Sling TV Review: Channels, Features, and More

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Sling TV now offers a number of new features, such as an updated Roku TV App and the possibility to access local channels in certain markets. Sling TV's core remains unchanged, despite the changes in the margins. It has decent pricing and an excellent channel selection that can be customized.

Sling TV is a highly customized cable option

The pros Cons
  • Bundles that can be customized
  • Roku App Streamlined
  • Some local networks are now available
  • Only in selected markets are there local networks
  • Problems with frame rates persist

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Sling TV Video Review

What do you know about Sling TV? Is Sling TV worthwhile? This article examines Sling TV in a variety of ways. Continue reading for more information.

What is Sling TV? What does Sling TV do?

Sling TV focuses on live TV. That means live network channels — the same ones you remember from cable or satellite. These networks include AMC and HGTV. ESPN is another example. Sling TV allows you to access channels such as these without paying for cable.

Sling TV's browser app

This is the core appeal of Sling TV. However, like all good streaming services, Sling TV also offers a DVR which allows you to save your favourite shows so that you can watch them later. You can also watch on-demand content.

Sling TV's Top Channels: Which channels are available on Sling TV

Sling TV offers many channels. The sports selection rivals fuboTV’s more sports-oriented lineup. All the major national channels, including ESPN, FS1 and NBCSN, were available to me, along with some smaller regional networks and RSNs. I also had coverage on college and foreign sports. Although the RSN selection on Sling TV isn’t extensive, it’s not the most frustrating thing about their sports section.

Sling TV on Roku during our review testing
Sling TV offers channel bundles that include Sling Orange or Sling Blue. The Roku app is shown in this screenshot by Sling TV.

Sling TV was once devoid of major networks. However, that is now somewhat different. You can receive a local FOX feed or NBC if you reside in certain markets. You can receive both NBC or FOX if you reside in New York City and Chicago. Remember that NBC and FOX are only available in those markets where both networks own or operate affiliates.

Two other major networks — ABC and CBS — are the biggest channels missing from Sling TV's lineup. Although I would love to have those channels included in Sling TV's lineup , it is another strong channel.

Sling TV Features & Specs: Streaming Quality and Sling TV Devices and More

The streaming quality of Sling TV is comparable to that offered by most live TV streaming services. Although there are some framerate issues, which we will discuss below, the app support is extensive and excellent. Sling TV has a strong feature list, but its cloud DVR does not have unlimited capabilities.

Sling TV DVR: Sling TV can record

Sling TV offers up to 50 hours free cloud storage with the Sling TV DVR. You can also upgrade to 200 hours of cloud storage for just $5 per month.

This review was based on a few episodes of House Hunters that I had recorded and viewed. I had to see commercials even though I could watch them online. Hulu has a timer that shows you how long the ads are going to last. Sling TV doesn't have that feature. It was difficult to determine if I would have enough time to make quick snacks or run to the kitchen to get some food. The cloud DVR was functionally great, however the commercial break were annoying.

Sling TV App: Which Devices Are Compatible With Sling TV

Sling TV launched in 2015. It was the first thin bundle on the market, and has spent a lot of time developing apps that work across all platforms. I was not surprised to see that Sling TV continues to excel in platform support. Roku apps, Fire TV, Android TV (including Sling TV has its own AirTV device(), Apple TV and Android TV.

Sling TV for iOS
Sling TV for iOS

This review was conducted on Sling TV using a variety of platforms, including Roku, Fire TV and iPhone. I also tested it with Chromecast and Firefox.

Sling TV Streaming Quality

Sling TV streams in HD, but not 1080p HD — the livestreaming video here generally tops out around 720p. This is typical for most streaming TV services, though there may be exceptions such as YouTube TV.

The frame rate is more of a problem. Sling TV can reach 60 frames per second, which I find acceptable. However, it does not always achieve that speed, which is fine. 60 frames per second is important for live sport.

Sling TV's streaming is still solid to my naked eyes. Although you shouldn't expect 4K resolution, I believe you will be happy as long as your not a perfectionist.

Loading times were very fast and streaming was smooth. Lag time is significant — it's at least a good 30 seconds in most cases — but that's part of the deal with these live TV streaming services. You should be careful when watching sporting events, as logging onto Twitter could spoil the big plays!

Sling TV: The Things We Learned from Our Sling TV Test Testing

Sling TV has recently upgraded its Roku App. The most obvious changes to the guide screen aren't so old-fashioned anymore. Although the grid remains, the highlighted channel is clearly visible. The channel highlighted pops out more on the screen, almost as though Sling TV wants you to be certain about which channel you have selected.

Roku Sling TV: during our review testing
Roku Sling TV:

Sling TV's home page has become more efficient and less repetitive. The home page has slightly less information, but it's still useful. We noted in an earlier review how your favourite channels can easily dominate all rows on the homepage. The "Trending" category appears first on your home page. This may or not be related to your favourite channels. There are two categories below that, Recommended for you" and My Channels. This is to avoid repetition. However, the Continue watching option is further down so your favorite channels don't appear as tightly packed together.

Sling TV's channel guide in the browser app
Sling TV's channel guide as seen in a the browser app

This update removes the separate tab that displays live sports. Scrolling down to "Browse Categories" will bring up the option for 'Sports'. However, if you are a fan of sports, it won't be available on your home screen. This is a major disappointment for sports lovers, as that tab was one reason they chose Sling TV. Although it's not difficult to locate live sports anymore, it is still fairly easy. This is only true for the Roku App. You can still access the "Live Sports" tab while watching Sling TV via a web browser.

Sling TV Pricing and Value: Sling TV Is Worth it?

Pricing for Sling TVOffersa remarkable value. Sling TV base bundles are $35 each month or $50 when combined. This is a $5 increase from our last review, however, these are still great prices. Only Philo can do the same.These channels are not available, as it intentionally excludes expensive channels such as ESPN (which Sling TV does).

Sling TV can still get you great service, even though you pay more. Sling TV can sometimes be purchased for as low as $35. However, availability of this offer may vary. More information is available on our Sling TV Deals page.

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Verdict: Do You Want to Subscribe To Sling TV?

Although Sling TV's look has been updated to Roku TV, it is still one of the most affordable live TV subscription plans. Sling TV is still the cheapest choice if you're looking for a live TV channel with news and sports channels. Philo, however, may be a better option.

Although the absence of major networks was a major problem on the Sling TV scorecard in the past, the inclusion of major network NBC as well as FOX in certain markets is a positive. Sling TV encourages users to purchase an antenna so they can tune in to local channels free of charge. That may or may not be a good option for you, but Pricing for Sling TV and content make it a solid choice either way.

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