How to Rip Music from Youtube

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Are you still looking for ways to extract audio/music from YouTube videos without breaking the law, then you jump the right place? This article will disclose the best way to rip music from Youtube legally in any format you want. You can use the extracted content as the background music of your videos to make them more engaging.

This article will briefly discuss the apps or online tools available to get the job done without any professional assistance. Besides, the most common questions will be addressed by the end of the article to satisfy your confusion.


Ripping is a widely used concept of extracting audio or video content from media players, CDs, and other digital means and copying it to your system hard drive for future use. Influencers, content creators, and marketing professionals are highly involved with ripping music from youtube and utilizing it in their videos as background audio.

While creating content like makeup tutorials, fashion transformation videos, and DIY videos, it is preferred to put exciting background music. It helps creators get more views and keep the user engaged throughout the video watching. Moreover, creating videos for birthdays or anniversaries while adding multiple pictures and clear-cut music in the background is a great way to surprise your loved ones.

Therefore, we will briefly discuss how to rip music from YouTube in a format used on different editing platforms. The process can be done multiple ways, but we assure you to add the less time-consuming, easy, and hassle-free ones. So, let's get into it.

How to Rip Music From YouTube

There are two common ways of music rip from YouTube, and both of them work best within their potential. One method ensures high-quality music ripping by extracting the audio with the video converter and then getting the final output in your desired formats. However, the online method of ripping Youtube music may sacrifice the music quality a little. It is a less time-consuming and easy way to get the job done. Well, we will discuss both and let you figure out what suits you the best.

Rip Music from YouTube with DVDFab

DVDFab is an excellent solution to all your digital extraction, conversion, and editing needs. The platform has a wide audio and video format support that help you transfer your digital content to make them accessible on multiple devices. Besides, its built-in tool for ripping MP3 from YouTube without the quality loss has caught every professional or beginner's attention.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface does not consume much time to get used to it. The built-in digital library allows you to arrange all your media files in one place for quick access.

Here is a step-by-step process to rip music from YouTube via the DVDFab tool.

  1. First, you need to download the DVDFab tool from its official site.
  2. Launch the tool in your system.
  3. At the front interface, you can find the utility button in the right corner.
  4. From the drop-down menu of utilities, click on the YouTube video downloader option, and wait a while for it to load.
  5. After a few moments, another window of Youtube will be open automatically.
  6. You may enter your desired video or audio to rip in the search bar and hit enter.
  7. Open the desired video, then play and watch the download button at the left corner. It will give you several quality options to choose from.
  8. Suppose you want the downloaded video in HD (720p); select it.
  9. After clicking, you will notice the downloading process will start instantly.
  10. Find the "To converter" option on the window when the download will complete.
  11. The moment you select that button, it will take you to the software's different module, with various format options to select.

rip music from youtube

With the DVDFab's built-in functions, you can edit, rotate, convert the format, and play with your digital content. You can also trim the videos/audios and give them a new look without any quality loss.

Ripping music from YouTube videos is also a quick and easy task. Since you have downloaded the video already, it will take a few moments to rip the music for you to remake.

DVDFab conversion module will give you everything on the plate. You only need to hit some buttons and download the file in your system.

rip music from youtube

  1. First, click on the MP4 button at the left corner right below the logo to choose the format.
  2. Hit the Audio button from the menu.

rip music from youtube

  1. Now, you may click the MP3 option from the format list.
  2. Find the start button in Green at the right bottom corner and click.
  3. It will barely take a few moments to rip MP3 from YouTube.

Music Rip From YouTube Online

You can find an app to rip music from Youtube. But, online tools are much more reliable than hectic apps that consume significant space on your devices. You don't have to download videos from YouTube and go through the whole conversion process by opting for this method. Instead, an online tool allows you to rip music by online pasting the video link. Online tools got your back anyway if you don't want to download any extracting or conversion software.

However, every shortcut comes with specific cons. Such online tools can put your system at the risk of malware or phishing. So, ensure to download updated antivirus on your laptop/PC before using any online ripping software.

A smooth interface and speed processing will rip music from Youtube high quality for further use. You can still trust the following online tool to do the job as it is the safest one we have tested. Here is a quick process to download the audio.

rip music from youtube: YTMP3

  1. Open the Youtube to MP3 converter on your search engine.
  2. OpenYoutue, search the video you want to extract and copy the link.
  3. Now, paste the video link on the converter.
  4. Hit the GO button.
  5. A window will update with more options at the bottom. Hit the convert button and choose the media quality.
  6. Then hit the download button.
  7. Wait for a few minutes, and the final file will be downloaded to your system.


It is always good to try your hidden talent by remaking certain content and showcasing your abilities. Suppose you ever decide to create content or play with the existing ones from YouTube. In that case, this article will guide you to rip music from youtube videos legally and quickly in the best possible quality.


Is it legal to rip music from YouTube Videos?

Technically, yes. You can rip music from Youtube videos unless you are not harming or ruining the original content. However, be careful with the copyright music and always get formal permission from the content creator before ripping or using the audio for your own purpose.

Can I rip music from Youtube Online?

Yes. You can find several ripping or conversion tools on Google that claim to rip music from Youtube videos safely. However, ensure an updated antivirus to save your device from any potential digital threat.

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