Text Message Scheduler Apps For Android and iOS

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There are several text message scheduler apps available for Android and iOS devices, but which one is the best for you? This article will compare YAATA SMS, Auto Message, Advance SMS, iSchedule, and Pulse, and give you a rundown of their key features. If you are looking for a better option, try Pulse. Pulse is an SMS replacement app that also features scheduling, auto-reply, and delayed sending. You can also use Pulse on your computer, which has a large selection of features that make it a great choice for those who don't have SMS software installed on their phone.

best text message scheduler apps for android and ios


YAATA SMS is the best text message manager app for Android and iOS, allowing you to send messages over WiFi. Its features include an intuitive interface, accurate delivery reports, group chats, SMS blacklisting, auto-responder, and backup and restore. It also offers tons of emoticons, a chat head akin to Facebook Messenger, and an auto-responder. It's also free, so you won't be spending a dime on it.


YAATA SMS is free to download and uses a similar user interface to the default SMS app. It also includes a number of customizability options, such as the ability to pin your favorite conversations. Another great feature of the app is its signature feature. You can also set up auto-responders for SMS, callers, and even your WhatsApp messages.

YAATA SMS lets you schedule your messages for a later date and time. You can even schedule pictures or text messages and send them later. And since it includes a visual timer panel, you can easily set a date and time for each message. You can even choose whether to send your SMS to a particular number or to an entire group. You can also set the recipient's number, which is handy if you have a list of important contacts.

YAATA SMS is another text message scheduler app for Android and iOS that is free to download and use. It supports Pushbullet, Android Wear, and MightyText, and has numerous features for a low price. The app allows you to set reminders, send group messages, and schedule SMS for upcoming events. You can also add custom vibrations to alerts and notifications to your contacts.

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Auto Message

Auto Message

While there are a few great text message scheduler apps for Android and iOS, there is one that's free and has no in-app purchases. Though there are ads, they aren't distracting and the application itself is simple to use. Despite being free, it offers a lot of useful features. You can customize your text messages, set up your schedule, and choose between 21 different fonts to customize the messages.

The SMS Auto Sender application allows you to send scheduled messages to anyone with just a few taps. You can add new messages by date or time and phone number, as well as select recipients from a list. You can also customize the schedule by selecting a date and time and then selecting the text from pre-defined templates. Once you've set up your SMS schedule, you can easily delete it later. This app allows you to send unlimited messages and has no fees.

The Best Text Message Scheduler App for Android and iOS lets you add recipients, change settings, delete messages, and perform actions. These apps support speech recognition and swipe gestures. You can also record a voice message to add text. You can review the history of sent messages later. Another cool feature of this app is that it lets you schedule as many messages as you want. You can also set multiple recipients and use comms to separate them. If you want, you can set self-destructive messages to send.

Another great text message scheduler app for Android and iOS is Moxy Messenger. This app lets you set up a schedule for social media messages, email messages, and text messages. It has the best feature set among all the apps we've reviewed so far. It's free and supports a variety of devices. If you're a fan of text messages, you might want to check out this app.

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Advance SMS

Advance SMS scheduler is one of the best SMS scheduling apps for Android devices. It has a very easy-to-use interface and a big set of functions. The application allows you to set a schedule for when you send SMS messages, define the text to be sent, and choose from 21 different fonts. It can even send text messages according to your specified design theme. The downside of this app is that it requires permissions for some functions. However, this minor flaw does not make it unusable.

Another important feature of this app is that it has a visual timer panel that displays your message's ETA. Once you've set the time and date, you can easily see when the message is scheduled to be sent. In this way, you can schedule texts and send them out on the exact day and time you want. The app also allows you to edit messages and delete them. The app also has features to manage your contacts. You can also create new schedules by entering the number of contacts and message to be sent at a future time.

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If you've ever wanted to send texts on a regular basis, you've probably seen advertisements for SMS scheduling apps. These applications let you set specific time intervals for text messages, emails, social media posts, and phone calls. You can set the exact time or a range and specify different delay frequencies. You can even delete scheduled messages, so that you don't forget about them. However, these apps usually come with ads that can get annoying after a while.

The Scheduled app works with numerous messaging apps and also lets you copy and paste text messages into other apps. You can also set the app to remind you to reply to emails or make phone calls. The Scheduled team plans to add support for Slack and LinkedIn in the near future and tweak the sending flow of the app. This app is free to download, but it will cost $0.99 if you queue four or more messages. It does not currently offer auto-sending, but is free to download and install.

The Scheduled app makes it simple to set a time for a text to be sent. All you need to do is enter the message, its subject line, and the recipient's name. The app will then send the message at a specific time, without the need to remember when it's sent. It also allows you to send the same message to different recipients. The best thing about the app is that it can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

iSchedule is a text message scheduler app that can be used on both Android and ios devices. While there are other SMS scheduler apps on the market, iSchedule stands out as the best. The interface is clean, and allows you to see a list of scheduled messages. This feature makes it easy to manage multiple schedules and send a large volume of text messages simultaneously.



If you want to send SMS and emails on time and still get the important things done, you can use SKEDit to schedule them. It allows you to send messages when you want and can also send WhatsApp messages and reminders at a certain time. The best part about this app is that it's free! You can get SKEDit from the Google Play Store. The app also works with other apps, including Facebook, Line, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

You can create a schedule and select the time and day for a message to go out. Once you've created the schedule, you can repeat it by tapping the tick icon or toggling it to 'on'. Then, the message will be sent at the time you've set. It will also prompt you to confirm that you want to send the message.

SKEDit supports seven languages. It is easy to use and allows you to set a specific time for SMS. Another feature is the ability to send long SMS messages. Unlike most other apps, SKEDit can send the entire message or individual segments. This feature is necessary if you want to send a longer message or have more than one recipient. It saves your schedules in the stock SMS app so you don't accidentally delete them.

SKEDit is an open-source text message scheduler app for Android and ios. This SMS scheduler app allows you to manually edit the time and date for your SMS, create templates with past SMS, and more. Just install the SKEDit app on your smartphone, input the recipient's number and message, and set the time and date to push the SMS.

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