One of the prime aspects of the larger task of video editing is adding filters to your videos. Video filters are what would provide you complete control over your videos. The video filters are the simple options and tools that let you change your videos' color, style, and tone. Using a video editor tool with plenty of features to add filters can be a great option in creating professionally great looking videos.


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Top 10 Video Filter Software and Apps for the Amazing Video Filters


We will check out both Video filter software for PC and smartphones in this list. Given the fact that mobile phones have become one of the prime options for most of your tasks, finding a few good software to remove filter from video for mobile phones would be a need of the hour.


Top 5 video filter software to add filter to video on laptop easily


Your PC or laptop has plenty of options to add filters to your videos. Of course, a host of them may be paid, but you would find them offering enhanced performance.  Let us check out a few Video filter software for PC for improved efficiency. ​​​​​


1. VideoCruise


Available for – Windows




Labelled as the perfect video editor for the creative minds, VideoCruise is a versatile free video filter app that lets you add up filters to your videos with ease. Focussed on innovation and creativity, the tool is quite unlike most other tools you might have come across. 


Availability of three different aspect rations to get your work done can be one of the prime features that makes it one of the thoughtful applications. Choose between 9:16, 16:9, and 4:3 aspect ratios to make it one of the enhanced experiences ever.

Some of the features offered by the platform can include


Free video editing without watermarks


Just sign up with WeChat, mobile number, or email, and you can create your videos without any watermark. Of course, there will be a few limitations, but you can upgrade from within the tool if needed. Best customer service at your fingertips will further make it a reliable video editor to add filters to your videos.


Bring your imagination to life


The video editor lets you think of anything you want to decorate the video with, and you are good to go with your creativity. You can apply your own filters, transitions, effects, overlays, and text to your heart's content. Choose from more than 50 different transitions right from the classic to fancy options rolled in.


imagination to life


Add soundtracks to make your videos stand apart


Add a perfect song or instrumental to your videos and make them special. Take your viewers through emotional excellence through innovative audio tracks. Just drag and drop your audio files onto the video to make it all the more powerful experience.


videos stand apart

The best filter library


VideoCruise is equipped with the best video filter library with more than 54 different options. There are plenty of filter options such as Mono, scene blur, photographic plate to name a few. Click on the Plus icon beside your chosen filter, and it will be embedded in your video.


filter library


How to Add filters to videos with VideoCruise?


The steps used in adding a filter to your videos are simple and easy to go with. The drag and drop feature makes it rather easy to work with the software. The steps should be similar if you are trying to find how to remove a filter from a video.


Step 1 – Download and install VideoCruise


Download VideoCruise from our official site and install it. Once installed, launch the software. On the first screen, you need to pick your aspect ratio from among 9:16, 16:9, and 4:3. You will be greeted by a simple and versatile interface of a professional video editor.




Step 2 – Add your video


Use the drag and drop feature to add your video to the Media section's software on left pane. You can even use the Import button to add your file by browsing through your files. You can even import an entire folder if you need to. If the video is very large, probabaly you would need a good video compressor to compress it first.




Step 3 – Add the videos and images to the timeline


Drag the image and videos to the timeline section. Click on each of the files on the timeline, and they will be displayed on the right pane. You can further add images, videos, and other content to the timeline and change their position as per your needs.




Step 4- Add filters


Click on Filters option, and you will find over 54 filters to choose from. Drag then the timeline based on where you would want them precisely in the output video. Just click the filter you want to add and click the plus icon to add them.


add filters


You can perform other video editing functions based on your creativity levels. Since we are interested in adding filters as for this post, we have not touched upon other editing options such as overlays, text, and audio.


Step 5 – Export the video


Once all your tasks in editing your video are done, export your video, you can simply preview your creation and then click on Export. Choose a format, resolution, and the output device before clicking on Export option on the Export dialog box.


export the video


It can be your best option to remove filter from video by adding additional layers. We treat it to be the prime option for a Video filter software for PC.


2. DaVinci Resolve


Available on – Windows, Linux, and Mac

DaVinci Resolve is an excellent tool for your post-production tasks and offers you plenty of options to control your video. It can even provide you a professional 8K video editing. And a host of enhanced features.


windows, linux, and mac



  • Dual Timeline for an improved video editing functionality without the need to zoom or scroll

  • Intelligent edit modes

  • Variable playback for a faster preview of your videos.

  • Interface scales with smaller laptop screens


3. HitFilm Express


Available on – Windows and Mac

HitFilm is yet another potent software that can double up as the best free video filter app. It is a free video editing software and lets you edit your movies, vlogs, game videos, and a whole lot of other content. It supports multiple video formats. We love calling it the best vintage video filter app. It can answer all your queries in How to add filters to videos.


windows and Mac



  • Two options for video filters viz color filters and effects filters.

