Best Free Games on Steam

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Steam is a well-developed digital gaming distribution platform for gamers and game developers. The platform has paid, or free games for everyone under various gaming categories, and the user-friendly interface makes access super convenient for everyone.

This article will discuss the best free-to-play games on Steam, along with their characteristics and availability. We try to cover famous genres like you find suggestions on the best free strategy games on Steam, and the best free VR games on Steam are also worth noticing.

Apart from discussing popular Steam games, the article will walk you through the frequently asked questions about the platform so that you will start your gaming journey with a clear mind.


Steam is a digital gaming distribution platform primarily compatible with PC games. But fortunately, now it has expanded its availability to smart devices and different home gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4, Sony Playstation, etc.

Since the gaming industry is growing with every passing day and the gaming developers working day and night to release new games, purchasing gaming CDs or DVDs has become old-school. Digital platforms like Steam have made an online community where game developers and players instantly interact, buy, or sell games. The games can be downloaded on any compatible device and played smoothly. However, we will discuss the best free games on Steam that wouldn't let you spend a penny but deliver an immersive gaming experience.

There are different categories of games, and we will try to add a few games from every one of them, especially the best horror games on Steam are worth discussing.

Best Free Games on Steam

World of Warships

If you are into fighting and critical thinking, this best free multiplayer game on Steam is made for you. Wargaming publisher has put so many thoughts while designing a game, and adding naval effects and themes is a bold move. Players will be involved with lots of crashings and destruction since they must unlock 500 titular warships to ace the game.

It is an interesting and one of the best free-to-play games on Steam, where the players get to buy premium ships, drive them to fight with their rivals, and enjoy lots of exciting battles with scary weapons. It also involves lots of decision-making, planning, strategy building to destroy rivals, so it can be a healthy escape that will open players' minds to new possibilities. Therefore, with many prolonged sessions and being completely free to play, it is undoubtedly the best free strategy game on Steam.

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The game involves critical thinking

Smooth interface

Easy to understand

Free to download

Lots of exciting missions


Crossout is one of the great, free, and best games to play on Steam in your spare time. Yes, this is a vehicular combat video game developed by Gaijin Entertainment and made available to all the home video game consoles for quick and easy access. Among all the other healthy activities, crafting vehicles or playing with machine guns is not a bad idea.

The game theme refers to the MMO Action game. The player has to craft his battle machines from available parts, ride them to the battles, design the strategy to destroy enemies, and earn a winner badge in the explosive battles. This can be the best free single player game on Steam if you are actually into crafting, critical-thinking and afford to spend significant time to enjoy destruction.

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Lots of possible combinations

It allows you to be creative

It gives a sense of accomplishment when winning against enemies

Improves vehicle performance with every win

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

No matter how many new and sensational game genres come to divert our minds, strategy games can never be outdated, especially when they are free. We have so many famous and most-played games like Warcraft and Starcraft in this category, but Game of Thrones is the one that kept the flame going.

Game of Thrones: Winter is coming may not be new for the gamers, but being free and available to several devices would be exciting news. Since its release in 2019, it has been played by billions of players because who doesn't like ruling the seven kingdoms while involved in funny politics. Steam did the right job to make it available on the platform for billions of players worldwide, and hence we call it the best free single player game on Steam.

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Best free strategy game on Steam

It is based on strategies and decision making

3D game battles

Free to download on PC

Beat Saber

Beat saber is the best free VR game on Steam which lets you experience terrific rhythm that you have never seen before. It is pretty unique gameplay where the players can feel and enjoy visual effects with music beats. The players are not supposed to enjoy the beats but slash them when flying to them. The players will be quite dancing because the beats can come from any direction, and they will indicate which saber you need to use in what direction.

So, it is relatively straightforward but a fun game to play on Steam. The multiplayer option can be more exciting because the player can compete and destroy beats with friends in a dreamy world. It is pretty easy to play and keeps you engaged; hence it is not wrong to say that Beat Saber is the best free multiplayer game on Steam.

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Fun game

It involves music and interesting visual effects

Multiplayer game

Easy and engaging


RIFT is another best free game on Steam and has been very popular among gamers. Like Beat Saber, RIFT will also take the player to the fantasy world where he develops, learn new skills, get hands-on weapons, and involves lots of beasts fighting.

The game will walk you through a journey to find a way to live and save yourself from enemies via fighting or using new and advanced weapons. Also, the player will have the freedom to choose his role in the game and journey.

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Life journey game

It involves learning new skills

Self-development practice

Weapon usage can be exciting

Fuel Renegades

If you wonder if there is the best free racing game on Steam, then here is your answer. Fuel Renegades will give you a completely different idea of flying cars in a futuristic world where you can roam around at high speed. However, you may not find any core gameplay, and the slow vehicle update can be annoying. Still, considering the availability of various gaming consoles and user-friendly interfaces, it can be the best free-to-play game on Steam.

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Flying vehicles

Fun game to play

Race in high speed

Dramatic effects


Video games are the biggest contributor to the entertainment industry. Considering the huge demands of VR, strategy, racing, and other game genres, Gaming developers never want to miss the opportunity and play smartly with the marketing of games. Yes, making all the games available on a single platform like Steam saves a lot of time and searching for players. This article will help you find the best free games on Steam.

We recommend trying the best free racing games on Steam and taking your experience to the next level. Besides, the best free multiplayer games on Steam can also turntables while competing with your friends. Besides, never forget to check out the best free horror games on Steam and destroy the evil from your own hands.


What are the games we can play on Steam?

Steam has a huge collection of games under its paid or free categories. The customized library has also differentiated the games by genres to find them easily. The few famous and best free to play games on Steam are:


Shadowverse CCG

Lords Mobile

Halo Infinite

Russian Fishing 4

Anchor Club

What are the top games to play on Steam?

Apart from the best free games on Steam, some paid versions are worth trying.

New world

Dead by Daylight

Battlefield 2042.


Destiny 2

Which are the best free horror games on Steam to play?

The best free horror games on Steam in 2022 are:

We went back


The room syndrome

Project Kat- Paper Lily Prologue

Can I get any game on Steam for free?

Yes, thousands of games are available on Steam for free to download on your systems. Besides, sometimes the platform comes with giveaways that let you download the paid games for free. So, many gamers take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy famous Steam games for free.

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