How To Convert Audio To Text?

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Finding the right transcription tool is not an easy task. There are plenty of transcription tools that offer converting audio to text services, but they often lack accuracy. The core purpose of transcription is to convert the audio file to text, whether it's an interview, podcast or subtitles, or even a presentation, as accurately as possible. Many transcription tools also provide conversion of video content to text. These transcription tools have both manual and automatic transcription options. In this article, we have listed the 5 best transcription tools. Read the article to know their complete details.


Online transcription tools are helpful when you are looking for a quick solution to convert audio to text. Converting audio to text manually takes a lot of time. Suppose you have an assignment or presentation due tomorrow, and you have a few hours. What will you do? You will look for a quick solution to get your work done. Transcription tools make your life easy. Below is the list of transcription tools for you. Some of these are online, and some of them are excellent tools.

5 Ways To Transcribe Audio To Text

Below are 5 ways to convert Transcribe audio to text with these Transcription tools.

transcription from audio to text is a quick way to convert your audio to text in three steps. It is an online tool to convert audio to text. However, it comes with a premium subscription with low rates costing only $24 per month with unlimited transcription of audios to text. You can try it for free with a 10 min video export option. But the free version comes with a watermark on it. also offers video transcription where you can convert any video with subtitles or without subtitles to text. It supports MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, AND other popular video formats for transcription. If you are a professional who needs audio to text transcription regularly, then is for you. You can download the desired format type, such as TXT and SRT, in one go.

Follow these three steps to download videos

  • Upload the audio
  • Let Veed works
  • Download the transcripted file

transcribe audio to text

There are two ways to convert audio to text with Happyscribe. One way is to use the automatic source, which has an accuracy rate of 85%, and the other is to use a human transcription service, which has an accuracy rate of 99 %.

If you are looking for free audio to text convertor, its transcription editor can work free for you. Also, with an automatic transcription service, you can avail of a free trial that costs €0.20 per minute and to avail of a human transcription service, it will cost you €1.70 per minute. It offers a free trial for a video that is less than 10 minutes. Also, it supports 45+ formats and can read up to 120 languages. For Human services, you can avail of transcriptions in English, Spanish, and German.

Follow these simple steps to convert audio to text.

  • Sign up for free
  • Upload your audio file
  • Transcribe your file
  • Export the file


audio to text

Transcribe by Wreally is trusted by millions of users. It is a quick way to transcribe audio to text. You can convert interviews, phone calls, audio lectures, and speeches. Also, it supports subtitles files as well. It can convert your audio file to text in more than 80 languages. The tool offers several ways to convert audio to text. One way is that you use the automatic convertor to convert your audio files. The other way is to dictate to the tool, and it will write it down for you. This option is more convenient if you don't want to transcribe the whole file and want to add or delete some content. You can use the shortcuts mentioned on the website for a quick turnaround. You can start with a free week, sign up, and later purchase for low prices. The automatic transcription costs $6 hrs per hour with $20 per year. Another mind-blowing feature of Transcribe. wreally's Transcribe Editor is that it works even if you don't have an internet connection. You can upload those subtitle videos to social media with ease.


audio to text converter

Transcribear is an audio-to-text converter with automatic and manual transcription services. You can transcribe audio to text-free manually with this tool and get a free trial for automatic transcription. With Transcribear, you can convert audio and video files to text. In a manual transcription, you type all that the Transcribear editor tells you, but automatically, the transcriber will convert all audio and video to text in a few minutes. Sometimes if you have huge files, it will take time to convert. All your files are safe and secure. Once deleted from the tool, they are gone forever; Transcribear does not keep any of your data.

The pricing of Transcribear is reasonable for manual and live transcriptions, and you don't need to pay for manual. Along with that, you get an unlimited conversion. In automatic transcription, you get three options to go with, and the premium package costs around £2.00/ hour.


transcribe audio to text free

Audext allows you to transcribe audio to text free online for a short period. It offers a secure and quick conversion of audio into text. The automatic transcription service is highly recommended, and you can edit the file with ease. Just sign up for free and avail of the free trial. It offers $5 per hour for automatic transcription services with an 80% accuracy rate and is available in 60 languages. Professional transcription costs around $1.2 per hour, with a 99% accuracy rate, and is done by native speakers. Both versions have a free trial.

Audext supports multiple formats such as MP3, WAV, MP4, OGG, WMV, etc. Also, you can convert audio to text with the speaker identification feature. It has an in-built editor, which can make your work easy. In case of low sound quality, it is recommended to use a high-quality and clear sound to increase the accuracy of the transcription.


Converting audio to text is an easy task; you don't have to look for multiple transcription tools. In this article, we have listed the best transcription tools that are safe and do your work in a few minutes. A couple of these tools offer live or human transcription services that have a high accuracy rate compared to automatic and manual transcription methods. Also, you can convert video content to text, and now subtitles can also be put to videos with these tools in a few minutes. Try these tools for today, and let us know which worked out best for you.


How do I automatically transcribe audio to text?

Sign up to Transcribear and click on the automatic conversion of audio to text option. You need to get a subscription for automatic transcription of audio/video to text.

Is there a program that will transcribe audio to text?

Several Transcription tools transcribe audio to text. Check out the list above.

Which is a free transcribe audio to text tool?

No tool offers transcription from audio to text completely free, but you can get a free trial before purchasing a tool.

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