Tablo Review: Tablo Dual 64GB OTA DVR

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Over-the-air digital video recorders (OTADVRs), which allow for free recording and playback via the Internet, are something you probably already know. Although they are very similar to DVRs from cable, these devices were designed for users who use antenna-cutting. Tablo has been making these products for years. We have not posted any reviews on this website. We're finally getting Tablo review up today, though – better late than never! You will find all the features in this review. We'll also tell you whether or not you should actually buy one of these things – it is a Tablo review, after all. Let's get started.


Tablo sent a Tablo Dual 64GB to review. This is standard practice when dealing with PR and media outlets. Our site is very small so we have to be able to trust our readers and let them know when we get a sample. We also use this section to inform readers that we don't accept any payment in return for reviews. Companies are not allowed to influence our reviews. No affiliate links appear in our reviews.

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Let's begin this review on the Tablo Dual 64GB. Today, we'll be reviewing the Tablo Dual 64GB. Here's the deal:

Tablo Review

The OTA DVR allows you to record television shows online. The model's "Dual" name refers to its two TV tuners. The DVR can record up to two things at once. The \"64GB\" part refers to the device's built-in storage – a feature that distinguishes it from other Tablo devices, including the otherwise identical Tablo Dual Lite, which requires you to supply your own USB storage device.

64GB is not a lot when you're talking about video – Tablo says it fits 40 hours, but you'll get less if you opt to record in 1080p (and you probably will). However, 64GB is not much.

The 64GB capacity meant that I didn't need another hard drive. An Ethernet cable is also included with the Tablo. A power supply is also included in the Tablo. The antenna is what is missing from the Tablo. Thankfully, I had a few lying around – it's an occupational hazard.

Tablo Dual looks great. It is very small and measures less than 6 inches. It was everything I needed in an OTA-DVR. It isn't an accessory to be used for conversation.

Tablo review - Tablo Dual ports

To see additional storage options via USB or to connect the Tablo via Ethernet cable, flip the unit over. A power and coaxial cable are also included.

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User Experience

Tablo TV app is the most convenient way to control a Tablo device. Tablos do not have screens and can't be connected to your TV. Everything can be done online including programming and setting up.

It was simple to set up Tablo. All you need to do is connect to your device's network. Next, enter your Wi-Fi details. Amazon Alexa users will be able to see that this setup looks very similar. You can connect your Tablo with the network using an Ethernet cable. Both options were tested by me.

The app also has content discovery tools that allow you to find shows that interest you. You can choose to either record all episodes or just a few.

Tablo Review - Tablo TV app

Tablo's app looks amazing. It is very easy to use, and it looks great. The way I took pictures was very easy.

Tablo Review

Tablo offers streaming services via the Tablo TV app. The Tablo TV App allows you to view the recorded shows. You can also stream TV live from Tablo.

Tablo Review - Tablo TV app menu

The platform support is excellent, and I could view TV live or record it from my tablet or phone. The experience was pleasant overall. Only problem is that I cannot view live television. Although you can view live programs from the tab for live TV, it may take some time to load. That's presumably because Tablo needs to establish a little bit of a lag so that they can buffer out the live TV feed, and that's understandable – I don't see any way around that, and presumably Tablo didn't either. Each channel change will require a loading period. And on the apps I tried, it didn't seem to be possible to flip the channel up for down directly – I had to exit my live feed and choose once again from the channel guide. Everything I was viewing disappeared while browsing.

Tablo allows you to still view TV live, but cannot channel surf or quickly switch between channels. It is a big drawback of live OTA TV. This makes it hard for cord cutters to take advantage of the lazy channel flipping offered by OTA TV.

Although I enjoyed being able live TV on my tablet or phone, I decided to connect another antenna to my TV to watch it instead of streaming from Roku. Tablo TV allowed me to record OTA and view the recordings. It also enabled me to watch live OTA TV on my phone or tablet. This was a better alternative to traditional antennas for OTA TV.

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Streaming quality

Excellent streaming quality was achieved on the Tablo Dual. The streaming quality was excellent on the Tablo Dual. I could stream both Wi-Fi as well as wired shows. You don't have to be mad that the Tablo digital record records any problems with your antenna.

As I stated in the User Experience section, live TV loading times caused my experience to be somewhat slow. It worked fine once it was loaded. It was not perfect when I connected the Tablo via Wi-Fi, but it worked better with an Ethernet cable. If you intend to watch a lot of live TV on the Tablo, a wired connection will be preferred.

Tablo can stream 1080p HD in the same quality that OTA broadcasts. To get 1080p HD, you will have to change a setting within the Tablo TV App. Also, 1080p videos will take up more space than 64GB so you'll need to adjust a setting in the Tablo TV App.

Support for Platform

It is a crucial part of the Tablo TV experience. We thought it logical to include a section on platform support. Tablo TV supports multiple platforms. You can access it for Roku Fire TV Apple TV or Apple TV. Chromecast can be used to access the Android app. Visit to learn more about which platforms Tablo is compatible with.


Tablo Dual 64GB available at $180 It is an affordable price for DVRs. Tablo subscriptions are required if you want your DVR to perform at its absolute best. It's $4.99/month or $149.99 per year if you want commitment.

You can get the Dual Lite for around $140, so that's worth considering if you already have a portable hard drive you can use (or are willing to buy one – the $40 you save by opting for the Lite will net you more than the 64GB you get on the model that is the subject of this particular Tablo review). Tablo Dual 64GB is able to store data with no external storage devices. This gives it an aesthetic advantage over its counterpart. If you're looking for luxury and high-life, the Tablo 4Tuner OTA Digital Recorder could be your best option.

Price cannot be compared to any direct competitors. SiliconDust's two-tuner HDHomeRun Duo costs about $100. However, you must subscribe to the DVR service (not Tablo) to get it. To record recordings, another device is required (such as an Always-On Computer). Comparing prices is difficult. This isn't an HDHomeRun Review. The Tablo Dual 64GB seems reasonable priced.


Tablo Dual is an OTA video recorder. It's very reliable. The Tablo Dual OTA DVR records and transmits TV over-the air without the need for time shifts. The device will perform the task competently and show some flair. Tablo's principle is fantastic. Because DVRs aren't connected to televisions, they can travel wherever the world takes them. The Tablo TV App allows them to be controlled from any smartphone or tablet that has the Tablo TV App.

I'm a bit less sold on Tablo's live TV features, primarily because I think the inability to channel surf negates one of the best things about free over-the-air TV: that let's-see-what's-on, flip-around-during-commercials sort of laziness that is easy to miss when you've ditched cable and are surrounded by commercial-free on-demand services. While live TV streaming works well when you have a strong wired connection, I think most Tablo owners will be able to afford at least two antennas. Two antennas are needed for Tablo and each TV they want to watch live TV. Despite this, live television is superior to any other device: My iPhone was able to stream OTA TV even though it couldn't channel surf.

Tablo, a specialist in recording OTA contents, does a great job. Although Tablo is capable of live TV, it's not the main feature. Tablo is cheaper than its rivals and less costly. There are solid options to record OTA TV. If you're looking for OTA TV, this is a great buy. Even though the Dual Lite may be worth looking at, you might need an external hard drive of 64 GB. The Dual Lite will still be able to do the job.

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