3 Amazing Ways to Colorize Photos as Desired 2023

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DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI
DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI
The Ultimate Tool to Improve Your Photo Quality with AI Technology.

What if you can colorize a black and white photo? It will be worthwhile to colorize black and white photos in memory of your beloved ones or unforgettable experience. However, colorizing old black and white photos is a challenging task. Especially when you have no idea which photo colorizer software or app you shall trust, for most software contains viruses, and in some cases, your photos remain saved in the software. These photos might be your confidential data and are at high risk of leaking online. It is recommended to try premium software for the colorization of photos as they are safe and secure.

Below are the three best ways to colorize black and white photos with a few easy steps. Such software to colorize photos is premium but offers free trials as well. Now you can surprise your grandma or an old uncle of yours with color photos of their life. Let it be a photo captured on the first date or moment of War.

Is it important to colorize photos?

Colors are essential for photography. They bring life to a scene captured an emotion caught on camera. You can tell what's going on when a photo is being taken, and all your memories are revived again when you see a color photo.

On the other hand, a black and white image gives a dull look and does not have the same effect as color photos. Also, you can pay close attention to every little detail in a color picture. Colorization is the need of this modern era. So, why not bother to colorize photos as desired?

Is there an app to colorize black and white photos?

Absolutely! There are various apps to colorize a black and white photo, be it photo colorizer software, online or mobile app. Some people tend to colorize photos online via an online app like VanceAI, others may choose a lightweight app to colorize photos on mobile phones. Still, there are some perfectionists who prefer to colorize photo Photoshop since Photoshop boasts complete and powerful features designed for colorizing black and white photos.

Anyway, aside from Photoshop, you shall never miss out on some lightweight photo colorization software based on AI technology. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is a typical example in this regard.

3 Ways to Colorize Photos as Per Your Preference

It does not matter if you are a professional or someone who wants to play with editing photos, and you can get your hands on these tools intended for colorizing photos. Without further ado, below we have listed the 3 best software and app colorize black and white photos. Read on to bring your pictures to life right now!

1. DVDFab Photo Enhancer Al

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is an AI-based photo editor that comes with free and premium versions. The best thing is it supports Windows 7, 8, and 10. The premium version of the software costs $49.9/month. When speaking of its complete features, you can enlarge, sharpen, denoise, optimize, cartoonize, and colorize photos with just one click. You can use it for free for 30 days. The free version is good enough for someone with an intermediate task to perform.

Above all, this photo editing software is lightweight and user-friendly, best for novices who dislike the learning curve when starting with a program. Since it is AI-powered, all tasks can be done with a few clicks.

How to colorize a black and white photo without Photoshop?

  • Free download DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI and Click "Colorize"

Download the free software on your Windows. It will take a few seconds. Once it is downloaded, run it. Then click on the "Colorize" option to proceed with the further task.

How to colorize photos automatically with DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

  • Upload image to colorize

Simply upload the image you wish to colorize. Play with different options. You can preview the colorized photo via two modes to check the Before and After effects.

how to colorize a black and white photo without Photoshop

  • Save the image for further use

Lastly, just save the image on your computer. The software comes with multiple saving options such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.

Q: Is DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI available on Mac?
A: No, it only supports Windows currently.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is premium software that costs $20.99 /month. You can enhance photo resolution and colorize black and white photos. This industry-leading photo editing software works best for professionals. Adobe Photoshop offers a free 7 days trial. This software supports Windows and Mac. You can remove blurriness from photos as well. You just need to sign in with an email to start with a free trial. If you are a professional photographer or looking for high-quality photos for commercial purposes, Adobe Photoshop is for you.

How to Colorize a Photo in Photoshop?

  • Download the software

Download the software on your PC. It will take few minutes. Now run it.

  • Choose a "New layer"

A new layer is best to start with. It gives you room to play with colors freely.

  • Upload an image

Once it is ready to use, simply upload an image you wish to colorize and use different options to play with. You can remove blurriness or dust from the photos as well.

  • Colorize your photo

Now pick the color you want to paint the feature with. You can choose different brushes from the tool plate and play with them. You can apply a new layer every time you pick a new color. Always choose a new layer for a new face/object/scene. It gives a nice blend of colors.

how to colorize a photo in Photoshop

  • Save the photo

Once you are done editing, save it. You can view it at once.

Q: Does it offer a free trial?
A: Yes, it does offer a free trial for 7 days.

3. Black and White Photo Colorizer App - Chromatix

Chromatix is a fantastic photo colorizing online app that enables you to edit your photos professionally. The best thing about this photo colorizer app is it does not change the original dimensions of the image. It is available on Google Play and the App Store. However, it is not free and requires $3.99 to download for advanced features. The app uses neural network machine technology to colorize photos, and the app is for professional use.

how to colorize a black and white photo

How to Colorize a Photo with Chromatix

  • Download the app

Download the app from Google Play or App Store and run it on your mobile phone. It will take few minutes. Be patient.

  • Upload an image

Now upload any black and white image you wish to colorize. Remember, this app work best when colorizing an object and scenes. To color people/faces, the results might turn out to be odd.

  • Use different options

You can set different color corrections, brushing tools, and adjust the color intensity.

colorize black and white photo

  • Save it

Once you are done editing your photo, simply click on save and view it in the gallery.

Q: Is it free to download?
A: No, it costs $3.99.


Now you can colorize old black and white photos with ease. Give color to your pictures by colorizing them with the tools mentioned above. These tools are tested and are best for both professional and beginner use. They work perfectly on PC and mobile phones. Adobe Photoshop and Chromatix are premium tools, while DVDFab photo Enhancer AI has a free version that you can try to colorize photos as desired. It never brings any learning curve for beginners.

By the way, if you search for photo to cartoon software to cartoonize photos for fun or for special use, read on for more details via this link.

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