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StreamFab YouTube to MP3
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You might come across a music video on YouTube or other such platforms, and you want to save it as audio to listen to it later. Now, the platform itself doesn't allow you to do so, but various tools can assist you in this regard. Here we have discussed some of FLV to MP3 converters online and offline.


If we conducted a survey about people's knowledge about tech, we'd come to realize that almost everyone is aware of the MP3 format. But there will still be people who do not know about FLV properly. It's mainly because MP3 is the most commonly used format for audio files, while on the other hand use of FLV is not that vast.

FLV is a video format used by Adobe Flash Player version 6 or newer. Its primary purpose is to provide video content, including Movies, Shows, music, etc. FLV format is widely used by various well-known platforms like YouTube, VEVO, Hulu, etc.

We have come across a large number of YouTube videos. There might be some video that you want to save as audio. But the problem with YouTube and other platforms using FLV is that they do not allow you to download audio files or convert FLV to MP3. Here, we discussed some methods to demonstrate FLV to MP3 converters free and paid.

How To Convert FLV To MP3

On a daily basis, we encounter a large number of videos online. Most of the time, we just watch that video online, but, in some cases, it might be a captivating music video or some lecture you just want to listen to later. In such a case, you can always convert the FLV to MP3 and save it to your storage by using various tools.

In another scenario, you might want to convert the already saved FLV video to MP3. In both cases, various online and offline tools can be used. Almost all the online platforms are for free, and the rest of the tools require you to buy a premium for extensive functions.

Use Offline Tools To Convert FLV To MP3

Offline tools are highly recommended for those who want to convert any video format. It may be from WebM to MP4, MP4 to MKV, or FLV to MP3; such tools provide ways to do that and much more. These programs are easy to use and provide an excellent quality conversion.

Most of these programs are free up to a specific limit, and after that, you are required to buy a premium. Or you might be offered limited functions in the free version and a whole lot of functions by paid version. Here we have discussed some of the well-known FLV to MP3 converter - free download for Desktop.

1. DVDFab Video Converter

The video converter designed and presented by DVDFab is designed to change any format, whether audio or video. This state-of-the-art software is undoubtedly the best option you have if you want to convert .FLV to MP3. Another critical thing about the DVDFab video converter is that it is available for both Windows and Mac.

flv to mp3 converter

The program offers a 30-days free trial, after which you have to buy a premium account to enjoy proper functioning. Discussed below is a step-by-step process of how to convert .FLV to MP3 while using a DVDFab video converter.

  • FLV to MP3 converter download and install it on your system. Below the "Download" button is the Mac button from where you can choose to download the DVDFab video converter for Mac.
  • After installation, launch the software on your system.
  • A "+" button appears in the middle of the screen. You can either press the button to add FLV video or drag the video and drop it here.
  • Choose the output file format you want and press the "Start" button to start conversion.

2. Stellar Video Converter

The stellar video converter is an all-in-one video converter used for audio and video files. Its functions are limited and allow you to trim or crop videos to remove watermarks. Also, you can add your own watermark and subtitles to a video by using this software. Furthermore, it also assists you in creating GIFs from videos.

flv to mp3 converter

Apart from all those features, a Stellar video converter can also be used as an FLV to MP3 converter. Here, we have discussed the conversion of FLV to MP3 in detail.

  • Download the Stellar video converter from the official site. You can download the software for either Windows or Mac, depending upon the need.
  • Install the program on your system and launch it.
  • It offers multiple options as Converter, GIF Maker, or Metadata.
  • Choose the "Converter" option and press "Add File" to browse the video from your storage.
  • Select output as MP3 and start conversion.

3. Freemake Video Converter

To this point, we need to understand that the converters we have discussed are not just FLV to MP3 converters. These converters are designed to make hundreds of conversions among different formats. The critical thing about Freemake FLV to MP3 converter is that it is for free, but you have to tolerate their watermark if you are using it for free.

flv to mp3 converter

The step-by-step guide to convert FLV to MP3 is given as follow:

  • Freemake Video Converter and install it on your system.
  • Press "+ video" to browse video (FLV) from the storage or use the Drag and drop method to add video for conversion.
  • Choose MP3 as output and start conversion.

Use Of Online FLV To MP3 Converters

If you just have a few FLV files that you want to convert to MP3, FLV to MP3 converter online is the best way to go for you. There is a setback that you need to constantly be connected to the internet if you want to convert .FLV to MP3 online. But on the plus side, FLV to MP3 converter online is free of cost and easy to use.

Online FLV to MP3 converters provide a way to convert videos on PC, Android, or iPhone. Here we have some well-known and safe FLV to MP3 converters online.

1. Convertio:

Convertio is an online website that converts video and audio files into different formats. It offers more than 300 formats for conversion, and about 25,000 conversions are possible among these formats. You can also select a file from Google Drive and convert it to the required format.

flv to mp3 converter

The platform can be used to convert FLV to MP3 as follow:

  • Open convertio.co.
  • Here you can choose video by various methods. The FLV file can be added from internal storage, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • After selecting the file, you can adjust the output format you want, like MP3 in this case.
  • After selecting the output format, press the "Convert" button, and the conversion will start.

2. Cloudconvert

Cloudconvert is also an online FLV to MP3 converter and can make swift conversions. Like Convertio, it also offers a large variety of conversions. Apart from regular conversions from FLV to MP3, it can also adjust audio Qscale and volume according to need.

flv to mp3 converter

The following steps are used to convert FLV to MP3 online.

  • After launching the website, select "Convert FLV to MP3."
  • Press the "Select File," and it will allow you to browse FLV video from storage.
  • Press the "Convert" button to proceed further and access FLV to MP3 convert free.

3. Online File Converter

Online File Converter is in no way different from the rest of the online platforms being used for conversion. Online file converter is restricted to audio and video files and provides you a way to convert less popular files like PDF, DOC, JPG, etc.

flv to mp3 converter

It is a piece of cake to convert FLV to MP3 while using an online file converter. All you need to do is launch the website; press the "Choose Files" to add the FLV file you want to convert; select the "Target Format" as MP3 and start conversion.

Final Thoughts

Most people do not face any problem going to YouTube every time they want to listen to their favorite music. But some of us want to have an audio copy of the music in our personal storage. But YouTube and other streaming platforms do not directly allow you to do so. We have discussed various offline and online FLV to MP3 converters to counter such an issue here.

Google People Asked Questions

Is it safe to use the tools discussed above?

There is a risk while using such tools as most of them are not well-recognized. But the programs and online converters discussed above are one hundred percent safe to use.

Which software can play FLV files?

As Adobe designs FLV, it should be opened in it. But other than that, you can also use VLC, Media Player Codec, or Winamp to access FLV files on your system.

How can we FLV to MP3 convert free on android?

To convert FLV to MP3 on android is as simple as it is on PC. You can simply use the online websites discussed here for this purpose or use various apps like Video MP3 Converter or MP3 cutter and merger.

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