DirecTV Stream : Cost and Subscription Price

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DIRECTV STREAM offers live streaming TV, so it can compete directly with satellite and cable services. DIRECTV STREAM, formerly AT&T TV, is a live TV streaming service that doesn't require you to stop watching TV. When you sign up to DIRECTV STREAM, will it still help you save money? We need to find out how much DIRECTV STREAM is per month in order to answer this question.

DIRECTV STEAM Pricess: What Is the Monthly Cost of DIRECTVSTREAM?

DIRECTV STREAM costs $69.99 per month for the ENTERTAINMENT package — the cheapest bundle. Other DIRECTV STREAM subscriptions have higher prices, while add-ons like HBO Max may increase the cost.

What DIRECTV STREAM subscription should you select? Each plan is worth a close examination. Check out the DIRECTV STEAM review to see what we think is best about each bundle.

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Packages and Subscription Offers for DIRECTV STREAM

DIRECTV STREAM has four plans available: ENTERTAINMENT (CHOICE), CHOICE, ULTIMATE and PREMIER. Every package has more channels, and therefore a higher cost.

Plan These are the features Prices
DIRECTV STREAM Entertainment Package
  • More than 65 channels
  • More than 40,000 titles available on demand
$69.99 per month
  • More than 90 channels
  • More than 45,000 titles available on demand
$84.99 per month
  • More than 130 channels
  • More than 55,000 titles available on demand
$94.99 per month
  • More than 140 channels
  • 65,000 titles on demand
  • HBO Max, Showtime and Starz included for no additional cost
$139.99 per month

The DIRECTV STREAM can be added to your plan at $5 per month (or $120 upfront), although it's not necessary. DIRECTV STREAM works with devices like Roku or Fire TV.

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DIRECTV STREAM Offers and a Free Trial

DIRECTV STREAM has recently launched a free five-day trial. This is a great win for customers and helps DIRECTV STREAM to stand out in a world where other services have discontinued their free trials. It's not clear how long the offer will be available, but if you're interested in DIRECTV STREAM, do not hesitate to sign up.

directv stream service

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DIRECTV STREAM is available to everyone without a contract. The service is available for sign-up, payment by the month and cancellation at any moment. DIRECTV STREAM has a contract-free pricing policy, which is different from most satellite and cable providers.

You may be able to get a better contract if you sign one. However, this would only happen if you are eligible for a special discount. To save money, we recommend calling DIRECTV STREAM before signing anything.


DIRECTV STREAM is a streaming TV service . The idea is that DIRECTV STREAM is a cable alternative — instead of signing up for cable or satellite TV, you can get DIRECTV STREAM.

Why choose DIRECTV STEAM over satellite or cable? It offers all the basic features of cable or satellite. DIRECTV STREAM offers the same basic features as cable. It includes live TV channels including sports channels and news channels. Channel surfing, DVR recording, and all other great things you can do on cable are possible. The channels can be bundled and then sold as large chunks, just like cable.

Streaming services like DIRECTV STREAM offer several advantages over traditional cable. Since they stream online, you can watch them on all sorts of connected devices — including mobile devices. You don't need a cable box or any other fees, and you can watch DIRECTV STREAM from all of your streaming and smart TVs. You can cancel at any moment, as there are no contract terms.

directv stream on roku

This service may be familiar to you under one of its previous names. DIRECTV STREAM was originally called DIRECTV NOW, and it later rebranded twice under parent company AT&T — first as AT&T TV NOW and then as just AT&T TV. DIRECTV STREAM is a package of online live TV channels that offers a variety of streaming options. Sling TV is another streaming service that offers live TV. DIRECTV STREAM's competition doesn't vary too wildly — YouTube TV's prices are similar to DIRECTV STREAM's, for example, and Hulu's channel list includes many of the same networks as DIRECTV STREAM's does — but there are some important differences, which is why we review all of the options to rate them and rank the best streaming services.


DIRECTV STREAM offers a wide range of channels. These live TV streaming services are often called "skinny bundles" as they have fewer channel packages than satellite and cable services. DIRECTV STREAM channels are not included in this nickname. The smallest DIRECTV STREAM bundle is very small, but even that you get more than 65 networks.

All DIRECTV STREAM subscription plans include popular channels such as ESPN or USA Network. However, certain networks can only be purchased at higher prices. To access regional networks like NESN and MSG you will need to subscribe to the CHOICE or higher package. If you choose the PREMIER package which also includes premium networks like HBO Max, they will cost more.

DIRECTV STREAM offers a wide range of channels, including some obscure networks. Take, for example. DIRECTV STREAM, one of the few options available for viewing RFD-TV with no cable is one.

Check out the DIRECTV STEAM channel list to find out more about which networks are available.

DIRECTV STREAM doesn't only allow you to watch channels such as Comedy Central and FS1. Cartoon Network/Adult Swimming without Cable. DIRECTV STREAM offers also on-demand content including popular TV programs and hit movies.


