A Complete Review of ExpressVPN

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What is it that makes a VPN service great? Is there a magic combination of features that can make a product stand out from others? It's difficult to say, as most products do exactly the same thing. You'll see remarkably similar selling points among the best VPN services. More often than not, the differentiating factors are ease-of-use and reliability — the sorts of qualities you have to try out firsthand.

ExpressVPN is the focus of this review. It explains what ExpressVPN does, what its cost, and how it works. This review is not intended to be neutral. We have an ExpressVPN guide on our site. — instead, I'm going to be pretty blunt about whether or not I believe this VPN service is a good one for an internet user like you. Let me tell you what ExpressVPN is all about. Let's get started!

ExpressVPN The pros and Con

The pros Cons
  • There are no speed limits
  • Wide support available for many devices
  • Support available 24/7
  • There are not as many servers available as there are competitors
  • As with most other competitors, the price of short-term plans is a little high.

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ExpressVPN Features: What you can do with it

ExpressVPN's servers are sufficient for most VPN users. ExpressVPN is available in many countries, with each one offering a variety of servers. ExpressVPN is a good choice for anyone working overseas who requires a VPN. There is no real threat to your safety.

expressvpn review

Of course, while ExpressVPN's presence is expansive — lots of servers in lots of countries — it doesn't try to be absolutely everywhere. This could pose a problem depending on your needs. Are you looking for a specific area? Say, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? You might not be able to succeed in these cases. ExpressVPN offers many servers across the United States but not in Philadelphia.

This is not a problem for many users. ExpressVPN is a good choice if you are outside of a country but need to have your internet traffic routed through that country. ExpressVPN servers might be located in most cities around the world, however. If you have any questions, check ExpressVPN’s server list.

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ExpressVPN: What it felt like

ExpressVPN was used on my Windows laptop and iPhone for this review. ExpressVPN is essentially the same regardless of which device you use. The app opens and displays a large indicator telling you if you are connected or not. If ExpressVPN isn't connected, you can choose a \"Smart Location\" — one recommended by ExpressVPN — or select your own from a list. You can then simply tap the button or click it and be off. The whole thing is very similar to Tunnelbear’s approach to VPNs.

expressvpn on windows

You will most likely be able to select the Smart Location. It is easy to manually choose a location and server. Simply tap on or click the server you are interested in and a list of other choices will appear. The apps do all the complex configurations for you, as I said. Switching between servers is quick and easy.

I haven't experienced any issues with the apps themselves — there are no glitches or crashes to speak of. These are the apps ExpressVPN customers use to access their service. The company clearly spent a lot time on them.

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ExpressVPN Speed, Security and Privacy: There are no Speed Limits.

A VPN is essentially a way to route your internet traffic to another country. This can increase travel time, as you would expect. Therefore, speed caps are not something you want.

One of the things I really enjoyed about ExpressVPN is that it didn't feel all that different from browsing without a VPN — at least, not in ways that might feel detrimental. It will likely download large files from websites just as fast as without the VPN. If you're video chatting, you might experience a tinge of a delay, but not because ExpressVPN is throttling your internet speed — it's just that VPNs always slow you down a bit.

In my tests, I only experienced a 'a little" slowdown. If keeping fast connection speeds up is important to you — or even necessary for your job — ExpressVPN shouldn't present you with any issues on that front.

ExpressVPN Support

ExpressVPN apps are available for almost all devices, regardless of their brand. ExpressVPN's apps take care of all the technical details, which is good news for those who aren't tech-savvy. When the VPN is activated, they change your network settings and then change them again once it's shut down. There won't be any need to mess with the operating system settings.

ExpressVPN Value: Extremely Affordable, But Only If You Pay Up-Front

ExpressVPN, like many VPN service providers, offers long-term discounts to customers who sign up for their services. ExpressVPN's longer-term plans offer a lot of value. However, I was left wondering: How much does a month cost?

ExpressVPN's single-month pricing isn't outrageous, but it's fair to say that they aren't one of the most expensive. You'll need to pay $12.95 for a ExpressVPN one-month subscription. Although it is less than some of the competitors, this still represents a significant amount when you compare it to either a 6-month upfront subscription (9.99 USD per month) or an 1-year upfront subscription (8.32 USD per month). This will allow you to pay less than $100 per year for a full year. Your wallet will take more punishment if you choose to stick with the monthly plan.

ExpressVPN is a solid VPN service.

Aside from the issues I have with ExpressVPN's pricing — which really really aren't out of the ordinary for VPN providers — it's tough to find something bad to say about this service. You can use it with a variety of devices. ExpressVPN apps can be used easily. ExpressVPN speeds are unlimited. If you're looking to make some savings, there are at least two options: pay less upfront or more.

ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN service that does the job well. ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN service with impressive features.

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