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Do you prefer carrying books anywhere you go? If yes, then subscribe to Amazon audio books and listen to your favorite author wherever possible. In this blog post, we would like to cover the details of Amazon audio books and Amazon audio books free plans for our avid listeners.

Those were the days when we got sufficient time to stay at home, leisurely reading books of various authors on several genres. But now we hardly get time to sit at home, read our favorite books. But technological advancement brings down the solution. Now Amazon audio books or Audible are in your hands that you can listen to any books or your favorite author at any time you want. Furthermore, the advantage is you can do anything: driving, preparing presentation slides, cooking, gardening, check your mail inbox, but still, you can listen to the story of your favorite genre. Amazon audio books give our intellectual senses a breathing opportunity which we must take for granted.

What are Amazon Audio Books?

Amazon audio books or is an Amazon acquired company that mainly produced and sold digital audio books to users. In 2008, to observe the growth of the Audible brand among the users, Amazon purchased it and acquired the company. Now the name remains the same, but Amazon has complete control. Listeners of digital books have risen due to their easy access and to listen to anything they want.

amazon audio books

What is the Amazon Audio Books App?

Audible is an Amazon audio books official site. There are millions of books, podcasts that get released in Amazon audio books which are called Audible. Once you go for a subscription plan and pay them, you can immediately install the app on your device. Amazon audio books or audible are for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 apps users and entertaining them since its launch. You can access the audio stories from these devices at any time you prefer. After the subscription and installation on the compatible device, you can listen to your favorite authors uninterruptedly.

The Compatible Device List to Listen to Audio Books Amazon

As the Amazon prime audio books free of cost are digital books, you need compatible devices to listen to your favorite author. To access Amazon audio books free, you keep handy the following devices. They are:

  • Amazon Fire Tablet OS 5 or the latest version
  • Windows and Mac computers
  • 8th Generation Kindle and the latest set
  • The Bones Milestone 312
  • The SanDisk Clip Jam
  • The Victor Reader Stream
  • Kindle for Samsung
  • Kindle for Android

The Features of Amazon Audio Books Audible

  • Once you install the Amazon audio books app, you can access lots of books of your favorite genres.
  • You can adjust the narration speed, slow or fast, based on your preferences.
  • You can set a Sleep Timer to adjust your sleeping time. Sleep Timer won't allow you to miss any twist of the story and reveal the mystery.

Amazon Audio Books Pricing

With 200,000 audio programs, Amazon Audio Books or Audible has become the most extensive online bookseller and retailer in the USA. However, Amazon Prime audio books subscribers will get one credit per single subscription plan. Here is its subscription plan to listen to the Amazon prime audio books stories:

The membership plans come under two segments. They are:

Amazon Audio Books Plus: After spending $7.95/ month, you will have unlimited audio books, Audible originals, and Podcasts.

Premium Plus: It's a premium select title that allows you to purchase the audio books and keep them if you stop using the Amazon audio books app. The pricing for Premium Plus is $14.95/month.

How to Download Amazon Audio Books on Your Devices?

Let's say you are staying without internet service and have to pass your time in a quality way. Download Amazon audio books on your device will give you the flexibility to listen to all the chapters offline. Listening to audio books, analyzing the characters, unfolding the mystery (if you are a mystery-lover) can be the best way to utilize your leisure time. Let's learn how to download audio books on Computer.

Step 1: Visit

Go to the site from your PC or Mac and sign up for your Amazon audio books account.

Step 2: Choose the 'Library'

On the screen at the top side, select the 'Library' option.

Step 3: Locate the book you want to download

Select the audio book you want to download in the library and click on the Download button under the book column.

Let the download process be done, and confirm through the notification. You can access the download file in the storage and can start listening anytime.

Download Amazon Audio Books on Mobile, Android, and iOS devices

You can save the Amazon audio books on Cloud on mobile devices. You need to access your cloud storage for Android and iPhone users to download and listen to audio books. Let's check the process:

Step 1: Go to from an Android or iPhone device and sign up for your Amazon audio books account.

Step 2: Click on the Library option at the bottom of the screen on iPhone and in the side menu bar on Android.

Step 3: Choose Cloud-- iPhone users find it at the top of the screen, and Android users may find it in the dropdown.

Step 4: Select the audio book you want to download to Cloud and click on its cover

Once you finish the download process, you will not see the download icon on the book cover. The download file is audible without wifi or the internet. It's a privilege to listen to your audio story wherever you go without the internet or wifi.

As Amazon audiobooks or Audible is an app, it may give you problems regarding its access, and you may end up with a split mind.

Amazon Audio Books Troubleshooting

When you are using an app, you must know how to fix the primary issues that affect the app's overall performance. Here, device specification may vary in the issue-fixing ways and a few common errors you can manage alone if you know the tricks. When the app is not working, and you are clueless about what should you do, follow the following schemes:

  • The first way to troubleshoot the issue is to check whether your device is connected to a network or not.
  • Then check whether your network provider supports audio listening or not by calling customer care.
  • Restart mobile or PC if it is not connected with the mobile data or wifi.
  • Remove the app cache and cookies and then check.
  • Uninstall the app for a short while. Next again, reinstall it.
  • Update the device and the app as it's impossible to get access from outdated devices and apps.
  • Change the location of the router and modem and keep them from where they can catch strong network signals.

These are a few common steps you can try if Amazon audio books stop working between an interesting story you are listening to.

If you come to know about the Audible and questions are hitting your mind, ask us!

FAQs: Clear your doubts and listen to books as much as you can!

  • How do I access Amazon free audio books?

Free Amazon audio books are available in the public domain. Amazon prime audio books come with a Prime logo box that indicates it's for Prime members. And some audio books come as Free Listening; they are free.

  • Are Amazon audio kindle books and Amazon audio books the same?

Both are Amazon products. But there are differences: Amazon audio books are entirely for listening to audio books, and it's a subscription-based service app. On the other hand, Kindle lets you read millions of books, magazines, ebooks, etc.

  • Can Amazon Prime members access Amazon audio books?

Yes, Prime members can access the Amazon audio books but not in complete form. Amazon audio books or is an app that provides you with listening opportunities in return for a subscription package.

  • Is there any limit of access to listening to ebooks on Amazon audio books?

It is based on your subscription plan that you can access unlimited books to listen to. Audible Plus plan comes with unlimited listening, and the Premium plan allows you to purchase books for a lifetime, and you can keep them with you.

Concluded Part

Modern hectic days and busy schedules snatch us the pleasure of reading books. Social media makes us engage in likes and comments on others' posts. Fortunately, technology goes a long way to making our life easy. Amazon audio books are the only things that seriously think about our intellectual amusement so that we can listen to our favorite authors despite our daily schedule. We can listen to the stories while working, driving, cooking, or before sleeping. Technology makes our life easier, and audio books Amazon makes our life worthwhile.

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