Xfinity Internet Review

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Xfinity Internet: In a Nutshell

  • Services in: Alabama. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. District of Columbia. Florida. Georgia. Idaho. Illinois. Indiana. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Mississippi. Missouri. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. Ohio. Oregon. Pennsylvania. South Carolina. Tennessee. Texas. Utah. Vermont. Virginia. Washington. West Virginia.
  • Major Cities covered are Tucson, AZ and San Francisco, CA. San Jose, CA. Denver, CO. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Jacksonville, FL. Orlando, FL. Orlando, FL. Atlanta, GA. Chicago, IL. Indianapolis, IN. Minneapolis, MN. Saint Paul, MN. Portland, OR. Philadelphia, PA. Pittsburgh, PA. Memphis, TN. Houston, TX.
  • Residential Pricing: $24.99+ per month

Xfinity, formerly Comcast Xfinity, internet is well-respected in the United States because of its fast internet speeds and great packaging for TV plans. It also has excellent customer service. Xfinity is still a leader among the neighborhood competitors due to its amazing deals and fully-featured plans.

It is fair to say Xfinity has a higher monthly pricing with additional fees. Let me take you through Xfinity’s plans and the benefits that make them worth it. You will also learn about the reliability of Xfinity's network, any additional charges you might have to pay and how to get in touch with their customer support.

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Are Xfinity Internet's services reliable?

Since Xfinity's inception, cable internet has advanced a lot. Two things are constants for Xfinity: high internet speeds and the use of modern technology. Xfinity is a preferred choice because it has a reliable internet connection. Xfinity's network is very good at handling congestion. My internet speed slows down when my neighbours are home but I can still stream to multiple TVs and use my iPad.

Below is a picture of me surfing the internet at night.

Xfinity Internet Speed Breakdown
Xfinity Internet Speed Breakdown

Although my plan, which is up to 600 Mbps, has sufficient speed to support 12 devices at once (and I still have about 80 percent left in the evenings), it loses around 80 percent of its speed. Although internet speeds can fluctuate during the day, that is to be expected with all internet connections, particularly cable,

When it comes to internet services, reliability and security are well worth the price. It doesn't necessarily mean that I like Xfinity's pricing. The monthly fees and regular rates are much higher than I see with cable companies. It doesn't help that Xfinity is popular despite complaints regarding their customer service.

Xfinity is the most popular cable provider in America, despite numerous complaints. Xfinity's customer satisfaction ranking has risen significantly over the past six years.

The pros Cons
  • Available in a wide range of languages
  • Unlimited data plans available
  • A wide range of high-speed, reliable plans available
  • Monthly prices that are higher
  • Promotional prices require a contract

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Speeds and Xfinity Plans

Xfinity has plans that offer speeds ranging between 50 and 1,200 Mbps. Xfinity offers a variety of plans. However, depending on your location you might not be able to access all.

Plan Type of connection Get Speed Data Capture Monthly price (Introductory).
Performance starter Cable Maximum 50 Mbit/s 1.25 TB $20.00
Performance Cable Maximum 100 Mbit/s 1.25 TB $40.00
Blast! Cable Maximum 300 Mbit/s 1.25 TB $50.00
Extreme Cable Maximum 600 Mbit/s 1.25 TB $50.00
Extreme Pro Cable Maximum 900 Mbit/s 1.25 TB $60.00
Gigabit Cable Maximum 1200 Mbit/s 1.25 TB $70.00

Many fiber internet providers offer similar speeds at lower rates. The highest Monthly charges for cable internet are unusual because fiber provides a faster connection. The Fast plan is a great option if you are looking for an affordable plan that includes Xfinity. Maximum 300 Mbit/s is more than enough speed to support a three- to four-person household.

Unlike fellow cable providers Spectrum and RCN, Xfinity places a 1.25 TB data cap on all its plans. This is a very generous limit. To exceed this, you would need to view more than 13 hours HD movies per day. Although it would be hard to view that many HD movies per day, Xfinity has an unlimited data option for $30 more per month.

