huge to email your contacts directly.

Is it possible to compress videos with Windows Media Player?

Some may wonder if we can force Windows Media Player to compress video mp4. Unfortunately, the feature is not available in Windows Media Player.

Compress mp4 Windows 10; how do I shrink the size of a video?

The Video Editor asks you about the "Video quality" in a dialogue box. Select the pre-selected option, which should be "High 1080p (recommended)," by clicking on it. Select Medium 720p or Low 540p to make the video smaller. The Medium 720p setting reduces the size of the video while maintaining its quality.

What is the length of a 25MB video?

Gmail has a 25MB restriction. A 30-second video taken at 720p (720p is the default setting on most current Mac and PC webcams) is over 30MB and cannot be attached to an email. If you capture video on a modern smartphone, it will most likely be in 1080p HD, resulting in only a few seconds of footage totaling 25MB.

Is there going to be a drop in quality?

DVDFab Video Compressor ensures that your video is exported at the highest quality feasible for the file size. You can select the level of quality desired by you. When you raise the file size, you also enhance the quality. If you need a modest file size, DVDFab will automatically choose the video quality with the least noticeable degradation. So you have the option to experiment with numerous export options and keep the video file that best suits your needs.

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