How To Add Music To Facebook Profile On Android And iPhone

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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used websites all over the world. Starting with the purpose of connecting people, the platform has gained more success than any other social media platform. Over time, Facebook has always managed to surprise its users by adding new functions. Now, Facebook allows you to add music to your profile. Here we have discussed how do you add music to your Facebook profile.


Facebook is an online social media platform, and it has also performed as a photo and video sharing platform over time. The website was first created and introduced by a Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 and was named "Facemash." The site was initially compared to the online platform "Hot or Not", which was used to take two photos and then decide which one was hotter.

That was how the journey started in 2003, and the site gained enormous popularity among Harvard University students. Inspired by this success, Mark Zuckerberg created another website, "TheFacebook", during early 2004. The platform expanded with time and gained the status from university to global level, and in 2006, anyone over 13 could access the website.

As for now, Facebook is considered among the most visited websites worldwide. During all this time, Facebook has introduced an enormous number of functions. Recently, Facebook has also allowed its users to add music to Facebook profiles. Here we are about to explain how to add music to Facebook profile. But before getting into how do you add music to your Facebook profile, let's discuss if it is possible to add music to your Facebook profile.

Is It Possible To Add Music To Facebook Profile:

As discussed earlier, Facebook has made a lot of improvements with time. On October 25, 2018, the platform made it possible for users to add music to their profiles. The feature related to Instagram allows the users to add music or any audio to their Facebook profile and story.

Earlier, a somewhat same function allowed Facebook users to select music for their stories. In addition to that, now you can choose the music from your storage for the Facebook profile or story. Moreover, you can add certain music to your Facebook profile to let people know the kind of mood you are in. Now, without further ado, let's dig into how to add music to Facebook profile.

How To Add Music To My Facebook Profile:

Before getting into how to add music to your profile, you should know that the feature is only available for Android, iPad, and iPhone. Also, you need to have a Facebook application for the respective device. So, there is no way to add music to your Facebook profile if you are using a web browser on any device.

Here we have discussed the step-by-step process about how to add music on Facebook profile:

· Launch the Facebook app on your smartphone and log in using your email address.

· As you open your account, the news feed appears. Open your profile page by pressing the profile picture on the screen.

· As the profile page appears, scroll it downward. You can see three bars as "Life Events, Music, and Did you know." Press "Music" to add music to your profile.

· Another screen will appear. Select the "+" button in the top right corner of the screen.

· After you select to add music, the system will allow you to browse music files from your storage. You can search for the music of your favorite artist or something according to the mood.

· After browsing the music, choose the music file you want to add, and the music will be added. Now, you can revisit the profile to check the music you added.

How To Pin Music to Facebook Profile:

The simplest method to add music to a Facebook profile is discussed above as "How to add music to my Facebook profile." Facebook offers another method to add music to Facebook profile by using the option "Pin to profile." Following a step-by-step guide can be helpful regarding how to add music to Facebook profile by pinning it.

· Log in to Facebook by using your Facebook account. Music cannot be added while using Facebook on a web browser, so make sure you use the Facebook app provided by smartphones.

· Leave the news feed and open the profile page simply by pressing your profile pic.

· Scroll down the profile page, and it shows three options "Did you know, Life events, and Music."

· Select the "Music" button, and Facebook will allow you to browse music from your storage. You may search for the music by your favorite artist or some other preference.

· There are three dots in front of each music file. Select the dots, and it will show options as "Pin to profile” and “Delete song from profile."

· Select the option "Pin to profile" and add the music.

· The music file will be pinned and saved to your profile. You can visit your profile, press the dots once again and replace it or unpin it.

How To Remove Music From Facebook Profile:

After adding music to your Facebook profile, it can only be removed manually. It's not like WhatsApp status or Facebook story that the platform will takedown after a particular time. Instead, you may have to visit your profile and remove or replace the music yourself. It gets easier to remove it if you know how to add music to your Facebook profile.

Here we will explain the step-by-step guide to remove music from Facebook profiles.

· Launch Facebook from the application provided by Android, iPhone, or any other device you are using.

· The news feed will appear at first. But there is no need to stay on the page as you need to be on the profile page to add music to your Facebook profile.

· Scroll down on the profile, and you can see the "Music" option. Tap that button, and a new window will appear.

· It contains the songs or music that has already been added. To remove or replace the added music, press three dots in front of the file.

· Choose "Delete song from profile" to remove the already added music. The music will be removed, and you can add a new song by following the steps explained in "How to add music to your Facebook profile."


Music is undoubtedly the most potent form of magic. It can give colors to the world. It has always inspired human beings and can be considered a necessity for the nourishment of soul and spirit. One of the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook, allows users to add music to their Facebook profiles. Now, you can choose media from your personal storage and add it to your Facebook profile. Here we have elaborated on how to add music to Facebook profile.

Google People Asked Questions:

Why and how do you add music to Facebook profile?

Karl Lagerfeld once said, "Music gives color to the air of the moment." It has the ability to captivate anyone. The music to your profile may also determine the kind of day you are having. Now, some people like to share such feelings while others are a bit private. So, if you want to share your feelings with everyone, Facebook offers you a way to do it. As for how do you add music to Facebook profile, you can use the methods discussed above.

How do I add music to my Facebook profile while using a PC?

Facebook usually does not allow its users to add music to Facebook profiles by using a web browser. So, there is no proper way to add music to a Facebook profile. But you could access Facebook by using and looking for the "Music" option there.

How do I add music to my Facebook profile if the "Music" option is not there?

Firstly, access Facebook through the app provided by your smartphones and look for the option on the profile page. If you can't find the option, it is probably because the feature is not launched in your country. The feature was introduced in around 30 countries, including Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Netherlands, etc.

What kind of music can I add to my Facebook profile?

The kind of music you want to add depends entirely on you. It's not like Facebook provides you with a list of music files, and you have to add one of them as your profile music. Instead, it allows you to explore your storage and add the music of your choice. So, you can upload any music, but you should be careful of copyright issues.

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