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We have always been hooked to animations at one time or another in our lives. Then came anime with something different to offer and gained popularity at first. The craze for anime has reached a limit where various platforms like Snapchat have allowed us to add anime character filters to any image. We have discussed this phenomenon particularly by Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.


Anime and Japanese manga have taken over the interests of youth. The first and foremost reason for their popularity is that they provide something different to viewers. People have been fed up with traditional animation and everything, but the anime offers a different perspective regarding the characters.

Owing to this high popularity, various platforms have provided ways to use anime filters. The introduction of these filters created a trend on social media that is increasing day by day. You can easily apply anime character filters on both, videos or images. For instance, you may use your picture in the filter, and it will show you how you would look like in case you were an anime character.

It all started when the Snapchat app first allowed its users to create an anime version of themselves. It was followed by other apps like Instagram and TikTok when they also allowed their users to apply anime character filters. So, it was discovered on Snapchat and was adopted by other social platforms. Here we have discussed anime filter Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

What Is Anime Filter

Over time, Snapchat and other video-sharing platforms have always found a way to entertain their fans. This time is no different as they have developed an anime filter that allows its users to create an anime version of any image.

Suppose you want anime filter Snapchat on your face. What Snapchat does is that it recognize certain features in every face and make changes in a way to form an anime. So, the image is not just a shot in the air, but there is a complete process behind the conversion.

Tools To Create Anime Filter

The trend of using anime filters is increasing continuously, and so are the platforms to assist you in this regard. It is common for programmers to come up with tools to assist the users whenever something new arrives. The same happened in this case, and we have been provided with many tools to use anime filer.

1. AnimeFilter

AnimeFilter is an online platform used to add anime filters to the image. In the case of AnimeFilter, you can use any saved photo in your storage and use the filter on it. While in the Snapchat anime filter, you can only use video or pictures taken from Snapchat's camera.

anime filter

The website will add an anime filter to it within a few seconds, and the picture with an anime filter will appear on your screen. It is easy to use, and you just have to add the picture you need to edit. You can also make use of the drag and drop option to start the process.

As the output is created, use right-click on the image to download it. The conversion speed on a laptop is better and faster than that on a smartphone. The website offers an option of the auto crop while adding an anime filter, but if you do not select the option, you must adjust the photo according to your need.

2. Imgkits

Imgkits is also an online platform to add anime filters to the photo. It is easy to use and allows you to add several effects, including Pixar filter, paintings, sketches, etc. Unlike most online platforms, Imgkits is not free. You can enjoy three free attempts, but you have to buy a premium after that.

Imgkits anime filter

  • Launch Imgkits and Sign up or log in to the website.
  • You are given three free trials or buy a premium account.
  • Go to the home page and press "Upload Image" to browse the image. You can also use the drop and drag or copy and paste method to upload the image.
  • Select the filter you want to add and proceed further to complete the process.

3. Selfie2Anime

As the name indicates, it is an online platform used to add anime filters to selfie pics. The pic doesn't need to be a selfie, but a typical picture can also be used. The platform uses Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), which can efficiently add anime filters to photos. Discussed below is a step-by-step process to use


  • Launch the website, and "Upload a Selfie" is written in the middle.
  • Press that button to add the photo. Unlike most platforms, it does not allow the drag and drop option.
  • The website does not add filters then and there. Instead, you have to provide your email, and the output image is sent to you there.

Use Anime Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat is the most well-known app for using anime filters. As discussed earlier, it identifies the features of the image you want to filter and then works on it in a systemized manner. With the launch of this feature, its use increased exponentially, and even there was a hashtag #animefilter trending on Twitter where people uploaded their anime filter Snapchat.

The anime filter provided by Snapchat is very vast. It allows you to choose from about a dozen kinds of anime, including 90s anime, Realistic anime, anime nude filter, etc. However, the app provides an easy way to use an anime filter, but still, it can cause a bit of confusion for a newbie. Here we have discussed in detail how to use anime filter Snapchat.

  • Install the updated version of Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Focus on the picture you want to take. It may be a selfie or photo of a person in front of you.
  • Click on the "Emoji" sign to access the filters.
  • You can choose any filter from here, but the easy way is to press the "Explore" button and search for anime filters.
  • A list of filters will appear; you can choose any of these filters
  • Take a photo or record a video, and an anime filter can be seen in the video.

Use of Anime Filter TikTok

TikTok is also a video-sharing platform used to create a short video for up to one minute or so, and then the video is uploaded on the platform. You can add music in the background or a particular filter to the video and then upload it on the platform.

Although TikTok allows you to use various filters, there is not much advancement on this front. While on the other hand, Snapchat offers dozens of anime filters to choose from. Here we will discuss the detailed procedure to add anime filter on TikTok by using Snapchat.

  • Install the newest version of Snapchat on your mobile.
  • Create a video you need by using any one of the anime filters Snapchat.
  • Save the video to personal storage or simply use the option camera roll while saving it.
  • Now, you can upload the video to TikTok.

Use of Anime Filter Instagram

Although Instagram is considered a way better platform than the other two for so many reasons, it seems to fall short on anime filter Instagram. Like TikTok anime filters, Instagram anime filters are also not as advanced as that of Snapchat. Instagram does offer a large number of filters, but these filters are not sufficient in most cases.

If you want to upload some videos or photos with an anime filter, you may use the filters offered by Instagram. But if you already have Snapchat account, we recommend you create a video there and add anime filters to it. Then you may upload this video to Instagram.


With the rising popularity of Japanese Anime and Mangas, people, especially teenagers, have developed a keen interest in developing personalities like them. As the need arose, technology once again proved to have heard. These people are now provided with platforms like Snapchat that allow you to create anime filters Snapchat. Also, TikTok and Instagram are being used to make TikTok anime filter and Instagram anime filer viral, respectively.


Does Instagram have its anime filters?

Instagram contains a large number of anime filters. You can always use them to create an Instagram anime filter pic. But Snapchat offers more filters as compared to anime filter Instagram. Therefore, we advise you to use Snapchat if possible.

Does TikTok offer anime filter TikTok?

Although TikTok is well-known for its editing opportunities, there are not many anime filter on TikTok. So, you are bound to use Snapchat to record a video with an anime filter and then upload it on TikTok. You may do the rest of the editing on TikTok.

What is the difference between TikTok filters and TikTok effects?

Some people get confused regarding filters and effect concepts. To make it simple and easy, we can say that filters are used to change the whole perspective of the video, and effects only make small changes.

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