The Best Apple TV Shows You Must Watch First

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Apple TV Plus shows started right away when the streaming service came out in November 2019. Since then, we've seen a steady stream of new Apple TV shows come on the service, and now there's enough content to get into its offerings. But which Apple TV shows are the best? How do we answer this question?

As you'll see, good shows on apple tv already have a lot of different types of shows, from shows for kids to more adult shows for their parents.

Apple TV Shows

People who buy a new phone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV boxes get three months of service for free. For everyone else, you can sign up for Apple TV Plus right now for $4.99 a month, after a seven-day free trial.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus to watch apple tv shows

In 2019, Apple TV Plus came out, and it has quickly become a big player in the streaming game. For example, it has streamed shows and movies like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and The Banker and Greyhound. If you are looking to know what shows are on apple tv, you have to watch, stay tuned and see the list of the shows.

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10 Top Shows on Apple TV

For All Mankind

For All Mankind one of the best shows on apple tv

This is our favorite and one of the best shows on apple tv now. In 1969, the Soviet Union was ahead of the US in the competition putting a man on the moon and won. Because of this, the NASA of this timeline decides to keep going. Part of their plan is to get more women and people from other races into the US space program much earlier than what happened in our world. It's a new way to think about how early space exploration might have worked. There are two seasons of the show, and the third one is being worked on.


Dickinson from the best apple tv shows

Emily Dickinson is a real-life American poet who has had a big impact on many other people's writing over the years. This from the best apple tv shows looks at a story about Dickinson's early life that isn't real. This version of the poet, played by Hailee Steinfeld and her friends, acts and sounds more like teenagers today. It's not exactly true to history, but it's still fun. It's possible to watch all three seasons at the same time right now.

Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark – one of the best shows on apple tv

We've read stories about young reporters who aren't real but still in school. The story of this one of the best shows on apple tv, a real-life young journalist, is told in this show, though. Brooklynn Prince plays Lysiak, an 11-year-old girl who makes her own newspaper for her town. Things start to change for her when she starts to look into a murder that happened near her home. If you want to watch the first season now, you can. The second season is under a working process.

Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob – from the apple tv best shows

If you want to watch Apple TV Plus, you can watch the best-selling book of the same name by William Landay. This is from the apple tv best shows based on that book. He takes off his Captain America uniform and shield as the show's star. His character is an assistant DA who lives in a small town in Massachusetts. He has to deal with his son Jacob, who is accused of killing a classmate at school. In this case, there is a lot of family drama and a lot of murder.

Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest – from the best apple tv shows 2021

The Silicon Valley of HBO made a comedy with the creation of the Tech startups. Mythic Quest is from the best apple tv shows 2021, and it does the same thing. If you want to learn how a video game developer works, this show isn't for you. In this case, it's about the creator of an MMO game and the people on his team who have to deal with his sometimes-crazy ideas and requests. The show was also co-created by Rob McElhinney, co-creator of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and stars as Ian Graham, the main character, who sometimes believes his job is to "create worlds." You can now watch the first two seasons, and two more are in the works.

Little America

The little America – one of the best Apple tv original shows

Apple TV Plus shows on this list aren't as flashy or high-concept as this one, but this is one of the best Apple TV original shows, and it's still good. Instead, it's more human and heartwarming, making it even better. In each episode, a different person moves to the U.S. and tries to make a new life. Nigerian boy: Episodes have shown his life in Oklahoma and the life of a Chinese woman who wins the cruise for her family. Many people look at the American experience through different eyes in this movie.


Servant – one of the best Apple tv+ shows

In this thriller series, M. Night Shyamalan is an executive producer. He also directed two of its episodes. This one of the best Apple tv+ shows fits his dark story ideas. A young couple has to deal with the death of their baby boy, which was very sad for them. It turns out that after a while, the wife starts to care for a doll that she thinks is alive. The husband hires a babysitter in order to help take care of their “kid.” On the other hand, the nanny seems to think this thing is real as well. The twists and turns that Shyamalan is known for will happen in this TV show. If you want to watch two seasons now, you can. There will be a third in January 2022.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show – one of the top apple tv shows

This is one of the top Apple TV shows. Jennifer Aniston plays a national morning news anchor who is shocked when her co-anchor, played by Steve Carell, is fired for allegedly having sex with a woman on the show. She also has to deal with a young female reporter, played by Reese Witherspoon. I sometimes find it hard to understand what is going on in the office and the media. There are still great performances from actors like Aniston and Carell and actors like Witherspoon and Billy Crudup, the head of a news company. The long-awaited second season has just started running on the service.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso – from the best new shows on apple tv

Culture clash, along with a few comical results, in this entry on the Apple TV shows lineup. Jason Sudeikis plays the title character. In a small college, Ted Lasso is the football coach. He loves football, and he got the job. That's not the only reason why Lasso is about to make it big. It's because of some very strange things. In the UK, he will be the head coach of a big football team. Lassen wants to look like a confident person. He doesn’t know how to play this game. This show on Apple TV Plus is one of the funniest. He tried to win over the team with the lessons he learned from across the pond.

Ted Lasso is from the best new shows on apple tv, and it's a big deal. Nearly all critics and fans love the show, and it recently won seven Emmy Awards, including one for the Outstanding Comedy Series in the 2021 show. The second season is already out, and there will be a third season in 2022.


Tehran – one of the best shows on apple tv plus

Keep in mind that this is the first Apple TV Plus show that isn't in English. But don't let the thought of reading subtitles keep you from watching this show. This one of the best shows on apple tv plus is about a female Israeli Mossad agent. To help Israel stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. She's been sent to Tehran, which is in Iran. However, things don't go as planned, and she is forced to hide while being hunted by Iran's Revolutionary Guard. People who watched Showtime's recently-finished Homeland will like this spy thriller, which is very tight.

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