How to Create a Popular Tutorial Video?

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Getting your first YouTube tutorial video made is easier than you may think. You can follow a few simple steps, including screencasting, scripting, voice recording, and editing. These steps will help you to create a high-quality video for your audience. After creating your video, you can start adding your audience's feedback and comments to it. If you want to create a popular tutorial video that reaches as many people as possible, here are some tips for a great first video.



You can create a successful tutorial video by using screencasting. Screencasting is a video format that records your computer screen, usually with narration by a teacher. Screencasts can be used to explain software, solve example problems, or teach students a process through a demonstration. Screencasts can also include audio recordings and annotations. A screencast can provide clear directions or an explanation of computer software.

Before you begin screencasting, make sure to plan your topic carefully. You will only have ten seconds to engage your audience and convey the message. Don't ramble; keep your message short and clear. Also, make sure to have a script or structure for your screencast. This way, you won't be tempted to ramble on, losing your audience's attention and making mistakes.

Before you begin recording your screencast, you should set up a lighting setup. To add ambiance, you can use a large piece of cloth. You should avoid using a bright or noisy background when screencasting. You can also buy a screencast backdrop stand for around $50. Apart from using a backdrop, screencasting tools also offer other features that allow you to change the background and add extra content.

While screencasting is relatively simple, you should choose an editing tool carefully and pay close attention to the details to create a professional-looking tutorial video. Using a quality screencasting software will greatly increase your chances of creating a popular tutorial video. Ensure that your plan is clear and concise so you can minimize the risk of re-recording and re-editing. In addition, you should identify your target audience and what problem you wish to solve for them.

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You should be prepared to make changes, including rewriting the script, in order to make it more user-friendly. In addition to the changes, the script should include your camera cues and post-production notes. Knowing your audience can help you craft an effective script. For example, if your video is aimed at teaching a specific skill, you should tone your voice in a manner that sounds like a teacher. The script should also be brief, with a few important things in mind, such as the tone and humour of the video.

You should aim to create a three to eight-minute video for a particular topic. A longer video can support your learning objectives and engage your audience. It is also best to write short scenes instead of long ones to make the editing process easier. Using conversational language can help you write more smoothly, swapping formal language with informal ones, and phrasing. If you've created a tutorial video that's been widely shared by your target audience, you can use this style to deliver the information they need.

You can create a popular tutorial video by following the same process as a blogger. First, write the script for the tutorial. You can then proceed with the recording and post it on YouTube or a LMS. You can use this template for your next videos. Make sure to have your script ready before shooting them so you can use it on other sites for further promotion. It's important to remember that the more successful your video becomes, the more viewers will see it.

The script should be informative, with relevant information and a strong focus on the end result. The action verb that expresses what you want people to learn in the video will be most effective. The script should also incorporate research. It should be well researched so you can create a video that will benefit your audience. This will ensure that your video becomes a success! There are countless methods to make your tutorial video more effective.

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Voice recording

Voice recording

You've drafted a tutorial video and you've decided to add a voiceover. While it's a nice touch, you probably don't want to sound like an overly enthusiastic voice actress. If this is the case, there are a few ways to improve your performance. For starters, it's a good idea to avoid shouting or screaming. Also, avoid drinking excessive amounts of dairy, which may produce mucus in your voice box. Another thing to pay attention to when recording your voice is your pitch. Inflection is the difference between a flat or a higher or lower tone that relates to the meaning of a word. Inflection is crucial to the way your audience interprets your words.

Unlike video editing software, recording a voiceover requires separate audio recording software. Once your track has been created, simply import it into your video editing software and sync it with the video. Many smartphones have built-in voice recording apps, but these are generally not professional-grade and do not have any sound monitoring or editing features. For professional-quality recordings, consider using a free professional voice recorder. TechSmith Audiate is a good choice.

If you're making a popular tutorial video, adding a voice over is easier than ever before. You can now use speech-to-text software to write the script and record it with the right tone and intonation. Just remember to follow the best recording practices and do your research. You can find out more about these tools and techniques in this article. Once you've created a voice-over, make sure you check the preview of the video to make sure your narration matches the video.

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In recent years, instructional videos have become a very popular learning tool. These videos have been proven to be a great way to attract new customers and engage existing ones. With easy-to-use tools such as Descript, creating a tutorial video is incredibly simple and doesn't sacrifice power or functionality. Production of instructional videos has increased exponentially with the rise of social media and specialized educational outlets. According to the Pew Research Center, an instructional video is watched over two and a half times than a traditional print article.


When it comes to a YouTube channel, creating a popular tutorial video is one of the top ideas. These videos are not only entertaining but can also be informative. To make them even more effective, consider adding visual effects and annotations. They are especially effective for longer videos as viewers can jump to the parts they need to know. You can also use video editing software to add chapters to your tutorial videos. The end of your video can also include a call to action for viewers to download the entire video.

Before creating a tutorial video, understand your audience and choose a suitable topic. Once you have a topic, make sure you upload the video on YouTube and social media channels. If you want your video to be widely shared, you can use a professional video hosting service. Screencast-O-Matic is an excellent choice because it allows you to embed your video and create password-protected and unlisted links.

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