Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review

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The Roku Streaming Stick+ is a popular choice for Roku Streaming Stick fans. It's similar to the regular stick but with a Plus feature! You know that Plus is good! Let's go on a trip together to find out. Here's our Roku Streaming Stick+ Review.


Roku graciously sent us the entire lineup to review. This doesn't change our objectiveness as always. Review copies are not for profit. We use them to advertise the site and other similar activities. They sit in piles reminding us about the importance of integrity and journalistic honesty. It's an inspiring place to work, and thank you so much for your question.

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The Device

Roku Streaming Stick++ is a beefier version the Roku Streaming Stick. The new Roku Streaming Stick was released alongside the original Roku Premiere+. Together, the siblings Stick eliminated the Premiere+ and Premiere+. This made the Sticks the mid-range option for Roku and left the Roku Ultra as the only set-top box that is full-sized. The Streaming Stick+, which offers 4K video and better Wi-Fi, is the stronger of the two Sticks.

Let's have a closer look without further delay.

roku streaming stick plus review

The two cables are different: the cord to the Streaming Stick+ is made up of two pieces. One connects directly to the device, while the other part includes a widened bit. (You can see it in the hero picture at the top). Roku added the cord because it is a Wi Fi antenna.

Roku Streaming Stick+ is slightly larger than regular Streaming Stick. The Streaming Stick+ is larger and has a combination of glossy and matte plastic that creates a mild, two-tone effect. Instead of being at the top, the charging port on the Streaming Stick+ is located on the bottom. This is not important as the devices can be seen behind your TV. Here are both the devices side-by-side:

roku streaming stick plus review

The Streaming Stick+ is similar to the regular Streaming Stick. However, it does not have an HDMI extender. This means that if the HDMI port on your TV is in a very awkward place, you might see the extension sticking out a little.

The remote is a point-anywhere sort of deal, except when you're controlling your TV itself – which, yes, the Roku remote can do now. The remote can adjust volume but cannot control input. In my Roku Ultra review I also mentioned the absence of input control. It keeps it simple, which makes me more inclined to purchase one for my parents. However, for those with multiple devices plugged into their TVs, this means the Roku remote cannot replace the regular one.

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Users Experience

Roku's platform is simple and user-friendly, and while it doesn't quite have the Steve-Jobs-in-an-empty-apartment type of cool that some other minimalist interfaces have, it's basically idiot-proof. The Roku OS was updated with the new line-up, but there won't be any major changes. It's the same platform across all devices. I won't make potential Roku purchasers read 80 different articles. Instead, I will link to my Roku Ultra Review where I go deeper into the OS.

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Streaming quality

Roku's streaming stick+ streamed like a dream over Wi-Fi, and also offers 4K video. The Streaming Stick+'s Wi Fi antenna is positioned on the cord to give it a greater range. The Roku Ultra is comparable to it, but the Ultra is capable of using a wired connection. This is an advantage for those without Wi-Fi routers.

The Streaming Stick+ was a good alternative to the Streaming Stick. However, it is not up to par with its sister Streaming Stick. The Streaming Stick+, its little brother (no plus), can't handle 4K. However, as we wrote in our Roku Streaming Stick Review, I thought it could stream 1080p as fast as its more powerful sibling. Some will find the Wi-Fi range advantage to be significant. The Streaming Stick+ could go much longer between short pauses during live streaming. However, with content on demand, it was difficult to see the difference. I believe the biggest difference is in 4K capabilities between these models. However, we are approaching the 4K tipping points, so 4K-readiness can be a huge advantage.


For $69.99 the Roku streaming stick+, the Roku Ultra, is $20 less than the Ultra. This Streaming Stick+ costs $20 more than the Streaming Stick at $49.99.

The Streaming Stick+ is sitting at a key price point, since two big competitors – Chromecast Ultra ($69.00 – enjoy that 99 cents, baby) and Fire TV ($69.99) – are in the same spot.


Roku's amazing user experience is just one of the many strengths that The Streaming Stick+ offers. It's an excellent choice for families who want to watch content on the large screen, rather than using Dad's smartphone or mom's tablet. It's harder to say if it tops the Fire TV, but I think it does – while the Fire TV feels more powerful, the user experience drawbacks I outlined in my review make me comfortable picking the Streaming Stick+ at this price point.

The Streaming Stick+ ranks high in comparison to the rest of its lineup. This lineup seems to have the best spots, with Ultra and Streaming Stick+ being their sweet spots. The 4K point is near, and you may want to spend $20 more to get the Streaming Stick+ instead of the Streaming Stick. While I understand the benefits of opting for Ultra, I cannot. This model is also available with a wired connection. I understand the need to save money and go with it. It is also the best choice at an affordable price that is quickly becoming the highest in streaming.

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