Best TikTok Songs of 2023

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Tik Tok has gained amazing popularity through its fabulous user base and fan following who are crazily driven towards creating videos on Tik Tok songs. Many popular Tik Tok songs attracted attention because some Tik Tok users with a great number of followers started creating videos using them as a piece of background music. Moreover, due to this, they became sensational songs overnight and we will let you know about them for sure.


Every year launching of any kind of new app redefined social media use. Similarly, 2014 was the year when was launched with the motive of creating videos that included dancing and lip-syncing. this application focused mainly on the age group of 13 to 18 years old And by mid-2017 it already had a user base of around 200 million. However, in 2016 Chinese started taking over the market and stood as a competition to This app was initially named Douyin but it was changed to Tik Tok for the rest of the world to stand out as an international appeal. Being available in more than 154 countries the application gained a response from more than a 100 million user base within a year. In 2018 both of these popular platforms were combined by bytedance and Tik Tok songs gained quick popularity.

The year 2021 has proven to be a year of popular Tik Tok songs release and the rising of pop culture was witnessed as the strongest ever current. Not only this but the application itself has changed a lot and started paving the way record labels and musicians needed to market and bring a roll out in the new music. It brought a sensation in the music industry. Tik Tok songs have become so popular that people have started recognizing the artist more through this medium. It has risen as a short form of video entertainment that caters to a variety of songs for making videos. The special effects and filters along with the popular songs give fabulous visual effects to the users.

Best Tik Tok Songs of 2022

Here is a list of the best Tik Tok songs for 2021 which brought a sensation in the entertainment industry.


tiktok songs: Peaches

Justin has given his fans yet another musical treat in the form of this song. It is one of the popular Tik Tok songs that has taken the app by storm. It is a very stylish song that features vibes from the ‘90s where you can play with your swag with its mesmerizing tune. You can twin in this piece with your buddy, girlfriend, or anyone you like and flaunt them as a beauty symbol or how important they are in your life. You can also showcase your expertise in the video by using a variety of filters.

Artist Name: Justin Bieber

Album Name: Justice

Genre: Pop, trap, Pop-soul, R, and B.


  • Five nominations at 64th Annual Grammy Awards.
  • Song of the year.
  • Record of the year.
  • The best music video,
  • Song of the year with most co-writers given credits.
  • Best R&B performance.

Best Friend ft. Doja Cat

Best Friend ft. Doja Cat: best tiktok songs

This was a great song to tap your feet on with your best friend. This is among the top Tik Tok songs that were taken for the best friend challenge by many users. You can get a great space with your BFF and can share the screen with them to cherish the joyous moments of your friendship. Pairing up with them and creating your moves to groove on this catchy song is the essence of this amazingly tuned creation.

Artist Name: Saweetie

Album Name: Best Friend [Remix EP]

Genre: Hip Hop and Pop Rap

Awards: Nomination at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards for the best song in the rap category.

Life Goes On

Life Goes On: tiktok songs

Being played in a loop this song is a popular one among Tik Tok Songs of 2021. In this song, the users can be seen doing their favorite thing in a loop as it goes by the lyrics of continuing the activity. The interactive chords of the song are quite catchy with great beats and many Tik Tok users are using it to show their daily routine and schedule to their viewers.

Artist Name: Oliver Tree

Album Name: Ugly is beautiful

Genre: Pop

Awards: None

Deja Vu

Deja Vu: tiktok song

With yet another popular song Olivia has brought a new challenge for the Tik Tok songs lovers. With each passing scroll, you will be able to find this great song where someone is vibing out in the video and gathering likes for their act. Many big creators like Addison Rae and Charlie D’Amelio created videos using this music piece. With a perfect sync in using the inverted filter on Tik Tok, you can easily make this video by singing Deja Vu lyrics.

Artist Name: Olivia Rodrigo

Album Name: Sour

Genre: Pop

Awards: Best lyrics award by iHeartRadio music.


Savage: popular tiktok songs

This is a viral going song of 2020 which is racing among the top Tik Tok songs to be posted by the users to gain more popularity. It became a stuck-at-home viral anthem within a short time of its release. The artist Meghan herself created a video of her song and posted it as a quarantine chill thing for the Tik Tok users and it became a to-do thing for them. Many self-isolated mothers also tried their hands on this song and created their videos even in 2021.