Xfinity may offer a great deal if you are a fan of sports, NBCUniversal user or a new cord cutter. Peacock accounts are included in all Xfinity plans. This gives sports lovers a pass to the Olympics as well as everything else on NBC Sports. Peacock also hosts NBCUniversal's exclusive content, as well as on-demand versions old favourites like Law & Order: SVU. The Xfinity Flex is Xfinity’s new streaming device with a voice activated remote.

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Additional fees for Xfinity Internet

Xfinity charges the same internet fees as any other provider.

Charges Prices Avoidable? Type
Installation by professionals $89.99 Yes One-time
Late Termination Fee Variable No N/A
Router fees $14 Yes Monthly

Although these fees are fairly standard, you might be able get one or two of them reduced if the right information is found. Discounts and deals on Xfinity. Xfinity plans can be quite inexpensive, so we included them on our top list. Best cheap options.


Many internet service providers have installation fees, even though there are deals that waive these charges. Xfinity charges $89.99 for professional installation. This is a significant increase from the $50-100 range. Xfinity's techs are available to set up internet on the weekends and at night.

Xfinity allows you to install most plans yourself. Even if you're not familiar with self-installation, I highly recommend it. The $15 self-install kit from Xfinity includes all the necessary wiring and equipment as well as instructions for how to install everything. For guidance, I watched the Xfinity self-install videos.

Xfinity offers its own streaming hardware. Customers who don't subscribe to Xfinity's paid-TV service can use the Xfinity Flex, a streaming TV box with 4K capabilities. The Xfinity Flex is similar to a Roku and Fire TV devices, making it simple to stream services such as Netflix.

Equipment Fee

Equipment fees are not something I like, but it is nice to have peace of mind. Xfinity charges $14 per month for equipment, which is higher than the average monthly rate. If you aren't an expert in internet technology or don't want to keep up, it's well worth the cost. I know that I can rely upon Xfinity when my modem is having problems or needs to be replaced.

Xfinity offers a variety of versions of the xFi Gateway modem. See my version in the image below.

The xFi Wireless Gateway is what I'm using, and it comes with the Extreme Pro+ plan. The lights indicate when my connection is down. I like that it stands on its own — I usually lay modems down on their side since they don't stand on their own too well. The Gigabit plan includes the xFi Advanced Gateway. It looks small.


Xfinity's promotional pricing requires a minimum of a one-year contract. However, you can choose to not have a contract. However, Xfinity's contractless plans are $10 less per month. No matter which plan you select, Xfinity provides a 30-day guarantee of your money back. You will be charged an early termination fee if you cancel your contract after 31 days. Xfinity does not make it simple to determine the ETF's value.

Most cable companies charge $10 per month if you haven't renewed your contract. With Xfinity I suggest that you plan to pay the remaining monthly rates for every month. If you still have six months on your contract, and you are on the Blast Pro+ plan you can expect to spend about $390 in ETFs. Although it is rare that a provider will charge more than $200 for ETFs (though this shouldn't be surprising), you should still prepare.

Xfinity Customer Service

Many complain about Xfinity's customer service. They have been great to work with. However, they can push you towards upgrading your plan. Xfinity is easy to resolve any issue. Although my internet was unable to connect to the Internet a couple of times, I have always been able get an Xfinity customer representative to assist me in resolving it within one hour. My internet has never been out for more than a few hours.

The majority of reps that I have spoken to are pleasant. You may have to wait for a robo-operators to answer the phone before you get a human. The worst part of contacting Xfinity is dealing with them and getting put on hold. Thankfully, Xfinity has multiple ways to reach them online, like Twitter (@XfintySupport), Reddit (/r/comcast_xfinity), online chat, and their community forums.


The best thing about Xfinity Internet is its speed and unique features. Xfinity internet is not one of my favorite internet providers due to its high prices. However, they offer a stable network that can handle heavy internet usage by cord cutters. Be aware of Xfinity’s data limit when binging Psych.

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