  • Multiple video format support that includes AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc.

  • Three specific sections for editing your videos.

  • Best option to edit effects, sounds, and music


4. Shotcut


Available on – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Another free and open-source video filter editor to add filters to your videos, Shotcut offers you basic video editing options. It provides you an option to add several filters like color grading, blur, chroma key advanced, and contrast filter and can be your best bet for the free video filter app. It can also be used if you are searching for how to remove a filter from a video.


windows, mac, and linux



  • A dedicated preview window

  • Multiple video format support viz MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, WEBM

  • Easy and versatile interface

  • Changes reflected in real-time


5.  Lightworks


Available on – Windows, Mac, and Linux


Lightworks is an excellent free video filter app. The availability of VFX video editing effects and filters further makes it a reliable product. It can be the best option for smaller videos such as YouTube and Facebook. It is one of the prime options for a video filter editor.


windows, mac, and linux




  • It can offer you several filter options such as color tint, greyscale, tritone, color correction
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Support for multiple video formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV
  • You can continue using the software once you register on their website.


Top 5 video filter app to add filter to video on mobile phones


Having checked out the top five video filter software for laptops, let us now check out a few options for smartphones' best video filter applications.


1.  Adobe Premiere Clip


Available on – iOS, Android

Coming from Adobe, it packs in a host of advanced features and functions. The automatic editing function makes it one of the best options for a video filter editor app for your videos with ease. You can get access to a customised functionality in terms of video editing.


iOS android



  • Add your preferred soundtrack to your videos.

  • Add elements such as titles and transitions and also add filter to videos

  • The cloud compatibility lets you edit your videos across devices.

  • Adobe integration and support


2.  iMovie


Available on - iOS

Coming from Apple, it should be your brilliant and easy to use and best video filter app ever on iOS. The iMovie app is the Go-To tool for all your video editing tasks on your Apple devices. It has everything that a video editing tool needs to have. Filter addition should be the prime feature on the software.





  • Ten high fidelity video filters to pick

  • Ability to add green screen effects and movie-style trailers.

  • You can use cloud service integration through AirDrop and iCloud Drive

  • Intuitive and easy if you are searching how to put a filter on a videO


3.  KineMaster


Available on – Android and iOS

Packed with features, KineMaster has been a powerful video editor for smartphones for long. The ability for frame by frame granular editing can be one of the features we found rather interesting. It also supports multilayer video editing that can further make it the best video filter app.


android and iOS



  • Made for professionals, but can be used by everyone.

  • A great option to find how to put a filter on a video

  • Options for keyframe animation, chroma key compositing, precise colour adjustment, and speed control

  • Best meant for more serious video editing.

  • Needs subscription for advanced features.


4.  PowerDirector


Available onAndroid and Windows phones

A dedicated video editing software on Android, it offers you several added advantages such as multiple track timeline. You can access a host of video editing options that include video effects, FX video editing, and intuitive drag and drop features. An intuitive video filter editor, it can be your best choice for a smartphone.





  • Editing of vertical videos suitable for mobile

  • Support for 720p, 1080p and 4K

  • Green and blue screen editing along with slow-motion editing

  • Ease of use makes it the best video filter app


5.  VivaVideo


Available on Android and iOS

One of the most popular no-frills attached video editing tools on a smartphone, VivaVideo lets you enhance your video in just a few taps. It comes with a host of advanced features and functions and makes it an excellent video filter solution.


android and iOS



  • The built-in slow motion editor

  • The high-end fun features

  • A great library of background music options

  • A vast range of collage templates to choose from


Videocruise – A Perfect Tool For Effects And Versatility


VideoCruise from DVDFab family is an excellent and versatile video editor that provides you access to an improved and enhanced professional video editing functionality. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, the tool just meets most of your requirements in an enhanced and perfect video editing tool.


Availability of a diverse set of features on the tool can make it an excellent solution for most of your requirements in video editing requirements such as trimming, cropping, speed change, volume adjustment, and color correction. The ability to share your video creations directly to social media services makes it yet another prime solution. It can also be a great option for removing filters through overlays such as the option on how to remove filter from TikTok video.


The Concluding Thoughts


Are you looking for a feature-packed video editing tool that packs in a host of video editing features and wondering how to add filters to videos? The set of the best options outlined in this compilation should ideally let you get access to the perfect features in adding filters to your videos.


While almost all the options are wonderful in every respect, VideoCruise excels with an advanced set of features and functionalities. Check out VideoCruise and other options outlined here and pick the right choice that best meets your video editing requirements. Whether you want to remove filter from video or otherwise, you would find it quite an impressive option ever.