Artist Name: Meghan Thee Stallion

Album Name:

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Awards: Won two awards at 63rd Annual Grammy awards for

  • Best rap song.
  • Best Rap performance.


top tiktok songs

This one is amongst the trending tik Tok songs that took over the internet as a dreamy jam and are a great choice as a song for viral background. It is a popular choice for using in videos showing some sort of art challenge, or a video which tells a story or showing a day in anyone’s life or to demonstrate a video related to how-to’s. Users have created more than 12.1 million videos over this song.

Artist Name: Xilo

Album Name: Aesthetic

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Awards: None

Drivers License

Drivers License: tiktok dance songs

This iconic melody is associated with a looking for a list of sad tik Tok songs in 2021. Some users have also used it as an advanced choreography to show a speedy process however its lyrics are heartbreaking and can be used as much more to create a great video. Some users have also used it in scenarios where they are lying down on the ground looking at the rain or standing at a windowpane looking at the wind or rain. It simply shows their heartache when this song is used as the background music.

Artist Name: Olivia Rodrigo

Album Name: Sour

Genre: Indie Pop, Power Pop.


  • Nomination for Grammy award for record of the year
  • Nomination for Grammy award for song of the year.

Buss It (Remix)

Buss It (Remix):famous tiktok songs

Being released in the year 2020 this song is among popular tik Tok songs which are known for their catchy beats and gained popularity with its remix version in 2021. Moreover, tik Tok users used it for creating transition videos where they are trying different outfits or makeup. It has an outstanding feature because here the user does not have to show just their face, rather at the end o the song they have to do a squat style popping down and then finish their dance move.

Artist Name: Erica Banks

Album Name: Erica banks

Genre: Dirty Rap

Awards: None


trending tiktok songs: UP

In the list of popular tik Tok songs, this one can be used as an apt background for content that can go viral. Under the #upcardibchallenge the users show themselves as having a fresh face where they are not ready and then slowly switch over to the look where they are all done and set for the day. It is more of a transition video where the users show their cardi style by using makeup and dresses.

Artist Name: Cardi B

Album Name: Up

Genre: Trap, Hip Hop


  • Nomination for Grammy’s 2022
  • American Music Award for Video of the Year
  • BET Award for video of the year.

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby: tiktok songs

It is a beautiful composition by Beatles recreated by a great fanbase of 400 in the form of audio files and an arrangement of a 60 piece orchestra. This song has been inspired by the situation of the pandemic and is among the good Tik Tok songs of 2021. Being recreated as an amplified version of the original song this song has been used by many Tik Tok users to create videos. You can create videos with your family, friends, or anyone you like while using this song as the background music.

Artist Name: Cody Fry

Album Name: Symphony Sessions

Genre: Pop

Awards: Best arrangement nomination along with vocals and instruments nomination at Grammy awards 2022.

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  • Not available.


What are the popular Tik Tok songs of 2021?

There are many popular Tik Tok songs of 2021 that include songs like Buss It by Erica Banks, Life Goes on by Oliver Tree, and many more.

Which songs were trending as Tik Tok songs for the year 2020?

The trending Tik Tok Songs of 2020 were What you know Bout Love by Pop Smoke, The Box by Roddy Ricch, and many others.

Which software is the best to download popular tik Tok songs?

PlayerFab Software is the most trusted tool to download popular Tik Tok songs of 2021 across many genres.


Tik Tok songs have created a trend for its users where they can either go for voiceovers that are funny or can do mashups that are catchy and go viral. In this way, by using popular tik Tok songs they can find a coveted spot on the For You page of Tik Tok. Every day new songs are being brought in the market and on the Tik Tok application as well. In this way, artists find a ready platform for their new creations along with an opportunity to get viral.

With Tik Tok seizing the reins of the famous music industry users are getting a chance to showcase their talent on social media and gain some popularity as well. Moreover, with our popular PlayerFab software you can get all the tik Tok videos at your hand easily and you can also do a lot more with this fabulous software. We hope you found this article entertaining and informative as well.

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