All of DIRECTV STREAM's subscription options offer the four major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC), including — in most markets — their local feeds. DIRECTV STREAM allows you to view local channels and not need cable.

DIRECTV STREAM Premium Channels

With DIRECTV STEAM, you can access HBO Max as well as other premium networks. These networks can be added to any plan, or you may opt for the PREMIER package which includes them at no additional charge.

HBO Max $14.99 per month Free for three months, and then $19.99 per month All included
Showtime Get 3 months for free and then pay $10.99 per Month Get 3 months for free and then pay $10.99 per Month All included
Starz Get 3 months for free and then pay $10.99 per Month Get 3 months for free and then pay $10.99 per Month All included
Cinemax Get 3 months for free and then pay $10.99 per Month Get 3 months for free and then pay $10.99 per Month All included
Epix Free for three months, plus $5.99 each month Free for three months, plus $5.99 each month All included

Directv STREAM on-Demand Content

DIRECTV STREAM, like many other live TV services also offers on-demand content that you can view on your schedule. This huge collection includes many popular films and episodes from top TV programs.

Is there a commercial on DIRECTV STREAM

DIRECTV STREAM provides live television, much like cable. The live channels have ads during commercial breaks, just like cable. This doesn't mean that you have to. However, you can still access DIRECTV STREAM’s ad-free content on-demand or its cloud DVR to quickly skip commercial breaks in recorded content.

DIRECTV STREAM devices: On which Devices Does the DIRECTV STREAM app Work?

DIRECTV STREAM is a live streaming service that doesn't require you to have a cable subscription. This makes them so unique. DIRECTV STREAM can be used on any smart TV or streaming device, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Platform/Device How do I get the DIRECTV STREAM app?
Roku devices Yes
Fire TV devices (including Fire TV Stick) Yes
Chromecast devices Yes
Android TV (including Nvidia Shield TV). No
Apple TV devices Yes
Samsung Smart TVs Yes
iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) Yes
Android smartphones and tablets (Android phones) Yes
Web browser for desktop and laptop computers Yes

After signing up for DIRECTV STREAM you will be able to download the DIRECTV STREAM App on any device compatible with your computer and log in. Multiple devices can be used with the same account.

You may be interested in DIRECTV STREAM hardware if you do not have a device. The DIRECTV STREAM devices use Android TV. It will be familiar if your are used to using Nvidia Shield TV or a Sony smart television, or any other Android TV-compatible device. The DIRECTV STREAM devices have a voice remote that can run most streaming services including Netflix and Hulu.

directv stream service


DIRECTV STREAM is more than just a streaming service. There are many perks to DIRECTV STREAM, including the DVR and ability to stream from multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Cloud DVR
  • HD streaming at 1080p
  • Home streaming device available


DIRECTV STREAM’s cloud DVR allows you to store unlimited HD content and can also record unlimited shows simultaneously. Since it's a cloud DVR — meaning the recordings are stored securely online — you can watch your recordings anywhere, not just on the same device you used to record them.

DIRECTV STREAM Accounts & Streaming Rules

DIRECTV STREAM lets you stream a lot on your home network. DIRECTV STREAM allows you to stream on up 20 devices simultaneously. This is far greater than the competition. If you're on the go and not on your home network, then you'll be limited to three simultaneous streams — a fairly typical restriction for this sort of service.

DIRECTV STREAM provides local channels so your location is important. As with all live streaming TV services, DIRECTV STREAM will enable location services. This means that you may have access to certain content when you are far away from your home.

DIRECTV STREAM Specifications and Streaming Quality

DIRECTV STREAM also includes HD channels. This could mean as high as 1080p. However, some channels can stream at up to 720p. HD streaming is also available for on-demand content, though it only streams at 1080p. DIRECTV STREAM does not offer 4K content.


DIRECTV STREAM doesn't require you to sign long-term agreements. You can cancel your subscription at any moment. Call DIRECTV STREAM customer service to cancel.


How much does DIRECTV STREAM cost?

DIRECTV STREAM is $69.99 per monthly for the cheapest package. For $139.99 per monthly, the most costly package is available.

Do DIRECTV STREAM contracts exist?

You can purchase DIRECTV STREAM with no contract. However, you may be able to get the service with a contract if you take advantage of discounts such as bundles with AT&T Internet.

Is DIRECTV STREAM equipped with a DVR.

Yes. DIRECTV STREAM includes cloud DVR service.

What is the difference between DIRECTV STREAM & DIRECTV?

DIRECTV, a satellite-based pay-TV provider, is one example. DIRECTV STREAM, a satellite pay-TV service that streams online, is another option.

Already have DIRECTV streaming apps. Does this offer the same service?

Some satellite and cable services have streaming apps similar to DIRECTV STREAM or its rivals. This app is available from DIRECTV. Although these apps have some nice features, they are not as powerful as live HDTV streaming.

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