The Best IPhone Games 2023

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As mobile devices improve by leaps and bounds, a growing number of people tend to use smartphones to conduct various activities, including recording exercise data, listening to music and watching movies, among which playing games on the phone has gained a lot of popularity owing to its convenience and flexibility. However, diversified choices and dizzying advertisements may make you puzzled. No worries. We are going to provide you with the best iPhone games 2021 as a guideline.

The Best iPhone Games Free for 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile

A shooting game gives you exciting experience

(price: free)

best iphone games call of duty: mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile was awarded as the best iPhone games free 2021, as a first-person shooting game, consisting of various modes to meet your demands

Multi-player mode: similar to the previous Call of Duty, it contains 32 different maps.

Battle Royale mode: a player could choose to play alone, on a double-player team or in a four-person squad. At the very beginning, the player could select the abilities ranging from healing to making a launchpad. As soon as the 100 people are ready, they will get aboard a plane and then will jump according to the automatic jump leader’s order to determine when and where to jump. Every map embodies diversified tools including weapons, vehicles and other items used to get the opportunities to kill enemies and keep alive themselves.

In the past few years, Call of Duty has been considered as best free iPhone game, and will keep trying to both maintain the current content and develop fashionable and high-quality mode.

Super Quick Hook

Conquer the mountain with your trusty grappling hook

(price: free)

best iphone games free super quick hook

Super Quick Hook is one of the best iPhone games of all time, in which players could select from six different characters as they traverse terrain and levels using a grappling hook. The platform also gives the players a pair of rocket boots and Slick-pants to allow them to propel forward and slide. What’s more, the game is divided into four modes: story, avalanche, eruption and duel. In every mode, there are several separated coins and hidden areas for the player to collect and discover. Super Quick Hook is definitely worth trying among the best games for iPhone.

The Best iPhone Games Paid for 2021

Among us

A classical survival game

(price: $ 2.7)

best free iphone games among us

Among us, as one of the best games for iPhone, is a kind of survival game belonging to the action games classification, which is a multiplayer game for four to fifteen players, while the developers advise for at least five.

There are five different maps including The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus and The Airship. Inspired by Mafia, the game will randomly choose one to three players as imposters who will be responsible for killing certain crewmates secretly, and the rest of them as crewmates who are going to discover all the imposters and finish the tasks.

The specific missions of each group of players:

Imposters: at the very beginning of the game, the imposters will get a fake mission list so that they are able to blend in with Crewmates. Besides, they are capable to recognize the identities of other imposters, sabotage the map system, go through the ventilation systems and killing Crewmates when surrounding them.

Crewmates: they will complete a series of small games on the map consisting of maintenance work on vital systems such as fixing wires and downloading data.

What’s more, if a dead body is discovered, any Crewmate could announce it and force all the players to participate in the group meetings to vote the suspicious imposter. The meeting obtained a plurality vote, and the player whom the most crewmates voted is ejected from the map and become a ghost immediately.

The platform will provide a variety of tailored options, including spacesuit colors, skins, hats and pets, some of the contents need to be paid for.

Railroad Ink Challenge

A strategy game promoting your creativity ability

(price: $ 2.49)

best offline iphone games railroad ink challenge

Railroad Ink Challenge is both one of the best strategy games iPhone and best offline iPhone games. You can choose either offline or online mode, either single or multi-player mode at your preference.

In seven rounds, the player should get points as much as possible. In every round, the players will roll the dice and draw the routes to connect the exits and expand their own network with highways, railways and stations to collect points.

What’s more, it is beneficial to get more points from the central areas connected by the longest railways and highways and from the missions with time limits.

Besides, the players also could connect the special buildings to trigger new effects: replicate routes, unlock some powerful routes. However, pay attention to the open road, you will be penalized for it, so making considerate plans is necessary.

The producers will launch new maps such as forest and desert, and the innovative dice and rules may bring more adventurous experiences.


A puzzle game using your imagination

(price: $ 4.99)

best games for iphone blek

As one of the best puzzle games iPhone and best games for iPhone, Blek is featured by minimalist in design and boundless imagination, where players need to draw a snake-like black line on the screen which will be recorded and repeated on the screen to collect colored dot targets and avoid black dots. Except simulating the drawn pattern, it will also mimic the player’s pace in drawing the stroke. It contains 80 levels with growing difficulty which requires creative solutions and patience. What’s more, it also has a specific sound when successfully completing the task or failing to get the colored dots.

Spell Tower

A word game enlarging your vocabulary

(price: $ 4.99)

best games on iphone spell tower

Spell Tower is one of the best word games for the iPhone, where the player creates words from a jumble of letters to clear the screen before it refills. Its simple content and attractive looks set no threshold for anyone who is obsessed with word games or wants to try these kinds of best games on iPhone. If the player creates a long word with five or more tiles, any adjacent tile will be cleared as well. What’s more, difficult characters like X, Q and J, will remove an entire row when used in a word.

How to Find the Suitable Games for You Easily?

There are various kinds of games in the market, including action games, action-adventure games, adventure games, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, sports games, puzzle games. If you are fond of the exciting experience of defending your own country or protecting yourself, action games and adventure games will be great choices. While if fostering a child or building something from nothing, role-play games may attract you a lot. When you find you are dedicated to solving problems or creating answers, try a strategy and puzzle games.

Besides, focusing on some authoritative ranking list such as the best iPhone games 2021, or the best iPhone games free which contains the most popular games that year, try some of them attracting you, it is likely for you to discover the one. All in all, the more you know yourself, there is the higher chance for you to find your favorite games.

Final Words

This passage introduces several best iPhone games both the best free games for iPhone and paid popular iPhone games. As the demand grows, companies launch miscellaneous options with all kinds of assortments. If you want to find the one suitable for your appetite, this article will help to some extent from my point of view.

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