Best Movies on Disney Plus to Watch Right Now

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If you're looking for some Disney classics to watch right now, then there are a few options available. There's Lady and the Tramp, Brave, Finding Nemo, and Hercules. If you can't make up your mind, try searching for these titles. These are all well-known movies and will keep your family entertained for hours. They also have free trials so you can watch them at your own pace.

Lady and the Tramp

In Disney+’s “Lady and the Tramp,” a timeless retelling of the 1955 animated classic, a pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray embark on an unexpected adventure and, despite their differences, grow closer and come to understand the value of the home.

Lady and the Tramp

"Lady and the Tramp" is the first movie on Disney+. This live-action remake stars Yvette Nicole Brown and Tessa Thompson. Justin Theroux and Sam Elliott lend their voices to the role of the Tramp and Lady, respectively. Janelle Monae provides the voice of Lady. However, the movie has received mixed reviews. It will be interesting to see if the audience will enjoy it.

The movie is set in 1909 and is based on Walt Disney's hometown, Marceline, Missouri. The town inspired the design of Main Street, the U.S.A. in Disney parks. While both versions take place on a riverboat, the settings don't always match. As a result, Lady and the Tramp is one of the best Disney Plus movies to watch right now.

While "Lady and the Tramp" isn't the best Disney movie to watch on Disney+ right now, it is a charming, wholesome, all-ages film that's worth a look. This classic animated film has a happy ending and a familiar storyline. So, if you're looking for a Disney movie to watch right now, "Lady and the Tramp" is worth a look.

The story begins when Jim Dear introduces Lady to the baby. While he's away, the zoo's dog-hating aunt Sarah is left to take care of the house. Despite having trouble-making Siamese cats, Aunt Sarah tricks Lady into thinking that she's attacked. She takes her to a pet shop to purchase a muzzle, but while she's there, she gets chased by stray dogs. The Tramp saves Lady from pursuing stray dogs.

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Finding Nemo

Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken from his Great Barrier Reef home to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to his worrisome father Marlin and his friendly but forgetful regal blue tang fish Dory to bring Nemo home -- meeting vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and more along the way.

Finding Nemo

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big draw for fans of Disney, the streaming service also has tons of movies that appeal to the whole family. From Disney animated classics to Marvel movies, you'll find them all on the Disney+ service. And as if that's not enough, you can even watch some classic Disney movies that you won't find anywhere else. With over 1,000 movies available, you'll definitely have no problem finding something that everyone will love.

This Pixar film is a favorite for children and adults alike. Marlin (Alfred Brooks) plays a worrisome fish, who wants to protect his son from the humans who are after him. Nemo eventually enlists the help of Dory, another fish. While the film's underwater visuals are impressive, the message behind it remains the same.

Another classic is The Lion King, starring Will Ferrell as an aging red panda, who is a boy's best friend and his best friend. The film is a family classic, and the gang is back for a third! Fans of Disney will enjoy the new release of The Lion King and the Queen as well. In addition to the live-action remake, fans can enjoy the movie on a streaming service with a monthly subscription.

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In order to return home to Mount Olympus, Hercules needs to prove he can move from "zero" to true hero with Pegasus, the flying stallion, and Phil -- a feisty personal trainer. Along the way, Hercules must match wits with Grecian beauty Meg and a comical hothead named Hades who, with the help of Pain and Panic, plans to take over the Universe.


If you're looking for a new movie to watch with your family, Hercules is a great choice. The animated film tells the story of a teenage boy who was born on Earth and destined to rule Olympus. While the story itself isn't particularly new, the romantic aspects of Hercules' life are worth revisiting. It is also available on Disney+, and can be purchased or rented on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video. Tubi is another great option.

Disney's new streaming service has a massive library of movies, including a selection of classics like Hercules and Pixar films. Plus members will also have access to a large library of original content, including Disney Channel and Marvel Studios movies. It also includes content from 20th Century Fox and National Geographic. There's also a growing list of non-scripted content, such as documentaries and reality shows.

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Cadet Kelly

Kelly Collins, an artistic, fashion-minded teen is forced to go from flashy fab to olive drab at her new stepdad's military academy in this delightful comedy. And it's all-out war when she butts heads with Cadet Captain Stone, a tough-as-nails, by the book "commanding officer" determined to break her spirit.

Cadet Kelly

The best movies on Disney+ are definitely not just for kids anymore. As a millennial, you'll be pleased to know that this service is filled with movies that speak to you in a unique way. The service features the entire library of Disney Channel Original Movies from the late '90s and early '00s. The glamorous city girl character played by Hilary Duff is called Cadet Kelly, and the story takes place in a military school where her stepdad is serving.

The Pixar studio is responsible for many popular films, and they're missing a few from Disney+'s launch lineup. However, Toy Story 3 is one of the best Pixar movies yet, and follows Andy from college to the Sunnyside Day Care Centre, which is run by Lots-O-Huggin' Bear. Unfortunately, his adventure soon becomes a nightmare, and he has to find a way to return home to save his children.

If you want a family-friendly film, check out the sequels to The Lion King. Both of these films were hit Broadway and box office hits. And while they aren't the most original stories, they are still worth checking out. You won't regret it! It's worth checking out the sequels, which are also available on Disney Plus. For more Disney Plus options, check out the full collection of movies.


A thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future.


Aladdin is a beloved classic that will surely please your children. This animated movie is a Disney classic from the 1990s. The story revolves around a street urchin who falls in love with a princess. He is then thrown into jail after being convicted of stealing a magic lamp. This adventure will see Aladdin and his new girlfriend become embroiled in a plot by the evil Jafar to steal the lamp and rule the land. The story has even spawned Broadway shows and live-action sequels.


Another great Disney animated movie is Coco, which has just won the Academy Award for best animated film. The film tells the story of a 12-year-old boy's trip to the land of the dead. The same is true for Dumbo, an abandoned elephant who finds his purpose by overcoming his physical abnormality.


While you're on Disney Plus, check out the titles in our catalog. And if you are wondering how to download movies from Disney Plus for offline watching, you can check out our complete guide: How to Download Disney Plus Videos to Watch Offline?

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